I feel like Heavenly

I'm back from the heavens and It feels good to be floating again
insert E-heads song "Apalapaap"

masdan mo aking mata, di mo ba nakikita?
ako ngayo'y lumilipad at nasa langit na
gusto mo ba? sumama?

and insert Larc en ciel song "Heavenly"

I'm happy today and It feels good to be back in circulation.
nothing to post today but here are the new srewge (skater lingo)
enjoy reading!

Egg Power up

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Balut Eggpress @ Ayala MRT Station

I'm eating this egg food wrapped with this orange thing, I ate some of these in a sidewalk in Cubao years ago, and now you can eat it in a stylish way. no need to go to Cubao or a street sidewalk to munch these eggciting grubs.

Balut Eggspress is the new egg food chain that landed in Ayala MRT Station, and it already catches the attention of all egg lovers and it goes mainstream already. I'm one of those old eaters who grabbed the chance to eat it that deep fried orange wrapped egg. The Price is P16 per Penoy egg and Balut egg, but if you bought two egg, the price will be P30.

I saw the store first time in Ayala MRT Station, when I decided to take the other entrance going to SM Makati, and then I tried one before going home, and it taste great! much better than from the street vendors.
I know that the price is more different, coz the egg sidewalk food cost only P7, but here its P16, its okay..at least I know that it is safe from virus and disease.

Balut Eggspress offers Balut, Penoy, deep fried or fresh,. One day old chicken, its a small chick that is a one day old after hatching from the egg, i haven't tried it but looks yummy. orange color deep fried.
Best served with vinegar or sweet and sour sauce.

Also they have brach already in Robinson's Galeria and Place,

really yummy!
try it!

i hope they offer street foods like isaw and adidas in the mainstream food market.

pics from: http://unease.illogic.net/blop/index-3.html

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Anonymous said…
hi! may i know who owns balut eggspress?

thanks! :)
i dont know the owner of the shop
i know its a business woman.

il let you know if i got her name.

do you have an email?
Anonymous said…
yes pls. actually, im working in an advertising agency. i'd like to offer our services to their business.

it will be a great help.

Anonymous said…
how do i franchise balut eggspress?

please e-mail me @ goriagor@yahoo.com
hi there melody,
i'm not the owner or part of balut eggspress

try approach the store manager in any of its branches.

tnx for visiting my blogsite
Anonymous said…
Balut Eggspress serves penoy, batter-coated eggs (kwek-kwek), quail eggs (tokneneng), and the best-selling fried day-old chicks and steamed balut. Its franchiser, Jeanne E. Bañez, opened her first stall at the Farmers' Market in Cubao, Quezon City, in October 2003, but now she has four company-owned outlets and 14 franchised stalls in Metro Manila.

Bañez started franchising Balut Eggspress late last year, offering it for P290,000 plus a fixed monthly royalty fee of P3,000 for product research and development. The franchise is good for three years and eight months and the fee covers the food cart and initial inventory. Franchisees must be ready to rent space at P15,000 to P18,000 a month and to pay three months' rent in advance, and to put up two months' security deposit and a construction bond. To get the ball rolling, applicants must submit a letter of intent, their bio-data, NBI clearance, proof of billing address, and work and financial details. "If all is well, we can come to a franchise agreement in as short as one week," says Bañez. "We deliver 350 balut, 90 penoy and 20,000 pieces of quail eggs a day. If an outlet exceeds these, we usually do another delivery within the day."

Michelle Silvino set up her stall on market! Market! at The Fort in Taguig late last year. She recouped her initial investment in five months. Now she nets P30,000 to P40,000 each month from her stall. "I am very pleased with the way my business is doing," she says.

For inquiries contact:
Jeanne Bañez
Balut Eggspress
Tel: 640-0501