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Sunday, June 16, 2019

Meet-greet with Melts in your mouth Crispy Pata at Livestock Restaurant Bar in QC

Finally after 3 years of waiting, I tried the popular crispy pata of Livestock Restaurant Bar in QC. Its the softest crispy pata ever, and it is dubbed as the Melts in your mouth Crispy Pata. Livestock Restaurant Bar popularize the softness of their crispy pata by slicing it with a wooden stick and not a cutlery knife. I first learned about this when Ted Claudio dine in here 3 years ago and he heavily promoted this to us.

I always miss those invites to dine and try the Melts in your mouth Crispy Pata, so this 2019 I got lucky because I was in QC already for an event of a friend, so when Ted and Eli was also in QC, we decided to meet up for dinner. Then I told them to bring me to that place to try the Melts in your mouth Crispy Pata.

So the story goes.. Nanlibre si Eli sa Livestock

Livestock Restaurant Bar in QC, along Sgt. Esguerra, near ABS CBN.
(pic from Livestock FB Page)

Dining area
(pic from Livestock FB Page)

When we arrived in the resto for dinner, the entire dining area is full of customers, so we waited for 15-20 minutes for our turn to be seated.

I dont know what else is good here at Livestock, so I let Eli and Ted to order it for our dinner.

Chicharon 3 Kinds
PHP 320

For our appetizer, we got this 3 kinds of chicharon -- its a mix of chicharon bulaklak, pig’s innard and intestines deep fried to crispness.

When eating this..we say hello to cholesterol.

Livestock Crackling Pork Belly


We are surprised that the resto owner sent this to our table, thank you sir!!!
The Livestock Crackling Pork Belly is packed with lots of pork meat and fat, but surprisingly it is not too oily or ma sebo.

Melts in your mouth Crispy Pata
PHP 650

And finally, the star of every table at Livestock Restaurant Bar -- the Melts in your mouth Crispy Pata. For me its the best crispy pata ever! Its so soft and tasty, I think they removed the fatty meat, but Im not sure. Because it has less fat on it and the crispness of the fried skin of the pork leg is super perfect..tastes good too.

My goodness...cholesterol overload kami
But its okay, minsan lang naman ito eh. The most important thing is that me and the boys enjoyed our dinner that night.

Thanks Ted and Eli

Check out their FB page at
For more porky news and promos!

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