Party Go Go!

December is the month of party..thats a new meaning for me. events,conventions,indoor parties, tiangge, and lots of bazaar every where. That's why im so prepared for this month.

I attended some xmas party and lucky me that i have small amount of energy charged for those parties.

Dec 19
Party Transform

all boys party.with the guys of TransFormers Philippines. having a party watching videos and playing toys! wahhhahaa....damn you Mark for eating all the pasta! glad that another round of year has passed and the boys from TFPH is now reformatting the new group.

Party night...Star Wars Style

after going to the all boys party of TransFormers, me and Mark went to Sucat, Oneal's place for the Star Wars Philippines party. we arrived late because of the heavy traffic and it was the right time to attend the party coz everyone is already at their peak of Starwoids. i saw the other members in the viewing room watching the STar Wars Trilog DVD specials, and the others outside talkies about Star Wars costumes for the next convention.

again...the Food smiles at me.and hello TAHONG !!!, i love this seafood.

then..Adrian Arcega introduces us a card game called "Sabacc", its a galactic card game in Star Wars where Han Solo won the Millenium Falcon from Lando Carlissian, its like a black jack card game, that requires mathematics, adding the numbers and rolling a dice.

I won 3 consecutive times, winning stuff from Marga,a Star wars playing cards and from Adrian a STar Wars: Shattering point book. too bad i lost the 4th game, and Vicoy won a mounted YODA poster...oh cool! and after that Oneal gave away prizes of Action figures Jango Fett and Aayla Secura....oh lucky Adrian won that Secura figures!

thanks to the Star Wars Family for making this group strong and unites into a one FORCE.

Dec 17
Espiritu Santo Parochial School Batch 94 Xmas party

at last! after 10 years. our first highschool reunion. Espiritu Santo Parochial School.
It was great to see again my barkadas and friends back in highschool, it was like a nightmare to me for seeing again these people.eheehe.. but it was fun meeting them again, we talk about the past and the stuff we do now.

one friend, Barbra Lozano, took me a quick chit chat during what happened on us between my girl Rosanna Nanas, she told me that Rosanna wanted me to be her boyfriend, and during that time..i didnt know that..coz i was courting her for almost 3 years and i didnt know that she's telling to everyone that i was her boyfriend. and the bottom line is..i didnt know that! - for me it was a shocking revelation... all i did that night was laugh and split my mind into to two.

it was fun chatting again with my old buds, talking about the crazy stunts we did last highschool, ehehe..who the hot girls, who dance during the xmas party and those funny teachers we tease every sessions.

it was a flashback to the past..and it was a little drunk
and went home.. tired..

I brought RG and Ryan that night, but they moved to other place and then i used them for reasoning for leaving early. ehhehe

hope we can have these activity next year.

Dec 18
Filcosplay xmas party

held in Eastwood city, people from the cosplay community organized a one day party for all members of Filcosplay. I was not going attend the party coz im reserving my time for the Artists' Den, but my honey Lace told me to attend and be a representative for the both of us, great idea! and then i went there a little late and i was welcomed by cosplay people and friends and the only thing they asked is "Where's ate Lace?", then i told them that she's resting and recovering from a fever. me too is recovering, but the food really blocked my mind from recovering.
ehehee. .the stomach is my brain aahahhaa

Its cool to meet the Filcosplay members, coz some of them i only talked to from the online forums. Best food by Wantan, great hosting by Henry and Dasku, cool leadership ny Mina, and never miss the fun with those mini moni fans !!! hahahahah and Yatta.

Artists' Xmas Party

first time to organize one for our group, The Artists' Den new batch holds a xmas party for all members, and i'm happy to the turn out of the event, it was fun and its like one of our regular Starbucks meeting.
RG brought his laptop girlfriend named "Almira" and then we watch Cutey Honey, movie, a live action film based on Go Nagai's Cutey Honey animation, too bad that the film has no english subtitles, but the gang pulled it off dubbing their own translation ahhahhaa.

Trish, one of my best bud was there ! at last..after that long stay from Japan to Italy and she's back again. she's my mate in ice skating and movie hopping, but this time,she's not excited to see her car "FORD" model, cool car. and i drove it to Camy's uncles parking space. and got a hard time using an automatic engine.

thanks to Camy's mom for cooking for us, i loved her japanese rice, its really soft and easy to digest..thats one of the reason i want to go back to CAmy's place in Caloocan...the FOOD !! the food! the one that lures me in!!! ....also. one of our favorite is her home made brownies.yum yum~

AFter the activities,we went back for a 2 hour meeting, tracking back what Artists' Den did the whole 2004 and we set up our plans for the upcoming 2005. it was great for us to have this.coz its a serious one and it activates our energy in doing more activities next year. a great contribution for the Filipino art.

thanks to Elbert Or for the Audio cd of "Avenue Q"
it was funny and hilarious....its like Sesame STreet for adults.
i researched it and it was a Broadway musical stage play, actors with puppets, with this Sesame Street ambiance. really funny. i like the songs - The internt is for PORN, Give me money!, im not wearing underwear today.

il upload soon some sample of Avenue Q.

Artists' Den attendance : Lico Reloj, Camy Francisco, Elbert Or, RG Guanzon, Trish Alcantara, Azrael Coladilla, Ariel Atienza, Lyndon Gregorio, Wilson Tortosa, Patrick, Mica, CKlaigne, Mark Cerbo

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RE:Dec 17
Espiritu Santo Parochial School Batch 94 Xmas party

I was corrected by Rosanna that the news and info pass on to me by an old HS classmate is not so TRUE.

hope everything is clear now
thank you for reading this.