still a headache

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my flash software is gone and im still upgrading the drivers of my laptop, and now im here chatting with the people of for they help me on how to log in my account

too bad that i still dont know what's wrong that i can't log in

i think the requirements is that i have to use a browser IE ver.6 or 7 and Firefox.
but i tried it already and still, I cant logged in.

now im here in school..still lack of sleep.

i cant sleep last night, because of another ghost attack and this time its a female ghost, i dont know what she wants from me..and gettting sick and tired playing as The I See Dead people guy, argh.

but for the bright side, im using my new TV as my new alarm clock. ehehhheh.
it opens up with the alarm time that i want.

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Azrael stars in Total Recall 2

im now wearing my glasses, and sometimes i forgot to wear them.
its hard to live a life with glasses.
but some people say that im still cute..and more cuter than ever...and younger.and sexier and ... and.... ok ok ok..too much compliment ahhahah.

but the thing is..i got rid of my migraine and headaches, but now i still have this minor ones..and i want to get rid of it all.

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