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Monday, November 24, 2003

its been a busy saturday for me. lots of activities to attend and meetings.but after that.i missed one of gerry alanguilan's meeting for the San Pablo Comics Art Festival in San Pablo Laguna, my batteries were charged but i woke up super late afternoon.

Meeting and gatherings
went to the meeting of Star Wars Phil and after that we posted the Mos Eisley Nights 2 poster in Comic Quest, everyone laughed after they saw the ever muscle pic of Gary dubbed as poster boy. then i wasnt able to join the other for the Light Saber Training and Matrix FU (Karate-FU-etc) coz i have to join the 2nd day shooting of our film proj.

then on the food court i was surpised by gerry a. in robinson's galeria food court. i was busy choosing food in Maxims then gerry appeared at my back..ahhahaha..then we talked about the meeting and updates for the festival. too bad my camera got reset and all the pics i taken were deleted. hehee..

Zion Rave party
its the er...i think the one of the official Matrix Phil activity after the 1st ever MATRIX FU training. i like to thank all my members in participating in our activity. expect more party wohooho...
we stayed at Direk Joon's place then we watch this some short films. GI JOE shorts dubbed spoof, some clips of Peter Jackson's gore films, hehee...Cmdr. Gabe shouted after she saw a guy blasted by a gun and pop out its brain.then KILL BILL...we watched KILL BILL..tnx to pirated want to kill Quentin Tarantino for got the brains to do this film..and im waiting for the 2nd volume...the animated features of KILL BILL is under the production of Production I.G. , behind 'Blood the last vampire' and 'Neon Genesis Evangelion'.

Az and the CArbonara mosnter Mall Tour
after the Tiangee tour..we went to a mall.... Sta. Lucia mall
we check out some toys, guns and again..went to a horror train inside their amusement center...aehaaehae..its a happy train..all people are not scared after the ride ehhee...we ride the last car train and it was full of 7 female kids, so there are no vacant so take the car to ride with them. at first entering the horro tunnel, our ear drum got bashed when all these kids shouted and screaming all their lungs.just to take out their fears. then we covered our ear to avoid deafness ehhehe...then on the 3rd enter of the tunnel.which is the train will stop inside the tunnel and people dressed in horror costume bursted out and started to scare people. the kids got freaked out and then while they are screaming they transfer to our seats and compressed with us...darn..the last thing i saw is thers is a slipper infront of my face and a girl pulling my shirt with a scream "mommy! natatakot ako!" , after that we laughed all the way coz of the funny experiemce

pics! damn ryan..he got a nice pic with DOREAMON!

thanks to Cmdr.gabe for the photo shoot...i love your camera hahhhahh
more Pics here at


me, ryan, luna,adrian, emil

me and ryan MATRIX fight re-enactment

ACID42 makes the inhouse music for that night inside GWELIO's Bar

Light Saber and MATRIX FU Training
training in one of the DOJO inside Rizal Stadim
conducted by Emil and Oneal

High Kick Marga!

Light Saber training..with a use of graphite stick of a golf club.

Cai and Marga doing those stretches exercise

Burly Brawl !!

whatta..night !!!! pagod na kame !! Oneal taking a snoop outside Joon's house

the party goer MATRIX PHIL...and STAR WARS PHIL..
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