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Saturday, September 18, 2004

Its Merryland day today
today is the Azrael's Merryland day, for we will be releasing the first ever video game produced by WAA!Soft, title Azrael Adventures in Merryland. for me and RG will be giving some free copies of the self produced video game, originally made by WAA!Soft.

Jaclyn Lim contributed her fan art for the video game.
and its so cute...Jaclyn being the Sheep number 1

also thanks to my friends from the Artists' Den for contrbuting their artworks for the game. all artworks will showcase in our booth this U GOT GAME evet. thanks to Ariel Atienza, Lico Reloj, Katch Yeung for giving a on the spot artwork submission for the game. all of their artworks are cute.

Life After ...
i hang out with Trish in Westin, and we meet again after her 1 year stay in Japan, and hey look..she gave me a Full Metal Alchemist giant collectible card. Its sad to hear again from her, that she will be leaving again this sunday and she will go to Italy for a vacation and will be back on November for the 2nd semester.

Entering Comic world
im now entering the comic business...and im glad that everything goes well...The american comic publisher came here in Manila yesterday to meet up with me to talk about the comic project that im handling for the next 2 years, i think. and its a long term project for me and to the artist im managing.

At first i was nervous for the start of our meeting but then i became comfortable after i pull my self up for business concentration. all i do is listen and check out the words and analyze what the work will be.

im glad that i have friends who are currently working in the comic industry, coz of that they help me understand and know the importance of making out in the comic business.

its cool to hear that our talents are being exported outside our country. and other people really appreaciates our works. its like a two thumbs up for everyone.....

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Shake my balls
Damn! i just experienced an earthquake while ago here at home,and it was freaky and scary. the ground shaking began at 3:10am, Intensity 4 here in Manila, running time of quake is 3-4 minutes (my observation). Philvolcs blames the Manila trench for the quake.

I was surfing the net, then. i felt a sudden shaking, at first i thought that i ghost passed by and disturbs me, but then,,the shaking continues and bigger. then i notice my CD cabinets are shaking and it gives me 10 seconds to figure it out that it is an earthquake.

In a zap of time i shut off my PC and TV, then i went upstairs to wake my sister inside her room. to my surprise she's awake and felt the quake. i can see our house shaking like a cradle tru the window and i can see the roof of our neighbors house shaking left to right.

it kinda freak me out coz i've experience lots of quake and this is my 3rd time big shaking experience. i was worried what if our house falls down. during the shaking im looking at the clock and time in's the quake.

then after that..i called RG who at that time we got our online graveyard shift chats, and online buddies, Kitchie, Lulu Ciel, Ryan, Amie, Trish, and my mom.

Swimming party

Trish just arrived from Japan, after her 1 year scholarship and she invited me to go with her in Westin Phil Plaza hotel to take a cool swim in the pool.its nice to hear from her again..i really miss her so much. all that kulitan, night out, movies and hockey. and i hope she stay here in Manila for long. i know she loves to stay in Europe, but hey...lets hang out for a while before you leave again.

me and RG will be there to have our shooting for our Video game.
also we might interview people who knows me and give comments about me and the upcoming game.

sick ol bastard
i just felt sick while ago, after my dinner, and it sucks and i hate it.
i feel like a guy having a desmenorea ...ew..i hate that. my digestive system is not normal. and the Coffee in my blood kicks in... my body and hands began to shake and im very nervous acting.. and its just because of the strong caffeine.

i will never drink our home coffee. Folgers is very strong. and i cant take it.. maybe il go back to ginseng tea.

having that incident gives some thoughts that im going to die. I was worried that it might happened to me how Rico Yan the actor dies in his sleep. but im stil awake,

lesson: no more junk foods, no more coffee at night.

Az the game!
here is the sample cover of the game. RG did a cool layout for the cover of the game..its like a PS2 CD game

thanks again to Nelz and RG.
i like to cry after seeing your works.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Mr.Kulas Can i buy sandals?
i just learned that eating junk foods at night will make you sick. and it happend to me. i ate one big Chili Granny Goose corn ships for dinner, while watching TV, then after that i felt sick. and its bad..i have to drink plenty of water to wash the junk food away from the digesting organs.

i learned again that do not drink too much coffee. i love coffee. but my body is no longer immune to coffee. i prepared and used our coffee and tea pot n cups, just playing it. and i decided to put lots of coffee bags in the hot put. after downing 2 mugs with 2 coffee bags. i my hands turned shaking....


unite in celebrating the arts, music and the environment in a multi-media art pary..fusing industrial and natural elements..

Let's get Elemental !!
Sept 18, 2004 at 10 pm
at the Pavilion of Wack Wack Golf and Country Clun

check out the interactive sound sculpture exhibit of recycled metal instruments and musical performance by Elementra blending music styles with artists from TURBULENCE and fashion plus other visual surpirses.

Soul Grind to Fish Brain

QED records is a non profit netlabel based in the Philippines, offering the best independent Philippine electronica for free download.

QED offers free singles, EPs, and full-length albums of electronic and experimental music in downloadable mp3 format, as well as in Propellerheads' REASON (.RPS) files. These releases include studio-recorded material as well as live recordings.

QED records is open to submissions. If you create electronic music and feel that QED may be a good home for your music, send it on over. Check out the submit page for details.

[ Do you produce electronic music? ]

Acid42 hosted and build his own online records called QED Records, a free net based recording company that gives free music to all electronica music lovers. all music are composed by Filipino.

from EP to full track album are uploaded and distributed for free in the website. all music are submitted by the composers and artist.

check out the cover album of electronica artist. cool sila !

i downloaded the song "Organique Love" and the size of mp3 is over 5MB. but even it takes time to download if you have dial up connection, the cool and rave ambiance will teleport your soul after listening on each music.

also...good electronic music from ACID42, CLONE, Paperscratcher, emorej, Mic freak, SCORPHIUS are just the beginning of the electronica pop culture in our electronica.

thanks to the QED team for putting up a net label like this...

Dark Forces attacks Merryland
Merryland was attacked by unknown dark forces, and all my 9 sheeps were kidnapped inside my Merryland Ranch. thanks for the cute magical fairy for helping me to rescue my sheeps. she gave me a magical wings to float and glide, and a magical stick as a weapon for bad monsters.

Trial Demo Open Theme of the GAME

Nelz Yumul contributes a fan art for the video game.
thanks Nelz....ehhhe..i really like the PONY shoes idea.
i hope i can wear that shoe in the real world. thanks man !! this is so juicy sweet !

Film Ideas turn to be funny

(my image idea for the game, hehe? looks familiar?)

My other team mate proposes a video game for the indie film.. doesnt fit for the film..but it will be fun. just like what they did to THE MATRIX. lots of plans..and cool ideas coming up. the labor for this project must have lots of L-O-V-E.

Monday, September 13, 2004

Fantastic Plastic World
its was cool last week, for i have attended lots of inhouse party and events, and it brings a great developments for my upcoming projects.

going to La Salle brings me good luck and hanging out with the students is like injecting a hyper serum in my blood coz i got partly drunk during a drinking session inside the upcoming office in Burgundy building. I was recruited as a writer and event organizer by their student org, and its fun to work with these people under the Communication and Visual Arts. also RG got the gig for Photography.

Rock icon and mini Toycon

Toy Republic is a online forum for all toy collectors, last thurs Sept 9 we are invited to attend one of the members bday party and also it was set to be the meet up of all members. John Gonzales is the bday boy and he is the son of the legendary rock star guitar man of Juan Dela Cruz band, Wally Gonzales. We are invited in Chuacicos Musician Bar in Jupiter St. Makati to hold our meet up there.

I was surprise to see some people i know like Jax from Tolkien Society and Star Wars Phil. and Mike and his wife of the band Musings of the Cigarette Smoking man. It was a fun night a mini toycon was held. sharing some toys information and trading-swaping corner in every minute.

It was a blast to Wally Gonzales performed, and its cool to see him harass the guitar, man talked about giving 30 minutes of nonstop guitar solo and lead. My mind was blown away when they do covers of some classic rock, my favorite is some covers from Led Zeppelin.

Fishkiller one of he main guy of Toy Republic explained that the website is only their group thesis back in college, and for that the thesis project have turn out to be the pinoy online toy community. with cool people. cool toy talks and different individuals with the same interest.

Lesson tips i got from BJ of Toy Republic, Elizabeth Bathory,a toy line from Mcfarlane got a variant version,. Toy have variant is rare. The Bathory variant is that her legs is not bathe with blood, if you check the regular the leg has blood. if you saw the variant in some malls better grab it now.

U Got Game

me and RG went to te meeting of U GOT GAME, and we picked up our ID, we were instructed to the exhibition conditions. and it seems that it will be fun. for we heard that WAA!Soft the developer of Azrael's Adventure in Merryland will be the only indie game developer who will exhibit on this first game developers exposition.

We are so excited for the release of the demo of our game, and we like to hear comments after they play the game.

I shouted some annoucement to some of my artist friends to make a Azrael's in Merryland the videogame fan art that we will use it to exhibit it in the convention. this will give also a chance to our artists to exhibit their talents also.

U GOT GAME will be on Sept 18, 2004 inside Philippine Training Trade Center in Paranaque, a convention hall near the World Trade Center Convention Hall. Event will star at 1pm-9pm. Entrance fee is P50.

they have the video game character cosplay contest, here cosplayers will display and ramp their costume made of video game characters.

Utada Hikaru Day
it was a full house event for the Kinjo Philippine Jmusic Community for they will be needing a large venue next month. the event was stormed by hungry jmusic lovers and utada hikaru fans. the whole venue was jam packed by jmusic cover bands, cosplayer and fanatics.

The afternoon performance of 7Thursday, Rotsherecke, Do Ahou and Mini Moni Philippines gave the audience a japanese pop culture taste, and it was fun. Also maintaining peace in order was a hard time for them, coz the organizer are having a serious time handling and keeping the audience in order.

Sakura Beat band, broke the rules and regulations of Kinjo as they promised that they will sing Utada Hikaru songs, but instead they did a bastardize version of First Love. a bad cover performance and the audience and organizer aren't happy to see that. and they should perform 5 songs only, but they did is that they do 6 songs. During their performance i walked out of the area and went straight to the other room, me and some part of the organizing team talk about what will be their action for the breach of deal of Sakura Beat. for that the Kinjo will ban the band from performing coz their behaviour is not allowed in the event.

After the event i was invited to go in a in house party of one of the former member of Mini Moni Philippines,. Amie invited us to have dinner at their place, and during dinner , we are followed up by RG's ice cream jamming.

then after that we are invited again to Adrian's place to have a rest and watch some Morning Musume videos and clips, it was a raging 7 hours of marathon, this kid have every music video, specials and series of downloads of Jpop. I learned that Tsunku producer of Musume already produced another jpop girl group composed of teen girls. called Zyg and Berry. and all i can say is that all of them are so cute. i just forget all my problems whenever i watch the videos.

ART Show man!
i just got the venue for the Philippine Indie Comic Festival, an event organized for all indie comic artist in our country, and i know it will be the first ever to showcase our pinoy talents to the people who are now lurking in the Underground and Independent Culture. for now im setting up some plans and more inputs needed for the event. it will be open to all and i think its time for me to raise funds for this event.

I was also thinking to proposed the venue to Gerry Alanguilan for the 2nd Komikero Comic Art Festival for December, and some one man art exhibit of my artist friends. Its cool to have a venue here in Manila, for the promotion of this art will give more nuclear bomb to the minds of Filipino to understand and notice our culture and arts.

Series of ART show coming your way, like the Deviant ARt Manila first exhibit and the ARtists' Den exhibit and event. and lots of fan related event will be held before the year 2004 ends, and this is the start of art show that i wish for since i got open minded about art.

not only for visual arts, but im also planning to make a musical event in that venue, acoustic to rave music is on my notebook. i hope everyone supports and appreaciate this one of a kind event.

Thinking about the Film

I just got the idea for making my film project to make it a 4 part mini-series. yup thats right, i got the idea while im inside Shangri La walking infront of Tower Records, it will be like a Film to be released in Video, got the the idea in anime like the Original Animated Video (OAV).

i discuss this idea to my Director of Photography, coz that time we met to attend some art group meeting. and now the story plan is divided into 4 parts with 30 minutes each episode. for my timeline the production of the short film will be finished after 8 months.

every episode will have their own opening and ending theme.

now all i need to do is make a casting call for the episode 1.

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