Use GCash to pay for your electricity and water utilities during the Covid-19 crisis

Everyone are now experiencing a week long quarantine lockdown, our movement are now limited when we go outside of our homes, because we need to protect ourself from the killer virus - Covid-19, a virus that killed thousands of people already. As a precaution, our government are doing their best to contain and defeat this virus. As a citizen, our roles will be - obey the government, stay home, stay healthy and get protection from the virus.

Stores and establishments are closed, some of them are open but on limited durations only. Many people are getting worried that they won't be able to pay their bills on time - even if the private companies and service providers are open, but their operation are still limited due to lack of workers because transportation is also not fully operational in the metro.

This is me, in full battle gear. I was on my way to buy bread, but there are times that bread is hard to find. Because there are no stocks and stores are selling it in a scheduled time.

Going back to bill payments. Thank goodness that we have the GCash app,  a mobile payment service that can let you purchase items online, pay bills online, transfer money to your bank via online.

For Meralco or Manila Water bill payments, you can use your GCash app to pay it via online and with convenience. You can pay your bills by staying at home and practice the social distancing with no hassle.

For GCash registration, just install the app in your phone and follow the registration procedure
For more info, visit

Before paying your bills, Make sure you connect your Debit Bank account to your GCash, so that you can CASH IN or transfer money from your bank to your GCash account.

If you dont have a Debit Bank account, you can use the offline payments in some establishments, just visit these stores and ask the counter that you will be transfering some funds to your GCash account.

Then if you have Gcash funds just click "Pay Bills", then choose Meralco or Manila Water, then fill some information in the field - like the Name, account number of bill payments and then post how much funds you need to use to pay for your bills.

After paying, you'll receive a SMS notification to inform you that you have successfully sent your payment. Keep the SMS as your receipt, as you might use it in the future for your catalog of bill payments.

Thanks for reading my tips about GCash, if you encountered some problems, just post a comment down below and I will do my best to assist you.

Stay home guys!!! be healthy, wash your hands regularly and protect yourself from Covid-19

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