St. Francis Square Mall

its shopping time!!!
we planned well this moment and glad that we made it. there are lots of obstacles came in our way last sunday.
its like a video game, you'll journey on the way and there are situations that will block your road and will slow you down going to the place you want to go.

we stand while riding the bus, long mrt line for the ticket, hot weather and more.
but it didnt ruined our day coz we made it going to the mall. I almost cried when we arrived in Megamall.
never been to Mega after a month or more i think, so we went there to juiced up and headed to St. Francis Square mall.

The tv feature of the mall really convince us to go, good reviews and tsismis about the shopping tiangge.
after stepping inside, was surprise to see the whole place. its like Greenhills and Starmall hahahahhaa.
but compare the price in 168 Mall and St. Francis, you can tell that its a lot more cheaper in St. Francis.
Lace scored a P100 shoes, and buy one take one shirts worth P170,.

we spotted a Pinoy Big Brother shirt, P300 for female size and P350 for the male size, too bad it is expensive for us to buy so we let it pass. then again saw some boxer shorts at P100 each, will get that back soon after I got my money from Santa Clause.

The place is not fully occupied by booth sellers, maybe on mid December it will be full. and expect a jam packed of people buying for their xmas gifts. RTW section already reached the 3 floor, while the top floor is like a ghost town coz, cellphones and computers are sold in that area. for about 5-8 stalls only present.

so went home happy.
for the rise of that tiangge shopping haven at the back of Megamall A. Posted by Picasa

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