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Saturday, September 11, 2004

Azrael outside grounds of DLSU

complete the form dude, before you leave

Azrael having a good trip on this ala-roller-coaster ride in the LRT (wait!! hold on tight there's a turbulence!)

thanks to RG for the Sony Ericsson photo
thanks to DLSU SIGAW org

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Deadbeat Holiday
its been a terrible day for me at home.after i found out that our washing machine finally gave up its life...or shall i call it, half of its body is dead..the Dryer seems not to work. i tried to revive the 10 year old washing machine and it seems that my powers cannot bring the dead back to life.

now my wish list for this xmas is a brand new washing machine!

oh.shoot! im running out of hot chocolate, my stocks are limited and i dont want to end in drinking coffee again. its an addiction for me when having coffee, ..oh geez...i miss espresso double shot in Starbucks.
and that bottomless House Coffee in Perk 21 and Cinzeo.

in the next 9 days it will be coffee marathon for me all day and all night.

Fly! Mulawin

Mulawin, GMA 7's new tv series is kicking in the prime time television, and they are very successful on this, also a great road for the Darna tv series. Im very hooked watching this series. I like the Mulawin fight over against the violent birdman race Ravena. Bagwis one of the character is very familiar, having its own one shot movie during the 80's (i think). I really like the special effects, even that it doesnt match the Hollywood type of effects and Industrial Lights and Magic, but Filipino are doing all they can to perfect the digital effects for the series.

Aguiluz played by Richard Guttierez now rise as a new super hero in todays pinoy comics, member of Mulawin, a peaceful birdman race. Got involved in saving his love interest, Alwina, also a Mulawin, who was raised and grow up in the side of th humans. Now Mulawin and Ravena fight over their own good and the humans are caught in the middle, and Alwina played by Angel Locsin did a great part for the character.

Ara Mina as one of the Ravena villain, focuses on her journey to kill Alwina, while she disguise herself as a human, but when she turned into birdmode Ravena, her voice suddenly changed. The Digital audio effects enhanced her voice thus makes her a scary Ravena,with a big voice.

Bianca King plays a Mulawin, Aviona. and she got a great role for being a martyr for her secret love to Aguiluz. This character needs to be focused as she will bring a great story line for the series. i really like her in her costume and her voice is so cute!!!.

these are off set pics from a friend who works in the tv series

top: Richard Guttierez will transform into a Mulawin after he stick that magical feather to his back, Zoren Legaspi as Bagwis no wig yet, Aguiluz poses after the make up and shows a Mulawin junk food with rip off toys insde

top: Biana King ready for a blue screen shot, set design for the Mulawin home base, Zoren Legaspi as Bagwis in complete costume

top: Biana King in set ready for take, Bianca's Leg with make up effect wound, Angel Locsin as Alwina prepares for a wing make over.

Trip and Hot seat
i was invited tru online by Hewlett Packard for a Business Seminar and Networking Day. I think that they have their own product launching of HP,

Entrepreneur, marketing maven, Business Coach and Master Franchisee of Action International, Philippines, Mr. Ben Noynay is the guest lecturer.

its a 2 day event inside Megatradehall, and so sad that i cant attend the saturday Camera Jam in their event for i will be at the U Got Game in PTTC.

This friday i was invited by DLSU art organization called Sigaw. for they will have their SIGAW Orientation Party and forum. thanks to Joselle for the invite and this friday will be a great give and take learning to all of us.

then this saturday will go with RG for we will attend the U Got game meeting and afterwards we will jam our way to the Utada Hikaru Day in Pasig.

There should be a LAN party this sunday but it was cancelled for the limited time to re-organized. i was about to join with this anime group but they post poned the event.


when you are here in my merryland...
everything is very effective

stop those poor boys night out! its time to deal with the real thing
if you want tips ..just message me.

Wanna get to know a woman better?
Then make her feel she’s SPECIAL right away. You can’t go wrong with these simple, tried and tested tips. Do it right and you’ll find out she’s not from Venus, after all.

Stay FOCUSED on her. Don’t give vague mono-syllabic replies during your conversation. Polish your communication skills, dude. Keeping a dead air will have her thinking you have literacy problems or that you’re thoughts are on something or are somewhere else.

Use her name. It’s more personal so it makes her feel special. Research shows that women who get called by their nicknames respond more sweetly than those called with… let's say ---"Hey!" As you get more intimate, make sure you use a unique term of endearment rather that the common Sweetheart, Honey or Babe.

Pay attention to the things that seem important to her. Just don’t make it seem like an interrogation. Talk to her about stuff she’s crazy about, and just go with the flow. Don’t change the subject or criticize her taste, and don't alienate her just because she loves ballroom dancing and you don’t. If her tastes don’t jive with yours and you can’t bear talking about it at all, then tell her gently you're uncomfortable with the topic. If she refuses to compromise and continues to bore your brains out, then cut it short and move on.

Above all, be sincere, pal. Don’t overdo it or she may think you’re too good to be true. Or worse, a wuss.


Tuesday, September 07, 2004

my blood circulation is running normal, and going back to my natural habitat is excellent, i mean, even that im poor as a rat, and my house is full of rats! damn..i hate those little critters. im expecting lots of developments this coming days and i didnt see that im entering the comic business, and its a great opportunity and i will not let this thing slip into my hand.

the big challenge has come and im prepared for it.

Pinoy Super Punks!
i learn a good lesson today, by surfing the internet and i found out these Pinoy Superheroes are still trapped in our old past, and one by one they are being revived, thanks to the minds and skills of our pinoy talents for bringing back them to life.

Flash Bomba (1968, Tagalog Klasiks)
by Mars Ravelo and Nestor Malgapo

He lost his legs in an accident and for that he only uses his hands for everthing and reaches atheletic level during his training. Then he challenge himself to battle with the Tikbalang, a creature that has a body of a human and a head of a horse, that if you defeated the creature, it will give you magical powers.

Then He beats the Tikbalang and the creature gave him the powers, by giving some strands of his hair that will give superhuman power and strength, then after receiving that he changed, his legs got back!, but his hands and feet are so large, Now he possess super human ability and strength, he can walk on walls, block everything with his hands and have this thunder clap that can emits intensity force waves. and also he can summon devil horses on a stampede

Tiny Tony (1966, Pinoy Komiks)
by Mars Ravelo and Jim M. Fernandez

A scientist working with his father in law, working and researching on a serum that can shrink, He tested the serum, and later bad guys tried to steal the serum and had killed his father in law, then he escapes, and shrinks himself because of the serum.He is small and tiny, and have super human abilities

Lastikman (2004, Mango comics)
by Gerry Alaguilan, Arnold Arre and Edgar Tadeo
Mars Ravelo's LASTIKMAN will be published as a full color 52-page one shot comic book this coming December by Mango Comics!
It is written by Gerry Alanguilan, drawn by Award Winning artist Arnold Arre (Mythology Class, After Eden) and colored by International Coloring Superstar Edgar Tadeo (Wolverine, Iron Man, Silver Surfer).

The story will harken back to Mars Ravelo's original version of Lastikman, serialized in Aliwan Komiks in 1965, where Lastikman is an alien from outer space and is taken in by Don Rufo, Vinya and Toto.


all info and images from :

whew! that was a blast , seeing that Lastikman ad nearly explodes in my PC, its such a big dynamite and a big surprise to see the new costume of Lastikman, Arnold Arre really did a great concept for the new look of Lastikman, a modern scifi costume and that cool hair style and shades.
Edgar Tadeo really gives life to any artwork, his color give blood to these pencil and ink creations. Gerry Alanguilan writes the story for the one shot comic and i know we will enjoy reading this, for its another triple tag work of our pinoy comic creators.

Print me

Im working on some comic project and this is a new gig for al of us, for the USA publisher for a certain comic project will arrive here in Manila to set up a meeting with me and my selected artists. I cant say that im not ready in having comic dealings and making our way to the business, but as they say always put "FUN" on every subject and it will work very just fine..

it is very different from any comic project and having a deal of 24 issues is a long term relationship with them, man.i have to work on this and be serious, coz this is a great chance for all of us, and indie creations will have a chance to make their way outside in our country.

look mom, i can write again
Man.. having some writing gigs is fun, and for this i didnt expect that i was paid or..given a special gift for being a contributor writer once again. being doing this for almost er..8 years as my very own newsletter Omake News was born, and having its own portion in PHil. Hobbyist MAgazine during the year 2000. and now Seeker Magazine gave me this chance to prove it again that i can write even that my grammar is so bad!, as my old boss said to me while i am working in a magazine company during the year 1999.

Now blood circulation is running fast, i think my mutant DNA is acting normal! i love being a mutant!

Film, my way

Coolness, i got a go signal for doing a film for a great story that matches to my life and damn..the teaser of this film was suppose to be shown during TOYCON 2004, but for i got limited time to shoot and film, I decided to move the teaser and might finish the shoot and show it on upcoming convention for this year. and The complete film will be premiered next year's convention, problem which convention, i might target that June convention, for its my baby project.

il be needing soon some crew and actors for this project.
i should contact my friends and my team who made that One night in Purgatory fan film.

and im glad that this new project has no guy to guy kissing!

Lights and Curtains
Im on a research for im on the go for directing a play for my upcoming event project maybe this october or next year. Im on the works and plan for a street play and making it a fete dela musique style of all kinds of street play all for free. People now are starting to ignore and forget this form of art and i've been awaken to do this another dream project.(for my other dream event was fulfilled last June, and i want more!).

Im talking to a friend who is involved in theater play and also into PETA. got lots of advice from acting to directing to some ideas that will raise the flag again of this form of art. maybe directing the whole event is cool, but directing all street play all at the same time is not a good idea. so my plan will be 7 street play in one night. with different story and i hope it goes for only 30 minutes. this is a good start for all the audience especially to those who are not into watching theater plays.

its another breakthrough event and i hope this thing works. or i have heard that they already done this 4 years ago in Enchanted Kingdom, having street play in one area. 4 kinds of story with different timeline. But for me my idea is street play at the same time in a different place.

for now il enhance my story titled "Waiting Shed", a short play about people got stranded in one waiting shed somewhere in Pasig City because of the heavy rains, and each character interact with each other and somehow turns that every moves and every interactions connects a connection between them. a funny and heart warming story and i cant believed it that it comes from ME!..lets make sure this thing works too.

Monday, September 06, 2004

Standing outside the Phone booth with chicken in my hand

Im sick today, and its sucks, now that my online blood is running, and going back to business. Going back to my natural habitat is plain good!
and it seems that im going back to normal.

busy house boy is back, and hope everything goes well according to plan.

Carbonated drinks are good
Events and Conventions coming your way until the year ends.
yup thats right girls and boys, event organizing this month is a blast, and we just cant believe our eyes that every month theres this big tv smashing prayer rally happening, I think people now wants to do their own event.

Cosplaying and some toycon-like are now put up in their own event with different gimik, its like that they wanted to show to everyone that being entertained is fun!

so here are some line ups of goodies for all of ya, according to rumors and lies and vcd pornography

September 11
Utada Hikaru Day
organized by the Kinjo Phil. Jmusic Community

a local group of jmusic enthusiats converged on this fun gathering every month. For this month its Hikki's day!, local fan groups of Hikaru will gathering in a one day event in Crisanta Towers in Pasig. Activity will be Video Marathons, concert viewing, local band performance, and interact with your fellow Jmusic lovers!

September 18
U Got Game
Interschool Game Developing Competition
organized by the IGDA
one day event for all indie gamers and makers, a cosplay contest will be hosted for Game characters only. I am not yet sure for the other activities as I am not fully updated on this, all i can hear is only the cosplay and not the game developing.

Also our latest franchise "AZRAEL'S ADVENTURES IN MERRYLAND" will be exhibited in the event, FREE goodies for Az in Merryland will be given away to all selected cute girls who will play the game for fREE! , just approach me in the area for inquiries.
game is under the development of WAA!soft.

September 18
Australian Film Festival
yup another free movie for all!!!
try to watch these great film masterpieces!

September 25
4th Deviant Art Manila
organized by the Artists' Den and DA members
another art event for all artists and art lovers, another breakthrough of gathering in our country,. Fresh and young talents interact with the Professional artists and other members. Its an art sharing event. Tutorials and Lecture will be conducted in a conference hall in Discovery Suite, the venue will be sponsored by

Blast your way to Supernova
a rock event for all galactic inspired rock listeners, info still confidential, and this will blast you to the far reaches of the SuperNova.

Radio station anniversary
an event will be put up and cosplay event or convention type, and its an all night to daylight party, its more than an anniversary card.

Costume Exhibition
Costume from various genre of anime-comic will have its first exhibit somewhere in Makati. all interested exhibitors are invited to take part in this 2 day event. just send me emails for inquiries

Your faucet is leaking
An indie band will launch its album, and the launching will be special, for a convention like setting will be put up and expect cosplays and dancing around that mirror ball for all.

Ultimate Gameroom
The idea was got from the Toycon era, and they decided to make their own event, its cool to hear to these people that they are not creating each of everyones version of convention, giving us geeks a local chance to experience what they have in the States.

Philippine Game Developers Conference and Convention
(scrap! and i have put this event in my locker and a note is written...
"Do not Open until year 2008"), the main organizer quits and passes the event to problem is how will i host this alone.

Crime does not pay
Our Caped Crusader might have this event and it will end, i think?, for next year. its another great attraction for all fanatics of this dark knight.

OtakuFest, Anime and Cosplay Convention 2004
organized by
the title is mind blowing and if you read the main title, you'll get the idea already, venue is not yet decided, for now they are in organizing mode, i heard that they scheduled this event for Oct 27, but they might move this event if everything goes well for the venue.

Halloween aint maganda?
where did i get this title?!!!, anyway..i must stop watching The Crow getting these lines, (and my line is not correct)
I know that everyone is planning this, a perfect date to wear all those costumes and its a costume gathering day with goth and horror twist.
for now i have heard 5 halloween event coming.

Whats on C3con?
everyone is gearing up for this event every year, for this event combines, anime, comics and cosplay in one event, All i hear for now is that people are asking when it will be. I heard some rumors that the event will be held at the end of November, and the venue might be in Glorietta Activity center, and on other rumors, they say that the event will be still in Megamall, and other says that there will be no C3con this year,. Rumors from left to right, everytime i visit Megamall.

fans are not preparing for their costumes, making their indie comics and having it for sale in the event, fan film makers are now eyeing for the rules of the contest, its a anime fan day for everyone!
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