Az no show later
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I can't attend the Mythology Class launching today.

goodluck to all of you !

and congrats to you Arnold and Cynthia!

I'll grab that book soon! hope there are still copies left.

to all my friends!
I miss you all and hope I can see you all soon!
regards to all who are going at the launching!
I know it will be some kind of reunion heheheh

and also...I might not be able to attend the Mobile Pilipinas tomorrow.

I'm soaking wet here! the rain is heavy and I dont have classes and I cant go home
coz my next class will be at 4:30pm, and F&&&K !! its 9am today and all s subjects dont have class.

right now im fixing my letter and permit for bringing in my laptop for my tuesday seminar about animation,.and also fixing my letter for excuse for being absent for my tuesday class.

its an all wet all day rainy day..
and my socks are wet and I'm here in Netopia doing my letter and letting my socks dry....Shit!! i dont want to be like this... I feel uncomfortable today!

ya..I mean! super headache

fuck! it sucks!

my phone is bombarded from left to right!
just read here na lang para you know that I'm not present at todays event
make that double hay..added with two shots of Espresso...umm...yum yum!

anyway.. Im just hoping that I can visit again my Lace tomorrow after my class.
time to bug her for getting hired in Benilde as a Junior Marketing Communication Officer. network is cool! saw that job post in and I passed it to Lace in order for her to apply in, and there you go! she's hired !!!
congrats honey!! may pa Lucky Me! ka naman bukas hahhaha socks are all dried up!~
time to go to school !!!

its still raining.
im stuck here
fuck fuck fuck !!!
i want to get out..and go to the mall and ..

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