Im fine
alright !
i was wrong of thinking for that bad experience.
and the development these past days are ok. my paranoia is gone.
im glad that everything is ok.
damn....i was scared to death about that..
The Golden Ring of Ball and Chain are still attached to me.. whew!
now i wait for the latest chapter that will come ..

Broken bones
now im stress out ! im super tired..feel like that i broke my neck.and i dont feel good today. i feel sick. i dunno im back to work and finish this composition and recording for the animation project. oh damn !!! i need an equipment !

my wounded lip is now healing.. and hey..i can eat properly and er.kiss properly..ahhahha !!!

i didnt attend the Animation festy in Megamall, my fiancee didnt allow me to go. .aheheh...for some matters...geez...i miss her so much !!!

still i feel cold, and stress out. been taking some medicine that might help me take away this uncomfortable feeling.

ok.have to go to the studio to present my works..
hope i get A++ for this hehhehheheheh

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