look at very blog active today.
im handling some things that for the first time that it happens to me.
im glad that my other sister is helping me to get go with the flow.
hope i see ya this sat.

il be submitting my final sound effect for the animation project. hope they approved it. and for i will finish it this saturday.hour before i submit it. hehhe..thats me. got lots of weird problems came earlier and gimiks na lang palagi.

Me, Lyndon and Ariel, visits Lico's Dad wake in Sta.Mesa. and its funny coz it seems that it turns out to be a ordinary Artists'Den Meet Up. im glad that Lico is in great shape, and im happy to see he reads comic strip just to make him relax. all the funny stuff just went on during that night...from Aswang to Michael JAckson being a AStroboy to Passion of the Christ group mailing list to Ghost photo captures.

Ariel, Lyndon, Lico (topic:what if Michael Jackson is Astroboy?)

Lyndon on coffee

Lyndon on coffe again...(is that your fifth coffe)(just kidding!)

Thats a not good mood after finding out a news after a phone call
and on the other pic. Lico's new character style for a comic strip.

Az Techie!
check it turning out to be a techie.
yup thats been dreaming for being a techie, (who loves technology) i cant believe im trying to update my self on the latest scrooge of gadgets and tech items. Got a portable Cd player in my bag, Digicam, cellphone, electronic games to electric can opener. wow...i feel great when these stuff is in hands always!!!

cant wait our Zambales trip ! so its on to our Joran Geektensen the final plug for the date of our trip.

also il be going lots of out of town trips this month and next month. so im gearing up and getting ready for the summer trip.

geeez...i might need a lot of load in order to go to these places.

oh man..still dreaming of that Boracay and Bohol trip.

Animated without Permission
well...its the first time i plug this animation project of mine.

Animated without Permission

its a animated short series, made by me. and it will deliver you total entertaiment than the regular comic you read! (just kidding)

and i know this will be the most controversial of all.
than the rumored Culture Crash Soundtrack, One Night in Purgatory movie and that Beerkada SOng, ......(and GCL-Great Comic Lico movie)

i made this for my regular exercise in editing.
te hehehehehe...
hope ya enjoy it ...

and said its..COMING SOON !!!
maybe il launch a deadline and a premiere date!

and i hope il compile it and show it all in the upcoming June 2004 Toy Convention in Megatrade Hall, with the rest of the Fan Films

New CEllphone number
heya my phone is now online!
and i have my new cellphone number
if you want my number just email me at jeazrael at yahoo dot com

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