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Saturday, May 15, 2004

Fri Geek Night out

Rain boy darthball of the force contact us the rest of the Sugardrops to have a night meet up in Greenbelt, then me and TJ went to Starbucks to wait the others, but Joon txt us that he will not join us coz of work, then on the way I saw Luna walking and said to me that she will not join us coz she has a night out with her Highschool friends.

The night was so young, Greenbelt was crowded by people coz there was this Nestle Ice event in the fountain, lots people in their dress style and then Rainboy and Paolo Jalbuena arrived, then got us into a beer session in Foodchoices near the beer counter (outside the court).

While drinking we talk about band, events, and upcoming projects, We got starved but we remain to save cash for the beer, but my magic bag has all the solution, inside my bag we ate Fried Chili Dilis, can of SPAM, can of Tuna, and 3 Popcorn,...ehhe...on the works it was a team work. Paolo said..we wish Lyndon was here to immortalize the night turning the funny night into his comic strip.

TJ uses his PR capability, he talked to the beer counter to open the can of Tuna and got the bowl for the Tuna and asked the crew member of a Korean food stall to microwave our popcorn.

Paolo J. treated us the beer and all the fun talkies..and trekies..

Rain here..hmm..all that tantrum stage coming up on that Nestle Ice contest with TJ and won some goodies...and hope that contest turns into a Tv commercial..

We followed Luna to her night out place and there we met her highschool friends. after that it was a hell of tipsyness and fun geek night out.
wish that it will happen....and will happen again.

Az log
Collectibles Unlimited meeting for the Toy Convention at 5pm
Las Full Show gig in Robinsons GAleria Gasoline Alley at 9pm
Featuring the following bands:
The Itchyworms!
The Purplechickens
Silent Sanctuary
Musings of a Cigarette-Smoking Man

hmm...means that i have no time to attend on that Harry Potter event in SM North and Que. Ave. going to Marikina.

Friday, May 14, 2004

Great Teacher Az
I might teach math subject in Assumption San Lorenzo, i dunno when. i was convinced by this lady that i met yesterday in our seminar of PLDT.

the school is exclusive to girls., and they are having problems in getting a math teacher, coz they prohibit of male teachers,they gave an exception, coz female teachers dont like to teach math, and they want male teachers to teach math coz they want to have a new system in teaching........ sounds like the anime GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka)..erhm...School of Rock????? combined???? oh well....i let you know when will i start..i need a lot of work out this time....and hey.lets give it a try...

just went to a Leadership Seminar, hosted by PLDT, and the seminar was lead by business guru Francis Kong, i learned a lot from that seminar, it was cool. and i found out that the invitation was for manager and executive people, as one of Matrix people also from PLDT,Daryl said, coz he went on begging for the PLDT new media to get his invitation, and so lucky that i was included in their list..the buzz is...where did they get my contact?

in the seminar i met Lisa, a teacher in Assumption, Liza of NU Skin, Belen, of Araneta Center, Malou and Lorna, a banker.
i was in a formal conversation mode that time, coz i didnt expect that big people will attend that meeting seminar.
then my friend Tin Tin called me on the phone to meet her, then i told her to join me in that seminar, after that we both enjoy the whole seminar and then we hang out inside Hotel Intercon.

Night out in Soleil
me and Tin Tin meet Dainty in Glorietta after that TJ followed us in G4,
It was TJ idea last monday to hang out in this restaurant called Soleil in Greenbelt. coz a former sexy star, Stella Ruiz will perform a acoustic music with her band called the String Skin Band, ....hmm....the name is kinda disturbing coz it came out in my mind was girls in nearly showing their skin while playing the instrument....when we got there.....all of us are wrong....the String Skin band is composed of male musicians...

ok TJ....String Skin band time.dont be fooled by a certain title..hehehehhe

we stayed there the whole evening, listen to music, and hehehh..eyes rolling !

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Im off to my Meeting and Seminar in Hotel Intercon meet my friend Tin Tin Noda, and meet Dainty in Mega,
and tonight we will be watching Stella Ruiz and the Skin band in Greenbelt with TJ !!

its night out time!!

san na ang sponsor ko !!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Unlearn Me
Ditch what I read
Behind what I heard

Look. Find. Free.
Yet! Do You get it yet?
Do You get it?!

From here on it's instinctual
Even straight roads meander
Every piece contains a map of it all!
It all!

In the march of the ant
Pulse of the sea

Look. Find. Free.
Yet! Do You get it yet?
Do You get it?!

From here on it's instinctual
Even straight roads meander
Every piece contains a map of it all!
It all!

Out of the line (and) indivisible
A crow left of the murder
Every piece contains a map of it all!
It all!

Love on the Rocks with no Ice.

Its a holy election day for all of us. and hope that the Philippines will get a strong leader...i hate to talk about politics.

Im stuck here at my other house somewhere in Caloocan, and im all beefed up for all these election news, cant avoid checking out who will win the presidency...eheheh.

its a gigless day for me, no work, no party, no gimiks, no girlfriend to visit and no!

Az Smash!
i was super badtrip last matrix swim party, coz this darthball guy made a wrong move against me..oh man.poor guy! your dead! you wont hear from me ever again. what you did was very un-human, even you did that in front of me! , I caught you there big guy!., hope you die!....grow up young man!!
your no longer a baby! and stop all that tantrumness of yours...sometimes your tantrumness ruin our that alone ok?...and when you do doesnt make us happy..noh? KSP !!!

smile mo! kita ko! cute mo!
ohh...angel locsin new cute.@@@

me and the icebox went to the Nestle ice cream house last monday for a bday get out! even that her bday will be on tues..its a tummy full and cold ice cream eat out! its me 2nd time after..15 years that i ate in that ice cream house, maybe sometimes we will try out in Pinky Pop, ice cream house near my school. after eating out..a heavy icy cold rain came..and me all wet !!

went home..tired..and suddenly .i fell asleep, then the MRT security guard woke me up, coz its already the end of trip...

me and my friend chel went to mega while ago, just to hang out, wish we watched the movie Van Hel Sing, for some financial reasons, we dine in Bodhi, all these veggies again in my face..yum yum! then after that we went to her place to have some food sessions, talkies and guitar sessions,.

More guitar practice for me on the past days, for im practicing my fingers on the guitar frets again, oh.. i like that Incubus guitar music for my ears!, man going back to the basic s very hard. for im a bassist and still got the low level of hitting those strings in my guitar.

hmm,my band might leave me..for i heard the past days that they will get a new bassist.oh..poor me..means more bands for me for a while...
man..this is deja vu..just like Dewey Finn(Jack black) in School of Rock !!....

Formal me!
man..i hate bring in a formal attire, for this Thursday got a business meeting in a hotel in Makati, well..that means i have to get a new hair cut, and iron those long sleeves polo and er..wash those black pants..problem is..i dont have a leather shoes!!!! ..but my black rubber shoes do the trick always...

il be representing my baby project Omake Omake News Philippines on some business summit somewhere in Makati. cross fingers !!!

We come from the land of the ice and snow,
From the midnight sun where the hot springs flow.
The hammer of the gods will drive our ships to new lands,
To fight the horde, singing and crying: Valhalla, I am coming!

On we sweep with threshing oar, Our only goal will be the western shore

Mag friendster Testi muna tayo!

Nikki, 05/03/2004:
ano ba? kalog.... ayaw niyang nabi2tin sa pagkain.... matakaw... cool as in! makulit!!!!!!!!!!!!! wala akong masa2bing nega sa kanya kc wala pero kung meron man....... di ko na alam....
AZ reply----> mas masarap kasi kumain eh. may negative ako! "matakaw"

Liz, 05/02/2004:
si az? beware! isa siyang simpleng maniac! ^___^
AZ reply----> langya ka talaga Liz! lagot ka sa akin pagpunta ko dyan!

Dainty, 04/22/2004:
Azrael.. A very friendly person. Mahirap hanapin ang ganitong tao. Sabe nga nila, MAHIRAP HANAPIN ANG MGA TAONG MAAASAHAN. A very busy person. Ang dame kaseng tinutulungan. NO wonder, marame siyang kaibigan. Malayo ang mararating neto. ^__^ maPR na tao. Pwede ka ng tumakbong presidente ng PInas... ^__^; panalong panalo ka na. Thanks nga pala sa pagtulong mo saken sa pagpili ng guitar. Sobrang thankful ako. Goodluck with your CARREERRR... Take care always.
AZ reply----> cutey Dainty!!!, tnx din sayo,,saya mo pala kasama!

Rachel Summers, 04/20/2004:
Az and Astroboy. So its true, get a robot in bed with ya, and he wont say no. Dang, all this mush is mking me....
AZ reply----> pati ba naman ikaw pinagpapantasyahan si Astroboy!

JeNxZ, 04/20/2004:
Low Po!!!! c azraeL!!??? i min KUYA!!!! hehehe>>>> Di Ko PO Kc tLaGa 2 Kilala,NamEet Ko LaNg Po Xa Sa MaNilA,FreNd TO Ng CuZ ko!!! MukHa Po 2Ng mabait at totful,en i tink dey bot luv music...Nagulat Po Ako nung ininViTe mOkO Eh!!!! HehehE!!!!! ge Po TiLL HerE Nalang Po!!!! IngtZ!!! HoPe 2 C U gEn Po!!!!
AZ reply----> weee! Jema! nice to meet u too,,ehheh.war kame ngayon ng pinsan mo!

Tin Nanoda, 04/10/2004:
OOhhh...I met him when I was only 16! grabe! sinira mo buhay ko! dahil sayo na addict ako sa anime! ikaw may kasalanan! nagkagastos ako ng ilang libo-libo dahil sayo! syeeet!(actually, kasalanan din ni kim-hime)^_^. hehehe because of az my life is filled with the colorful world of anime,not just anime, lots of other crap too! kaya life is so much more fun and worth while. I can't believe we've been friends for 6 years!O_O. wow... di pa ba ako nagsasawa sayo?dapat ata nagsusuka na ako ah. over-dose na ako sayo! but az is so versatile and forever changing, mahirap magsawa sa kanya. he has so many activities and so many interesting (ehem, wierd) friends (isa na ako dun) that I just cant help but keep looking his way. para syang tabloid! madami information...un nga lang,minsan...ung information...ehhh..errr...alam nyo na...hehehehe...i'm glad that we met, i have kim-hime to thank for that! oi! ilabas na natin si kim,baka nabubulok na un!
AZ reply----> my loving friend Tin!, syet pare..ganda mo ngayon!

Mark, 04/08/2004:
The first time I met Azrael five years ago feels like the man has many crossroads in his path, but after he came back a different person. The hero who will free us from... The Matrix. =)
AZ reply---->tnx man! buti na accept nyo pa a hero!! ligawan mo na si Trish pag balik nya ng Japan ehheheheh

Lady Tuna, 04/05/2004:
wow buti pa si king az may pic na kasama si astroboy! wla kasi ako eh! your highness! yang si king az, king ng tuna land! nitong mga nakalipas na araw puro tuna na ang kanyang nakakain! akala mo kung sinong matino pero madali palang ma-arouse sa hentai! pero hindi! siya rin ay mahilig sa yaoi na hindi! haaaay ano bang pinagsasabi ko? ganito ang mga inaantok eh diba? ay oo, mga linya rin nya yung asteeg, grabe, at hehehehehe!
AZ reply----> my baby ice!!! ehehe..hapi bday sayo! cute mo talga!

Gary, 03/23/2004:
nakikigulo lang...
AZ reply----> oo alam ko na! eheehe...papansin ka talga ahhahha.joke lang!

Joyce, 03/19/2004:
si kuya ang live-action version ng friendster. daming connected dyan kaya pagconnected ka sa kanya connected ka din sa iba. hehehehe ^^; pero sana connected ka rin kay kevin bacon. :P
AZ reply----> ehheh.talga? bakit si kevin bacon? ayaw mo si patrick garcia? di ba crush mo yun??

Sunday, May 09, 2004

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