the attack of the tag spammer monkey!
Funky Monkey kumain ng saging!
Funky Monkey sumabit sa bagi!

and now...we dont like ugly punkee monkeys like that person who posted some below the belt messages about me and my gf, and what a poor person, I hope that that person finds he's way out of his jungle.

for the moment people! I disable the tag board for safety purposes and to all your messages you can email me or txt me.

and to that person.. with out a name, fantasizes that she/he from the past ( that didn't really happend)
what a born loser you are dude!!!
hope ya get a life and continue to plant more coconuts in order to get money to use the internet hahahahah

that monkey! one big COWARD for not revealing his name in my website.!
i got already some short info about that person, but the investigation still continues.. hahahaha

we dont know you yet.

but crime does not pay ...

and also...Lace said that "hindi daw sya pumapatol sa mga jologs na katulad mo hahhaha..kaya stop day dreaming na naging gf mo sya or what. " in other words." kas kas mo na lang yan sa pader"

hahahahah.. i love killing people online!! hohohoh!!!

ang jologs mo!! ahahhahaa Posted by Picasa

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Anonymous said…
Some people are trolls!
Ed said…
I get spams on my blog's comment forms! so I'm starting to use Enetation. I also get spam on my tagboard too, so I disabled it. :-\
ya people are trolls..

yes, and i might disable my tag board for good.
and now my investigation still continues..
chompy said…
uy, hindi ko ito alam ha. what happened? kaya pala wala ka tagboard. sa meron spam control di ba.
ok lang yung spam control..
pero hindi nya kaya macontrol ang mga humans spam ehhehe..

kaya nadisable ko na para to prevent na lang for good yung mga trolls na yan.