Kyowa Air Fryer 7.0L is here at home - from my secret Santa!


** this blog post is edited for the 2nd time

I have already plans of buying my own air fryer, I've watched some Youtube videos about it, how to use it, and get to know what kind of food you can air fry with it, its very interesting that you can fry anything on it without using a cooking oil.

They say that frying without oil is healthy and it will make good cooked food for you. 

But Im surprised this Kyowa Air Fryer 7.0L arrived at home, with color black body,  and there's no love letter included and the delivery girl told me that its from Shopee. I asked my wife if she bought one, but its impossible because the delivery note is for me. hahaha

At first I thought it was a package from Shopee! but then...the item was from my SECRET SANTA!!

Here's a close up look of the box and wow!!! its a 7 Liters version.  Back then I was planning for a smaller air fryer, but this big Kyowa Air Fryer 7.0L can cook an entire pork knuckle --- yeah that's Crispy Pata or pwede din a whole chicken, I haven't tried cooking this was before, but I need a lot of research and also trial and error.


Huge 7.0L Food basket capacity - can fit 1 big whole chicken!

Use little or even NO OIL at all for a healthier meal!

Non-stick food basket with residue collector - no mess cooking!

Can be used to Bake, Roast, and Fry!

with Auto shut-off safety feature

Up to 200° Rotary Temperature Control for different types of recipes!

1600 WATTS


Here's the link to the Shopee store of Kyowa, you can grab this Kyowa Air Fryer 7.0L this 12.12 with big discounts. 

If you are hunting for an air fryer, then grab this one!

So let's take  a look on the box

The item is legit!!!  Always read the box and label

So you can cook with less oil or no oil. 
According to my wife -- parang bagong kasal tayo, may bago na naman tayo appliances hahah

I think the 7.0L is the biggest capacity for the air fryer. 

Opening the box -   you get a small manual booklet.
The general rule is -- RTFM ---  or read the fraking manual 


Congrats to me!!!

Reading some parts of the Kyowa Air Fryer 7.0L  -- ohh that 

Manual to use the Kyowa Air Fryer 7.0L

Here's the cooking guide.
Hmmm almost similar to a convection oven or turbo broiler. The difference is that you can cook with oil in your food -- meat products like - fish, pork, beef and chicken

And here's the new star of our home -- the Kyowa Air Fryer 7.0L
Wow! its so big! 

Kyowa logo 

The two dials -- the timer and heat setting

Power and heat light up indicator 

It looks so easy to use 

Back view of the Kyowa Air Fryer 7.0L

Im glad that they chose the normal plugs and not the triple plugs that required adaptors

Here's the handle of the oil tray

Push to slide that plastic thing to release the lock and you can pull out the oil tray


The air fryer and its tub with oil tray 

Push down the black button to release the oil try from the tub

All the oil from the meat will be collected into this tub. The oil tray will prevent the meat products touch the base with oil. So you get a cooked food with no grease of oil 

We're now excited to try this tomorrow.
We're going to cook some chickens and French fries. 

Watch out for my follow up blog post with review and also a vlog feature at my Youtube channel 

One last look.... ganda !!!

Thank so much for reading my blog post
See you at the next blog post!