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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

The Dessert Museum in S Maison at The Conrad - what’s inside and how to have fun

Its to visit the candy and sweet at The Dessert Museum in S Maison At The Conrad. Its a dessert and candy theme park for all ages. What’s inside? Large scale of your favorite dessert, candies and sweets, some of it are mock up and replica for your photo op and Instagram posting. Everyone go here to have fun with the exhibit and also enhance your photography and IG posting skills haha.

With an entrance fee of PHP 699 per person, each person is entitled to stay in the venue for 2 hours and get to enjoy different dessert and candy treat for each room.

The Dessert Museum opened last February 2018 and they offer 8 rooms that will let you to stay up to 10 or more minutes to enjoy the sugar rush set up and also have a time taking photo with a friend, family or partner.

To enjoy The Dessert Museum, here are some few tips that I can share
1. You can book in advance or just go there early - before or after lunch
2. I advice you go there right after your lunch, so that you have a full stomach and get to enjoy the sweets
3. If you plan to eat some desserts or craving for something sweet, then I suggest you go here at The Dessert Museum
4. Wear nice clothes, something plain or colorful clothes, add props like sun glasses, head gear or maybe a costume
5. Go inside with your friend, family or partner, its better to have someone with you enjoy the exhibit and set up and also someone to take photos for you
6. Research some IG photos for your pattern, you can copy the pose or maybe get to know the right angle on where to get the best photo
7. The Dessert Museum is also a playground, kids will enjoy the set up like the slide at the Donut room, the ball swim at the Ice Cream Room, The candy machine at the Bubble Room, the ball swim and trampoline at the Gummy Bear Room, Candy hoops at the Cake Pops Carnival Room. There are more places to have fun and play with your kids, so be creative when inside the rooms
8. Full charge your smartphones and camera, you need more battery juice for the snap shot
9. No better camera?? No problem, there’s a camera guy inside the room and you can ask for a photo with them, you can also buy the photo prints at around PHP250 at the store as soon as you exit, just choose which photo is the best for you
10. The Marshmallow treat is so heavy, make sure you can digest it, I suggest you eat half of it, because there’s more sweet treats inside
11. You can also keep the wrapped candies and treats, keep it in your bag if you dont have the mood to finish all the candies
12. Wear socks -- you need this for the ball swim and other play areas
13. If you plan to play around with the set up, dont leave your things unattended, if a companion is standing by, ask them to hold your bag for you. Then if its their turn to have fun, pls do the same and hold their belongings with you
14. I think we stayed at around 10 minutes on each room, better if you calculate the time because you are allowed to stay there for 2 hours. Not sure if there’s extra charge if you stayed more than 2 hours.
15. Make sure you dont loose the electronic bracelet, you need it to enter the museum and also they need to scan for you to claim your FREE candy and sweet treats
16. Selfie sticks are okay, Im not sure if tripod are allowed
17. Just have fun and be a kid inside the Dessert Museum

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1. Raining Donuts Room

My family started to play and have fun with the raining donuts, It hard to understand at first why they are hanging, but then I remembered the animated movie -- Cloudy a Chance of Meat Balls, then I got some imagination rolling and pretend that it was raining of donuts that time haha

This donut wall is my ever fave!
My mind is playing tricks on me -- kala ko nasa Dunkin Donut store ako

The donut slide launch - to enter the venue, you must slide down!!!
My son Ash is so excited when he saw the slide, nag slide na eh mag take pa lang ako ng pic nun - so ayan. Take two.

They also posted some trivia about donuts. On each room they have some fun facts about the desserts.

I think I broke that raining donut set up hahaha
Its okay to touch them, but I dont advice you play around with them, those props are heavy

2. Room of Ten Thousand Marshmallows

Its like a room with a typhoon of marshmallows!

Each trash can on every room has a different character design. These designs are so cute!

At the donut room we get free candy treats, here at the marshmallow room, you get a free large marshmallow and you need to choose what kind of dip - choco or ube ?

My son Ash requested for an ube dip marshmallow.

Takbo! Umuulan ng marshmallow!

Choose your dip destiny -- ube or choco
For me, I like the choco.

3. Candy Cane Room Groves

They have a slide, a jumping rope, see saw and a large set up full of candy canes. I think this is the most picturesque room here at The Dessert Museum.

The see saw is a block buster hit. We waited for our turn to try the see saw and also have a photo op with it.

Candy store set up. Ang cute din dito sa set up na ito
It feels like Im in a 7-eleven full of candies.

4. The ice cream room

One of my fave room -- because of the ball swim! We didnt wasted our time when we saw the ball swim, all three of us jumped in and played around with the plastic balls. Its so fun to be a kid again and I think this room is the reason why my back is in pain hahahaha.

Giant ice cream hot air balloon at the ball swim pit

Hey Ash!!!! You are sinking at the ball pit...swim swim swim!

5. Room of never ending bubbles.

This bubble gum machine is so cute! I never been inside the bubble gum machine before, but this is much more fun than those giant snow ball during Christmas. I got dizzy here when me and Ash ran around with the balloons ahhaha.

There’s a wind machine inside that blows the balloon inside and once you ran around with them, you see the balloons go around inside the bubble gum machine.

This was supposed to be a giant bubble set up. Sadness that there’s no one there to do the bubble demo. For photo op -- just pretend there’s a bubble.

6. Land of Giant Gummy Bears

Ash enjoyed the trampoline inside this room, also its cute to have a photo with those giant gummy bears -- sad to say that I forgot to have my photo op, I just want to hug one gummy bear and pretend that Im eating or taking it out of the room hahah.

You pretend here that you take a bath with some jello gummy bears

7. Cotton Candy Forest

Opssss. Ash wants to enjoy the cotton candy treat before playing around the room hahaha. This is the moment that we get tired and just want to rest. The cotton candy forest is a nice place to rest. You sit down under the giant cotton candy and then eat your cotton candy at the same time.

In my vlog on Youtube, we pretended that we ate the cotton candy set up hahaha.

Ash got his own cotton candy, but we shared one cotton candy, because we ate a lot of sugary sweet on each room.

Also this was after we enjoyed the Avocado ice cream inside the Ice Cream Room.

8. Cake Pops Carnival Room

This is the last room of the Dessert Museum, theres a giant lollipop that you can sit or stand on it for photo op and also there’s a candy basketball hoop for some sporty activity.

Its the last here’s our epic family photo inside The Dessert Museum
We asked the kuya photographer to take a pic and then we bought a printed copy at the store for only PHP 250 - hahah mahal din

Uy blogger!

9. The Store

Actually there are 9 rooms, the last room is the souvenir store. You can buy some candy and dessert merchandise - some play things and also candy you can eat

Everything inside is colorful. Siguro ok ito room na ito kung malungkot ka, eh mapapasaya ka bigla ng mga colors na ito


At the other side of the store, you can buy the sweet treats if you need more sugar rush for the next day.

For fun, I took the advantage of the colored wall and then I pick up some item. I took pics and pretend it for an IG post

Hahaha effective!

Pang IG na ito!!!

My review:

At first I thought that I might enjoy the museum, I got less interest to go there but then once Im inside, I can’t hide myself anymore and just want to have with the set up with my family. I didn’t get the best IG photo, but I learned a few tricks from my wife on how to shoot properly with the set up -- hindi naman kasi ako magaling sa photo for IG composition hahaha.

But then after some trial and error, I finally learned the how to’s. The price to enter is a bit pricey, but once you are inside, you get to appreciate the fun factor of each room, plus you get to eat the desserts too.
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