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Saturday, June 05, 2004

Boys at the cafe

It turn out that our Artists' Den meet up last night turn to be like a section in a FHM Magazine "Boys at the bar", we guys talk about some stories and to points of view stuff that are for adults. Ronald Guanzon of We Are Anime, Lyndon Gregorio of Beerkada, Ariel Atienza of Class and me - Azrael Coladilla.

We talk about stuff and then proceeded into a question and answers of..why is that? and how do you? and when are you?

Happy Bday Lyndon Gregorio
its the Beerkada Man's bday today June 5, and onto his new leg of life. ehhehe. RG, Ariel, me and Marc clowned around for a moment inside Starbucks Shangri La.

Syeri Baet and Jon Zamar was also attended our meet up, and i arrived a little late before Marc, after my voluteer action to Harry Potter event.

pic attack!

Lyndon Gregorio gets his first 30th Bday kiss!

A day in Hogwarts Philippines

After my meeting for the Toycon, i went to the Harry Potter event in Shangri La, my plan was to visit the event and take some pictures, but while i was there i was entertained by Pinoy Harry Potter members Fil and newbie Ann, in their booth called the Hogwarts Library, then i was supposed to go home but no one will managed the booth, coz Fil that will hold a story telling gig for pre school students in front of the stage.

So i devided to help and volunteer as one of the Librarian, so what is my assignment? all i have to do is put the last stamp reward to all kids who completed the activity and before they received the stamp. they should read a few line from any book of Harry Potter, its a piece of cake job, so i volunteered,,and then enjoyed talking to kids, some of them didnt know how to read so sometimes i read the lines with them.

what a great experience hanging out with kids.and teaching them how to read. and parents are happy to see their kids reading and completing the whole activity.

Priss also helped me out in the Library and there we hang out sometimes we got bored and started singing some Incubus song, then..thanks to Beejay the Headboy now calls the Headball, for the Lunch tip off, now i know that every voluteer has a free meal.

Also Penny's daughter, Erika, enjoyed hanging out with PHP members and then while Penny is in her work in Makati, she told me to look for her daughter for her and dont let my eyes off her, so i said yes..its ok. and a responsibility that i should do. So i know that Erika is in good hands coz i know she's with CJ, Carlo Francisco's son, also the uncle of my friend Camy,

I nearly freaked out one time when i saw CJ walking around alone, and i ask him where's Erika, then he said she was backstage, so I went at the backstage and ask the people there if they saw Erika, but they said she walks around somewhere, so ..ran out in the venue and start to look for her, and then i didnt notice that she was there and she just taken her hair pony tail, thats why i didnt recognize her...geez..thank goodness!

Also nice to see again PHP friend like Cai, oh man..its like ages we didnt meet, nice to have some talkies with her, ,,.and yes..i miss her
good luck to your studies girl!

this coming saturday will try to volunteer again in the event with a costume. hmm...????!!!@###

nice meeting with Scholastic supervisor manager Apol, and we might have a next project soon. more events to come..especially the one strong with the FORCE!.

May 29

i visited last week and meet some of my friends who are students to a comic workshop, Dorothy and Akemi, we hang out in the Harry potter and event do some chats and then talk about comics creation and industry here in the Philippines.
Gary Mayoralgo as Professor Anakin Malfoy
Arnel one of the guys in Bankee gave Dorothy and Akemi Harry Potter freebies coz Arnel was surprised that these 2 girls are my friends, and he enjoyed their stay at the event. oh man! Arnel...where's my freebie !!

June 1

then on the other i was with my friend Dainty we went there to the Harry Potter event day after the Filbars event and I decided to visit them for a moment before we go home,.

and then I met Kai Weasley, nice to see you again ! Kai Weasley, now i know that you want to cosply Yuna.. i can call you now Kai Yuna!
hehehe...kahit sa mall tayo nagkikita at sa ibang party..astig ka talga!

-this might be my last coverage of the Harry Potter event
next post will be the Azrael's photo coverage of the event link.

damn...i havent seen the movie Prisoner of Azkabhan!
im left out!!

my last visit 23952

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Filbars 25th Anniversary
Dainty,Camy,Jaclyn,Azrael and Ryan heheeheh

from South Carolina, Jacqueline Connell as Wonder Woman and Me as Az Darna

this is my photo coverage of the event
May 31, Glorietta Activity Center

I woke up a little late for the event and I went to the venue with Ryan and Dainty, after I fetch from her house. and then We meet Camy inside Gift Gate, at first there are lot of people watching and at exact 2:30pm we are on time coz they are starting the event.

I met our comic artists friends and then later we stayed near the fountain and wait for the next activity, also Star Trek's Captain of Via Astris Paolo Jalbuena joined us in our place.

The event start when they finished the Opening prayer and blessing and then Mr.Fil Barbasa, owner of Filbars starts the event by giving awards and recognize our comic artists for their work, Gerry Alanguilan, Leinil Yu, Wilson Tortosa, Dennis Crisostomo are given a Tofica Award, they were joined by Edgar Tadeo on stage.

Then they started the launching of Filbar's Official Website, and then they start a contest, a Mirinda drinking contest which was composed of Cosplay Contestants.

It was a Photo Op day for us. taking some pictures of Cosplayers, comic artist and some new people i met at the event. Reagan wears the Optimus Prime costume and bassist of Kiko Machine dons his Spiderman costume and then I was surprised that they recognize me and know my name coz they are visitors in my Azraels Merryland website. geez...thanks man!

Carlo Pagulayan arrived late and then Comic Fans are happy to see their idols as they signed comics and do some sketches of their favorite characters. it was a busy day for us. during the event i experienced a painful stiff neck, thats why during that time my movement is very limited.

Shaking hands and smiling to all people I know like people from the Pinoy Dc Fans group, cosplayers, some fan boys and girls that i met in the past. im glad that they still got this fanatic spirit.

then the cosplay competition starts, a total of 50 cosplayers marched the area, also hot shot costumes are Optimus Prime, Hellboy, Ghost Rider, Wonder Woman and a Kingdom Come version Saint Seya. I took pictures and have a picture with Jacqueline Connell who has a great body to wear the Wonder Woman costume, and i cant believe that she's from the states.

i enjoyed Pablo Bairan's Astroboy costume, also i bet him to won for a 2nd or 3rd place. I like his toying and playing around like a Boy robot. Winners are 3rd Place-Ghost Rider and Gundam Girl, 2nd place -Optimus Prime, 1st Place - Lady Shiva.

Krizelle also known as Kixx, won again the contest as the ever loving and sexy Gundam Girl, and its already the version 2 of the costume but still she reigns as the champion of all costumes, last couple of months she won 1st place in the Animax Carnival, also got the 1st place title in Anime Quest, Philippine Web Awards, and C3 convention.

I hang out the place with my friends Marc Cerbo, RG of We Are Anime, Edgar Tadeo, Camy Francisco, Dainty Supnet and lot more friends.

geeez..its a total craze of fandom in one day!
and they said it will happend again next year!

and then on the other day me and Dainty hang out at Edgar's Place and then i went out with her in the Harry Potter event in Shangri la.

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