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Saturday, May 08, 2004

Universe is watching

what if i die? this is a pic of me..trying the Hang version of Az...inside the closet..
kinda painful..but..everyone laughed at it...well..just to share my pics hehehhhe

im a little bad trip last night, but its ok..i know that they joked me about having a vapored girls.

last night gig in Sanctum unmasct in Intramuros was was a percussion gig of the Hawry Dawgs (forgot the name.)
means..i forgot the name of the band...thanks to TJ for the gig treat..and nice to meet his friend Andrea who was a great hand solo percussion player, cool !!! ....people dance on the underground of the great wall and music was filled of a non stop a beat of a jamaican style ..not so..

at first i prepared my self..coz it was my first time to go to Sanctum, so i dressed up as a cool Az..with purple bandana. my new style for the summer season, but then people came in and the place was turn out be like i was in what the i rewind my self thinking that i am in Greenbelt..lots of beautiful girls in the venue.....dancing and enjoying the beat music...only one girl i met in the venue...her name was Mai Mai, a chinese first i though she was one of those Jaboom twins....

Rain and Tj asked to leave the venue early after the gig. oh man..i was so down at the moment.
coz i wanna party more...and hm...i think I saw Icebox's big sister...i dunno..maybe its a looklike.
i was nervous a little coz..she doesnt stop staring at me..maybe she recognize me..coz of my picture in friendster.

then...i dance with these 3 cute girls..dancing with the beat...too bad that i didnt get there names..
coz my two companions are hurrying me up to leave the venue..oh man..sana nagpaiwan na lang ako

anyway....thanks TJ for the gig !!!!!

Thursday, May 06, 2004

Rebecca Julia Brown
thanks to Amie for forwarding to me her official website..

and im surprised !!! she's a FILIPINO !!!

Rebecca Brown, the bass player from the movie School of Rock

i visited her website..and posted a comment...and hope for her reply..

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Surprise under the Moon.
this is our pic from our The Fort gig last monday, May 3

Silme and the Sugardrops Live at the Fort

music dedicated to REj and Oneal, Happy Months Anniversary

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Freezer and Chiller

i love ice...its cold...and slippery...and very hard to handle, it burns like when we let it melt in our hands.but we know its cold, but it hurt like hell when we let it stay in our hands....try it..and find out.

im out of home..will be staying on a condo in greenbelt for 3 days
no more friday gigs for me...means that im back to Artists' Den meet up
every friday.

gig night at the fort
we just finished our private gig last night at The Fort, it was a different experience coz we played in the middle of a field.,and we are lucky that it didnt rain that hard, and a beautiful full moon on top of us.

Az first love
in the morning i chatted with my old highschool love classmate, Ann, and im glad that we are very comfortable to each other and its great to talk again coz we are already grown ups and everything seems to change a bit. we exchange txt messages and then i told her about my band, she's happy to know that i changed a lot.,then i told her that il sing a song for her whenever she attends our gig, then she replied, that there will be 2 reason when i sing for her, 1.she might fell off to her chair or 2.she might fell inlove., whoooosh! then i told her that i like the 2nd reason if she did that i might fall too,. about highschool days are over!

Wandering Mark
after the gig we are approach by this kid, who apparently watch us during our live performance at first she ask TJ for some help on to something, but i thought he might ask for some money, but we are wrong.
after the performance the kid followed us and then showed us his small bible and then he ask us for our autograph, then i told him why..then he replied that the music makes him feels better and it lifted up his spirit.

Me, Rain, and TJ talk to this kid, and then we signed on his bible, with messages that might help him, then he narrated his story that he was kicked out by his stepfather in Mindoro and then we commuted his own way to go to Tarlac, but his money is not enough so the bus driver dropped him off to Pasay,(btw he came from Bataan, by a ferry boat),

His name is Mark Beneviede (something like that, forgot his surname) 18 years old,and a grade 4 education, he wants to go to Tarlac coz his Original Dad lives there. he ask help already on some churches and religious establishments but they refuse to help him, but some of them gave him some money.

TJ gave money to the kid, but he refuses to accept it, we forcely give him in order to help him, but then after a number of refusal times, he then accepted the money, a small amount that will fit for his travel expenses to Tarlac, i think he only got P130, then Tj gave him P30.
the bus fare is P150, i think,

we give him some advice then he focus attention on what we are saying and then he smiled when we finished signing his book.and when he left he jump for joy and found hope and solutions to his problems.

Az-girl action
we wo we wo we wo...(sound of a siren) ..ehheh.thats me again with number of girls everywhere., i met my friend who is a writer in Greenbelt, and wow she's hot! maybe its my second chance again to accept her non-serious proposal 3 years ago,, bad boy...well she's nice and cool..and dating time strikes again.

tonight we will have a party on some far side relatives and my crush lives there, see her try to make my see if my charm will work on her...

i have a new baby !!! girlie. again she will visit me here at home, watch all those anime stuff and some talkies..geez.miss ya baby v.

oh man..another proposal on the phone strikes again.a friend of mine who likes me, wants me to be her boyfriend, after listening to that. i just kept quiet and told her that.."hmm hmm not saying anything". about me..playing hard to get ehheheh

its 2 months away for my birthday...means that a new wish is coming true.

Monday, May 03, 2004

All coming back to me now.
hey look at enjoying updating my blogsite and now my site so healthy lots of visitors and new readers, thanks for reading hope some of you that i dont know will get to know me more here in my site.

and hope that i meet you all..

busy weekend
its a busy weekend for me, and i experienced a total burn out in my body, last friday it was our gig in Rio Bar Cafe,then we got home in early before the sunrises. then my date was cancelled last saturday, for my date was sick and requested a re-sked. so thats ok for me.

Then i invited Dainty to join me in cool malling and watch a movie, we dine out and then we watched School of Rock, a fun movie, its like a concert movie for me. i enjoy and its fun to laugh again the whole movie.

after the movie me and Dainty look for gimiks but all people we know went to the Otaku Pool Party in Marikina, so i decided to contact my friends there and we got confirmation that they still have some music actions even if its 10pm already, so we grab that shuttle and speed our way to Vista El Ciudad in Marikina,.

nice venue for swimming and i like the production of the Otaku Pool Party, me and Dainty welcomed by some of our friends and also my band friends. they are so happy to see me there and thought that i wont make it.

then the carbonara monster txt me, and i told him to join us in the gig.
we jam that night lots of talkies and fresh faces welcomed me in the event.RG's new video cam looks cool, MArc cerbo's still in maniac mode hhah...joke lang dude., jap music rockers of Neotaku, Do Ahou, Kuso Atama,Sakura Beat,. bands that i watched, too bad that i didnt catched to see Rotschreck and 7Thursday to play.

we left that event early before the sunrises again...and i brought Dainty home and me and the carbonara monster all tired,

practice to the max
i jam with my band Silme and Sugardrops last Sunday and it was a wonderful jam, for having originals music surfaced from our instruments.
after the jam we watched SChool of Rock Dvd in Joons room, while watching i surfed the net and browse some pictures of Rebecca Brown, that girl bassist from the movie, after that we watched Tenacious D video,

and it looks like it was a Jack Black Marathon days..ehhehe

Wonderboy......LSS mode..

after that me and Jac Carballo meet up to talk about on something.
its a busy week for us..and time to reformat my systems.

memories came back again
my high school love came back in my life again, coz she added me to her friendster list, and so happy to chat her again and we plan to meet up, about my 1st creator in life..coz of like this..
thanks Rosanna 'Ann' Nanas....

Sunday, May 02, 2004

last night me and Dainty watched SChool of Rock movie in mega

crush ko !!!
si rebecca brown...bassist from the movie SChool of ROCK !!!

im here in Joon's pc...surfing the net...and watching School of Rock DVD..
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