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Saturday, May 22, 2004

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

me here in Mafe's computer shop in Mnnila.
nagstay ako after having a failure meet up with the higher ops of the hotel that we will playing.. we hang out in Robinson Place..then later. we went to our different paths.

i went on a wandering habit again..
walking and walking without my original self..
thinking..and talking ....then... got the idea to search Mafe's computer shop.
she invited me last year to her shop...and now..after a year..I found it.

last night...i became homeless.
i sleep last night in Marikina River Park, on top of the cold, hard cemented bench
i woke up in the morning and found out that there are lot of joggers in the field.
i went home at 8am, and continued my sleep in my bed. hard to live in our glad that my cousins are leaving on wed.. have my privacy..

pic attack!!!

(middle)Singer Bituin Escalante with Dennis and Mafge (in Star Trek Costume)
holds the groin of my Armored Personnel Unit (look at my smile!!!!)

Sunday, May 16, 2004

All About Relationship

about the title...hmm..we were listening to twisted halo's album....we are here in dante and paul's place in yale, cubao and we stayed here the whole day after our night out.

Last Full Show Syndrome
last was a great line up...Last Full Show gig in Gasoline Alley, a live house venue inside the Robinson's Galeria., this is real music man...its nice to hear and watch all our indie musicians doing their own, rain, aids, joon and the others went to Nakayama, a beer hang out somewhere in the vast space of East Ave., beer cheap, outside aircon, and superlicious crispy pata that we didnt taste coz they run out of stock.

it was Ryllah's bday!!! happy bday...thanks to the beer night out
and thanks to Adrian ehhehh..for the wholly whomper treat out...

David and Goliath

Rain and Az..during the good old days

me and rain got into a fist fight after the gig.,
it was like a david and goliath match...or a ...manny pacquiao vs. andre the giant.
well.the fight is about what we believe...
no hero villain..
just lots of punches..throwing in the air...and into our faces.
i already near beaten that guy.....but lucky. a bystander shouted at us to stop..

both of us bloodied..both barumbados...and ended out fight to a salmon eating treat
then we talked about girls..and chicks..just to make our temper go down..

it was a fight that it happened to me after highschool.
i love fighting.. and rain..finished it over and then...bati na kame
then we decided to form our own version of THE FIGHT CLUB.

thanks to Ryllah and the Last Full Show Productions
Aids, Joon, Mikah
and our Nakayama beer drinking partners for the talkies
Paul and DAnte...hey your cooking is great...thanks for the breakfast..

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