Run like a wind
my title has no meaning to my post..but hmm anyway maybe it has. Like im running and trying to reach my deadline, lucky me that my boss extended my deadline to saturday. great! but problem is i have an Imperial Prom Night that day, and im super busy. oh no! also i got a secret underground rehearsal at 11am. have to do something about this.

Im working my shell here the whole day. managing my sound files for my presentation this week. and im having some headaches, and what! im wearing GLASSES!! oh shoots!!! im a geek! hehhehhhh!!
thanks to my new CDRW drive that i can finished my work in no time. super late and thanks that i have no more money for this week affair! oh man..i have to re-open my shop to get extra income.

im glad that my old customer proposes to supply me stuff from japan, im glad that i got an additional supplier for anime-manga items. and il expect the items this March. now is the time to fix and finish the set up of the new store. and she said that i have to list all items that will be shipped here in !

im 2 days away from my girlfriend and i miss her so much..oh man..di ako sanay ng di sya nakakasama
and i promised her to take her to the dance this Imperial Prom Night

Coke Girls again!
here are 2 photo of the Coke chicks! i dont know if they have a website..i got the pics from
this is dedicated to all Coke girls fans!...and...what's their name !!!

** i posted the pictures here to feature them as a pinoy Coke icon

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