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Monday, November 05, 2018

Miss Earth 2018 Figure and Form Pre-judging session at Century Park Hotel

After a few days I met some of the candidates of Miss Earth 2018 in a cocktail event, I was surprised that I received an invite to attend and also cover the upcoming Figure and Form Pre-judging session at the Century Park Hotel, the home of the Miss Earth 2018 beauties here in the Philippines.

The Miss Earth 2018 delegates from different countries and regions showcased their curves and figures to celebrate the beauty and uniqueness of the human form at the Beauty of Figure and Form competition.

This competition is the most crucial phases leading to the coronation night on November 3, 2018 at the MOA Arena. Miss Earth 2018 candidates are in their best shape and also in best swim suit get up, because the figure and form of their body will get scores and they need to wear a big hat and sunglasses to cover their face. The beauty of the face can affect the judging, that's why this competition is one of the difficult to attend by the candidates.

Century Park Hotel is one of the hotel sponsors for Miss Earth 2018, they are a sponsor for 3 years in a row and they provide as the home for the candidates while they are here in the Philippines

Know more about Century Park Hotel, visit

Its my first time to do a photo coverage of this pageant competition, I asked my colleagues about some tips and they told me that everyone will be in their swimsuit attire and wear something that can cover their face. From last year’s competition, the candidates are wearing veil in their head to hide their face. Some photographers aren’t happy with that style, that’s why were so glad that the pageant organizers changed the concept and let the candidates wear a big hat and sunglasses to cover their face.  (see pic for reference)

Its my first time to try that Nikon lens to Fujifilm X adaptor, thanks to Ted for the additional rig for my camera. So here I am mounting my Nikkor 55-200mm lens and I used it in taking photos of the candidates while they are on stage.

My problem is that I took so many shots, and some of it are blurry, because the setting of mounted lens is only set to Manual mode.

But at least, I took home some nice pictures --including the grand winner - Miss Vietnam 2018 / and now Miss Earth 2018

Thanks Myla for having us..

Btw, Century Park Hotel will light up their Christmas tree this November 5, 2018 at 6pm, if you are nearby, feel free to come and witness the grand tree lighting ceremony.

Enjoying some Mojito, thanks to Tanduay!!! Wow! This is my 4th mojito cocktail drinks during the entire pre-judging session.

So here are my photo gallery from the Figure and Form competition of Miss Earth 2018

Here are the results based on what’s on record at Wikipedia

Featuring some behind the scene shots during the rehearsal.
From this moment, I just learned that Miss Vietnam was the crowd favorite,  many say that her body is the sexiest, and then some say that Miss Indonesia is fun to chat with.

I was there to take more pics of Miss Ukraine, but I added in my to do list that I should take more photos of Miss Vietnam and when I saw her during the practice!!! She is really sexy!

On white dress: My preview of Miss Vietnam

Then this back!!!

Opsss..I got caught hahaha

Hello Anastasia!

And here’s the start of the Figure and Form pre-judging session.
I didn't get to include all photos because some of my shots are blurry.

Photos are taken by Fujifilm XT 100 with 55-200mm Nikkor Lens and also 50mm F2 Fujinon Lens

Thanks to Fujifilm Philippines for my camera!

Miss  Vietnam!!!

Miss Ukraine.

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