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Saturday, May 29, 2004

End of Summer

its a title i got from a hentai anime, er..a erotic-romance anime, that i watch 4 years ago, and its a love story. i used this title coz hmm..i was thinking that it will be the end of summer, my summer, and it means that everyone will be busy and back to work and school,. its my own summer, i created during the past months, lots of headache from my exgf and lots of happy joy joy adventures with my band, friends, girl friends, and family. still im thinking about which one is my unforgettable summer experience.

No longer a baby

Last wednesday i was chatting again with my high school baby, Ann, and its nice to have another conversation with her about our first meet, ligawan days,and awayan,, and hoping that we have our free sked so that we can meet, to my surprised, she confess that she's a die hard Harry Potter fan, she has lots ot collections in her room, she found out about the Harry Potter event in Shangri La, geez..hope we meet again. and thanks for reading my site.

Az's Day Out
Thursday was a a busy day for me, me and Dainty made a sked for a Horror Movie Marathon at home, but there are some activites that filled my sked for that day, first i have this meeting for the Transformers Philippines, and then theres an event in Robinsons Galeria, We Are Anime hosted the cosplay contest in LG League Game finals, and a orientation for my teaching gig.

I went to Dainty's house to meet her there then we went to Greenhills for the Transformers Philippines, man..i need a lot of adjustment for the group, coz im the group's new leader, now im leading them into a battle royale this coming Toycon, and lots of activites and upgrade for the group. thanks to Big Daddy and Joe for attending the meeting.

Then we went to LG League's event, but the cosplay already ends, but Dainty was surprised that her fave band 6Cyclemind will perform that night.It was a hell of a crowd back there, we were infront of the stage sitting and listening to the music. and for me studying the stage layout of the event..great set up they have..i like the booths of Level Up and Games Master.

Then we meet my friend Therese, another girl who like pinoy band music, and we were going to watch Play for Serve event in Gasoline Alley. Sandwich, Twisted Halo, Cambio, Imago, played that night. its another music tripping we have that day, and we already forgot to do our Horror Movie Marathon, maybe we set it up on another date.

Ripe Tomato at Eastwood
Its a a hell and heaven battle in Eastwood City, it was the Ripe Tomato event of 99.5 RT, its a celebration of music by pinoy bands, total of 17 bands performed that night, the Jologs,loko, rockers and the sosy people flock the event. me and Therese met there to watch the music fest., and then i was studying the whole area what will it look like when Fete de la Musique commence. hmm...the place is open and wide to fit the whole music ! much more better than El Pueblo.

Therese went home after the South Border performance, then i was left behind to watch the whole event, and place my seld in front of the stage, but them Slamming cant be avoided. i was concern about the girls in front of me.coz some of the girls are in front of the stage and the loko or rockers are behind us, they were slamming and we cant avoid getting hurt, the Bouncers do their stuff to prevent some violent actions.
man..girls went wild when Rivermaya and Bamboo performed. also i was surprised to see Joon, played bass to Itchyworms...what a guy! idol! to see Joon harasss the Bass guitar.nice chief !
then i met a girl in the stage and she wants to stay beside me, coz shes taking pictures of Bamboo, then i helped her out and protect her from the body slamming rockers. she smiled and gave me a warm thank you. we were talking for a moment,,and damn...i didnt get her number or email and even a picture! about a mental block in a middle of a conversation.

i also remember room 3222 in City Mega and Plaza condo, near the room of Ed...i cant forget those chickies smile at me when we opened our room doors when we heard a fire alarm sound.damn me again...a total mental block again...

thanks again to Mr.Edgar Tadeo for letting me have those sleep overs and gimik in his condo unit. and thanks to Amie for a nice kulitan in the webcam., yo Ed...salamat pre!

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

My pen is a pistola

on the tip of my tongue. an offensive is poised and rearing. my intention; a bullet, my body; a trigger finger! , its my secret arsenal, is an infinite, ageless inkwell, its a fountain of youth, and a patriot's weapon of choice

crash me not

i was at the party at Oneal's house,. it was a bday party for the darthball, at first i didnt know it was a bday party for the big guy, thats why the sithball didnt invited at the first place, no one informed me that time, got the info from ms.skywalker that there will be a party and was to meet her there and talk about a secret convention i uncovered from the black book of big time organizers. but then she told me to talk to mr. rosero. i crashed to the party...and its like a small reunion.
thanks sir it was a fun night! and nice to meet Rachel and Grand Moff's 3 month baby, Dana Katherine., welcome to the world Dana!

So i hurled myself there after my Toycon meeting in Greenhills,which then Transformers Philippines' Marc Cerbo pass on the Matrix of leadership to me as the new owner/moderator of the club Transformers Philippines.hey...i should change my name to Aztimus Prime or Optimus Azrael. (

Toycon 2004
been busy lately and im super concentrate on our event on June 27 for the Toycon 2004, im talking to some exhibitors, sponsors,media, etc. just to make sure our event is iron on. glad that everything is proceeded according to plan. but also on study for this new convention we are organizing for november. although that i already released the info in our newly resurrected Omake Omake News Philippines.

my online newsletter is back..means in super in condition, and the old event man is gearing up for the next convention. watch me there cover all these events and my website for Omake is already in a testing mode, also i was helped by my cute sister Joisu, tnx sis.

What if im a girl?
i have friends here are having these fantasy of what if im a girl, man.that was really a bad joke for me, but hey i didnt get a real reason to them, i got already 2 bi sexual girlfriends in the past who wanted me to be a girl, and then 3 male friends already kidding a side wishes me to be a thats the sickest thing they do....

thats me the blonde girl !!!

also..a girl-friend of mine illustrated her interpretation of me as a female, and was so hot in her picture ! she gave it to me as a bday present last year. and when i become a hell breaks loose !

but then.i was thinking why did they want i fit for that?
even my latest...girl-let who is a bisexual too, wishes that i become a girl so that we can get married or something like that....

man...its a sick sad little world !!

my sked this week
Wed - Day after Tomorrow movie with the Icebox
Thurs - orientation for my teaching gig, Lisa
Thurs night - Horror movie marathon with Dainty
Fri - Artists' Den meeting and Band gig(?) with Ching
Sat - concert night with Dainty
Sun - icebox
Mon - Filbars 25th Anniversary, Glorietta
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