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Monday, November 05, 2018

Down to Earth cocktail event with the Miss Earth 2018 beauties at Joy Nostalg Hotel Manila

This blog post is already late, and as of this posting, the Miss Earth 2018 coronation night was 2 days ago and we got news that Miss Vietnam won the crown and now she’s Miss Earth 2018, congratulations to Nguyễn Phương Khánh, our new queen for Miss Earth.

I wasn’t able to watch the coronation night on TV, but I got a chance to watch some segments online. It’s been years since the last time I cover a beauty pageant, but its great to be back and thanks to our partnered hotel brands for inviting me to some events that they are hosting.

Ok, going back to my story about my attendance at the cocktail event with the Miss Earth 2018 candidates that was held at The Roof in Joy Nostalg Hotel Manila, The Roof is a new venue at the rooftop of the hotel and to launch it, they hosted the Miss Earth 2018 “Down to Earth” cocktail event, an event that supports the 18th edition of the Miss Earth pageant and to welcome them for this year's competition. The event is also inline with Joy Nostalg's advocacy, just like Miss Earth, all about sustainable development goals.

The Down to Earth event is about to meet each and every Miss Earth candidate and get to know more about their personal eco-friendly advocacies. They also had the opportunity to let their guests and partners know about the sustainable practices of the hotel and its Planet 21 initiatives as part of AccorHotels

Joy Nostalg also invited their partners to share the same goal and commitment, they invited Nespresso Philippines, and they share info about collecting used coffee capsules and grounds for recycling, and also with Likhaya Virlanie to showcase their products made from re-usable materials to create new bags or products, and these items are served as giveaway to their guests.

That’s mainly the highlight of the event, to meet each candidate and for the cocktail event that I attended, I get to meet some of the members of the “Fire group” of Ms Earth 2018.

So here’s my photo story:

My arrival at Joy Nostalg Hotel Manila at around 5:30pm, I went straight to Nostalgia Lounge Bar to meet Ted and Ely, we decided to meet there so that we can prepare for the coverage. I was a bit nervous because its been a long time since I get to rub elbows with the beauties of Ms Earth.

The light mood here at the Nostalgia Lounge bar want me to grab a nice cold gin cocktails. Its so relaxing and comfy and I just want to sit down and enjoy a me-time.

But I need to get up and warm up and also get ready to use my Fujifilm XT-100 camera for a night shot and low light shoot at The Roof

The view at The Roof, you can see the high rise building nearby and also the lights and lamp post of every household in San Juan, Metro Manila -- I believe Im facing San Juan City when I was at The Roof.

I dont have my tripod with me to do some long exposure shots, but I will do that next time when I visit The Roof again.

Welcome to Joy Nostalg Hotel Manila’s The Roof.

The first scene that greeted me as I enter The Roof venue. Wow!!! Our backdrop is the night sky and the lights of half of Manila.

That night, I wasn’t confident to take photos, because its very low light and the camera is having a hard time to focus well, but I need to get closer and snap some photos using the built in flash of my camera.

I went around first and visited the two rooms at The Roof, I was informed by the hotel staff that they have two rooms that we can visit, the 1st room with a film showing about saving the Earth from pollution and then the 2nd room about the re-usable things made by their partners.

Acoustic performers singing live at the venue.

BBQ grill

The 1st room featuring a nice and comfy set up, in low lighting because of the film screening of some documentary about the effects of pollution.

There’s a small exhibit inside and there are some infographic poster about the hotel’s advocacy to promote sustainability and zero eco waste. Its great that some of the hotel rooms now are renovated and now using dispenser for their hand soap and shampoo. It means that no more to throw away paper, plastic or unused or used bathroom essentials.

"We are taking one little step at a time to promote sustainability in our hotel. We have started installing refillable bathroom amenities and water filters in our rooms and suites to reduce plastic bottle usage. In the third quarter of this year, we had a fund-raising activity to support the Norfil foundation. Last September, we have released the first issue of AccorHotels Philippines quarterly eco-newsletter, KALIKASAN. This newsletter consolidates the Planet 21 initiatives of all AccorHotels properties in the country."
- Joy~Nostalg Manila’s Sustainable Initiatives

A docu film playing and its about the bad effects of cigarettes to the environment and also to human’s health.

Cocktail glasses on display -- Im now on the 2nd room

Likhaya Virlanie products on display, each of these items are made from re-usable and recyclable materials.

A necklace made from -- paper ?

Christmas ornaments made from paper.

Bracelet made from paper -- not sure if its really a paper, but looking closely its like a forcely merged stips of paper and then re-furnish it to look shiny and durable.

Good job Likhaya Virlanie!
Buying their products will help them fund their NGO in helping more poorest of the poor children here in the Philippines

The food featured at The Roof

I super love their sausage or taste like a pinoy longganisa

Buffalo wings

Lots of greeny salad!!


The mixologist of Joy Nostalg Hotel Manila are here to make us their home made cocktails. Here’s Im trying their Gin Collins cocktails.

And another kind of Gin cocktails.
Its weird that I find it very refreshing. Im not a fan of gin, but I super appreciate their cocktail mix

White wine to end my night here at the hotel.  

And now here are our Miss Earth Beauties.

Im with Sayonara Veras, Miss Brazil, this photo was after Ted’s video interview with Sayonara. We learned that her name is a Japanese word for  “good bye”, then we learned that her mom is Japanese.

Here’s a gallery of photos I took using a pop up built in flash of my Fujifilm XT100
Looks great...I loved the TTL effects.

Juliana Franco Miss Colombia/Miss Earth Water 2017 and Kyra Cabaero of Joy Nostalg Hotel Manila

Miss Earth beauties having fun with the pretzel umbrella.

Ted doing an interview session with the hotel’s GM

Ted, Me and with the marketing team of Joy Nostalg Manila
Hello Kat!

Hello! Kaye Cathrine Ecal

With Anastasiia Kryvokhyzha, Miss Ukraine 2018.
It was a nice chat with her, I asked her about her advocacy and I learned that she want to voice out about the effects of air pollution to our planet, and also I learned from her that there are microscopic living things in our ocean are helping to produce oxygens but because we pollute the ocean so much, these micro creatures are dying out.

Group photo before we call it a night… nice to meet Ms Earth 2018 beauties!

Thanks to Joy Nostalg Hotel Manila for inviting us!
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