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Monday, February 21, 2005

The event is now finished! at last!
AnimeXplosion 2005 really gives me a major headache and im glad that it is finished
no more worries , no more events to produced and organize..and maybe this will be my last event to handle. even that the event is not fully under my control. il just give a rest for a while and have a good relaxation and go back to my natural habitat.

now im in my mission to finished the 1st issue of our magazine PHM Philippine Hobbyist Magazine, and im using all my powers to make it a successful, il be putting all my energies in this magazine, and il do all my best to make it top the charts.
good luck to me and to us!

My girlfriend, Lace.. will be leaving this wednesday, she's going to Bangkok for 5 day friend trip. too bad that i cant come with her. im so busy and i dont have a budget going overseas. i stayed here in our country for life and i havent got off in the Luzon area. i'l be missing her so much and im here getting insane and not letting her hand fall off to my hand. and i hold her tighter and just to tell her that i will miss her super! big time.

5 days seems short..but for me its like a 5 years. Its so far and txting and calls are expensive. and hope we can catch each other in the net.

i just love to spend my time with her and before she leave, we meet everyday just to get rid of my loneliness, i already prepared some stuff to do to make myself busy for this coming weeks. so after wednesday it will be the Stone Cold blood of Azrael will work work work, just to make my self busy and maybe wake up in the morning and found out that my girlfriend is already home and waiting for me to meet again.

its hard to have this stuff in my feelings, its just that. falling inlove is very a serious thing...and for that..yes...i love her so much!

senti stuffs....this is what happened after you watch Will Smith's movie "HITCH"

Thursday, February 17, 2005


today Feb 17, I declare.. LACE DAY.
yup...its her birthday! and im so happy that i came home in time to spend time with her first seconds of her birthday, im glad that there is an internet connection here at home.

so in LACE DAY, we should wear pink clothes, eat pretzels, eat FIC ice cream, puto, wear pink sandals, go shopping, watch movies, and even going to Bangkok or Singapore. drool on Tamahome and love Azrael ! ahahhahhah...this is Lace Day !

heres a BRAT doll that i want to buy for her bday and keep one for me.
too bad that my paycheck is delayed today..crap!! so here i am staring at this pic of BRAT doll, I like the doll coz it looks is like Lace, long brownish hair, wearing skirt and all in pink! cute!!!

Saturday, February 12, 2005

blood is type AD+

more photos here for the TYPE AD+ Exhibit

congratulation to our friend Camy Francisco for her graduation exhibit last wednesday in Mega Art Center, thanks also for inviting our friend Purplechicken to play and my band Agent Smith.

Lyndon, Mark, Azrael, Ariel and Camy

I arrived late at the event and I was having some trouble commuting and got this bad feeling for being sick as in super sick that evening and I have to go to Camy's exhibit for our Agent Smith live performance.

I came at the right time, there are lot of people already in the exhibit and Ariel, RG and Camy was there waiting for me near her exhibit Origami Dreams, she named her company after her blog website. And there she feature her book "Insomia" composed of poems, writings and artworks composed by herself and the artworks by the Artists' Den.

The Purplechickens played first, performing 'Ars Terror' and 'Dream System', i missed the guys playing live and the last gig I attended is Lace's project event for DLSU last December. And heres a chance for me to watch the manox playing indie rock music.

After that It was me and Rg's turn to play for the audience. I got some trouble connecting first the electric guitar coz the sound system has a short wiring so me and RG have to stick on the front of the semi-back of the venue. but we played nice, on the other hand I got some problem singing coz my condition is not that good. still I managed to pull it off, im glad that the second song "inlove ako sa isang cosplayer" finished with a hmm..slight success attempt. Our first song was "Anata ga Daisuki" one of our original song made a success attempt for having a new experimental tune from my guitar. too bad I dont have any guitar effects yet maybe soon I can avail my own effects.

after the event we packed up, did some chit chats to everyone as RG do the electronica solo at the venue, this guy is addicted to electronic fault! he rock the venue as he play some electronic back beats and techno stuff from his laptop. After that RG treatd me and Ariel a Burger Mcdo Meal whoohhooh!!!

it was a hell of night for me.battling virus and fever.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Azrael Vs. PNP,MRT,VRB

Pirated CD and DATA CD confiscating in MRT / LRT

PNP = Philippine National Police
MRT - Metro Rail Transit
VRB - Video Regulatory Board

it was a fucking headache when this incident occur, it remains in my head and until now super fresh. I was having a good day sunny day sunday that time Feb 6, 2005. Having a sked with my band to have a recording at home of our original songs, and I am sick, super sick that time, all I Have to do is make my self stable to do all this work in one day,

And then my bandmate RG arrived and we are setting up for the recording when my friend txted me and told me that the CD she supposed to deliver and return to me that day has been confiscated by the PNP in Legarda MRT Station, at first I thought it was a joke, until I decided to txt her and tell her if she is serious. and then BAM!!! she is serious.

The PNP and VRB are having this operation in confiscating pirated media cd-vcd-dvd in that area, they have blocked the entrance of the Legarda station and proceed a massive search to all passengers entering the station.

My friend was there to ride the train going to my place in Santolan MRT station. She got my Data CD composed of files, images and docus, and Original Anime CD and DVD, and some personalized CD for my personal use, files that are downloaded from the net and Jrock videos for personal use.

all of it are confiscated and all left are the original cds.
she narrated all the story tru txting, that time I was worried, and then I decided to let go all the CDs but it comes to my mind that those stuff are already in my archives for the past 5 years already, so in my mind I decided to react and complain and decided to recover all my materials.

coz I was informed by my friend that my mp3 data cds are confiscated too, I was having a highblood that time coz those are data cds and not pirated stuff, I know it is considered pirated coz its not legitimate or original, but its my personal items and they have no right in taking that from me.

so I decided to go to Legarda Station and confront the PNP and VRB of their stupid operation. I told my friend to try to convinced the PNP and VRB to recover back the CD's but she said that they wouldn't listen and they will charge my friend "illegel posession of pirated Cds" - what the fuck is this????... is there a law ? can they put to jail a kid who only have data and music files? thi is not right !!

So me, Ryan Orosoc and RG Guanzon went to Santolan MRT station to take a ride there, and began our investigation of that operation, we talk first to the security guard, confirming if there is an operation and then they said that there is an opeation effective last week, but the PNP are the one responsible for the operation. Then later that the MRT security guard officer (wearing the barong uniform and not the full uniform) directed us to a on duty PNP officer.

We narrated the story as calm as we are and then after that explanation the content of the CD, coz its very important, we will use that in an upcoming internation event - AnimeXplosion 2005 for next week.

The PNP officer understood us and then he directed us to the MRT Administration. we talk to them and narrated the whole story and told that our friend is still in Legarda, and told her not to leave until the CDs are recovered back.

The PNP officer didnt leave us that time and he help us on the situation, we then gave advice that their operation is not acceptable for us commuters who also depends on using CD as a PRIVATE DATA STORAGE DEVICE.

the Santolan MRT administration radioed the Legarda station administration confirming about the operation and then they replied that they confiscated lots of pirated cds. and then we told them our complains and then the Officer in charge in Legarda said that our friend was there, and then they confirm her name and then we told them all about our CDs.

we told them that we are not happy on their operation and we told them that we will publicize this stupid operation, Then after an hour of negotiation, they returned all our CDs to our friend and they let her in inside Legarda station.

At first the PNP officer told us that the PNP is the only authorized personel who can confiscate the pirated stuff, security guards are not authorized to continue the operation. then they told me that BOLD VCD-DVD or X-rated pirated videos are only confiscated,

But later on they confirmed with us again that the operation has upgraded and all pirated cds are now can be confiscated. thus the operation continues, the data cd that they didnt know the content are confiscated as well.

We tried to get the name of the PNP officer who confiscated our stuff, but the MRT admin didnt cooperated with that, instead they covered up their mistakes.

And we demand a proper document or note about the seizure of the pirated cds to all commuters, and we want this to be publicized immediately..but they say in the end they dont have any docu or note about it.

they just let the PNP and VRB do their job in their stations.


after the incident we wait the arrival of my friend, then got all the cds. and went home. and made an online email warning to all about the operation.

some of the people i know trusted me on my post, but some people got mad and told that it was a fake and its just like a SPAM email notice.

i stopped for a while and let them spill their lungs out and tried to destroy my credibility. i didnt wasted my time in arguing to these losers, and hope for that they encounter the same incident.

im glad that some of my friends forwarded my email..
and i cant believed that my email spread like a virus and until now it spread from mailing list, friendster, blogs, LJ and etc.

I received some private email saying thank you's for the warning.
some of them emailed me saying it was a fake, but later on say sorry for they are convinced based on others experience.

Too bad for some of the people who got their CDs confiscated, there is this student failed his grade for the confiscation of his project cd for school. and another student got his CD confiscated also full of data files for his ART project.

This operation has to stop.

and the only way to avoid this and stop this is to spread this information and warn all our e-media data users.


geez..i feel like a god for a moment....
damn!!! i forgot to put the URL of my blog..
maybe next time...if someone makes war with me..i can send a massive email killing those bitches ahahahahha!!

Happy Chinese New Year

i havent done this yet in my blog!!!!
and here goes!!! Happy new year everyone!!

its a new life again for me and my girlfriend this new year and im happy that everything is normal again.

i thought that the world will go down again on us, but an instant magic. it changes everything...

now..i enjoy eating her homebaked chocolate brownies..and its super sweety delicious!!

i love her baked foods! again.

i love you Lace! our Valentines day is soo advance..

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Goodbye, Nice to Know you

Azrael is in another world, happy and alive

im thinking of something and leaving the world for a while as i plan to drift my soul into the endless of space, the black crow is here with and he invites to come with him, and he said" hey.the world is not a place to you, come with me and let your self set free and escape this dirty place."

at first i began not to think twice coz the black crow is right and im no longer happy in this place. i know it is very painful to leave this place but its the only way.

being in this old place kills me, and im convinced that i have to do this for again..

thanks to the black crow for saving me from this fucking world.

and in peace

everyone already feasted my FHM feb 2006 issue and even my prof borrowed hahahaha.
we got our FHM at the end of January, and my lady love bought it in Cavite. she txted me that theres already an issue for sale. it was so damn early for the release but here in Manila it was a week late for the magazine distribution, so thats why I was so suprised that they didnt know who was the cover girl feature this month.

She's the ANG TV girl and Princess Sarah now grown up at 20 yrs. old.
Camille Prats.

ok..i know that FHM is making it different than other magz coz the magz got super hit after the release of Katrina Halili issue. and now whos next?? everyone is now voting and wishing that Angelica Panganiban, Anne Curtis, and someone likes Pauleen Luna,m ahhahaa...... well i heard the news a while ago that Pops Fernandez might be the next FHM cover girl.

Sick old me, and the MRT issue

sick - adj. 1 esp. US unwell, ill. 2 vomiting or likely to vomit. 3 (often foll. by of) colloq. a disgusted; surfeited. b angry, esp. because of surfeit. 4 colloq. (of a joke etc.) cruel, morbid, perverted, offensive. 5 a mentally disordered. b (esp. in comb.) pining (lovesick). n. colloq. vomit. v. (usu. foll. by up) colloq. vomit. take (or fall) sick colloq. be taken ill. [Old English]

as you can see in the definition of "sick", some of it describe my condition. explain it super sick and in a bad condition since friday,and now much more worst than ever, been lying in my bed for almost the whole day. and no energy left in my body.

it sucks when it happens, my body is so fragile every year during the month of December-February, and next time il be careful and never be sick again

and i dying......whuuhuuhhuhuhuh

MRT / LRT commuters advisory:

MRT / LRT commuters advisory: dont bring any pirated vcd/cd/data cd if u plan to ride, read more hre

dont bring any pirated vcd, copy cd, data cd when you plan to ride the LRT or MRT. they are confiscating cd's unlabled and unliscensed cds. they dont care if it is a data disk for your work or files for school.. pls pass this info to avoid the situation and if ever they tried to confiscate your data cd for work/school purposes, just prepare a explanation for the importance of your data cd.

they dont even know how to identify a pirated cd/vcd or personal data cd files. if you have CD or DVD files. its best not to ride the MRT/LRT VRB has a operation in confiscating pirated media effective today

pls pass this message to warn all of our E-media data users


and here's a story from a student...hope everyone understand what i mean.

I got the same experience...I was on my way to school then the bag
inspector found my CD. It is a Cd for my project. Those bag
inspectors in LRT got my CD... they took it. I tried to defend my
side and keep saying that those CDs were intended for a project but
they ignored me...Thus, I failed to pass my project... Well, kawawa
naman ako pero I guess violation talaga yun in privacy... I am a
victim so please be warned especially kung sasakay kayo from Carriedo
going to Vito Cruz... LRT stations I mean... This happened kanina

---- are you in favor of this kind of system. they are now violating our right to privacy and it seems that they are abusing their power just to have a show off to the public.

Agent Smith update

Agent Smith band live act photo last December 4, U.P. Diliman Bahay ng Alumni

whoa....we have already recorded our 1st 2 single music. and its fun to record and soon our very 1st ep will be available on the net for free download.

we recorded "Anata ga Daisuki" and "Inlove ako sa isang cosplayer", both our original composition. and i think RG will upload the off vocal version in our Agent Smith website.

i was having a hard time doing the vocals for the 2 songs but due to my bad condition, my voice is affected by this fever, so on the 1st run i got 2 takes and after that we packed up,the next recording maybe next week.

Agent Smith will have a live performance this Wednesday @ Megamall Art Center, opening act for the Graduation art exhibit of the students of College of the Holy Spirit. we will be performing with The Purplechickens.

live performance will be on the opening day Feb 9 @ 6pm

also our friend Ma.Camille Francisco will launched her exhibit titled "Origami Dreams".

log on to our website for more info

A Graduation Exhibit of the Advertising Design students Batch 2005 of the College of the Holy Spirit. Art Center 4th Level Bldg A, SM Megamall
February 9-23, 2005 10am-9pm

come and check out the exhibit and our live performance.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

End of January Event Coverage

Oh...lookie lookie..Azrael is so busy.
I've been doing some stuff lately at home and I'm so busy in updating some website for the February issue. It has relation to Artists' Den, upcoming magazine, and stage play that I'm directing and downloading media for personal entertainment. You know what I mean.

Here are pics and links, a little write up on my experience in attending these events before the month of January ends

Pristontale Beta Launch Party

Jan 21, 2005.This will be my 3rd participation in a online game event, and its cool to see people here who were part of the industry and pop culture. I arrived late that time and so lazy to attend coz I didn't know what stuff will I do there, but then RG Guanzon was assigned to judge the cosplay event, I'm glad that I escaped that one, thing I hate to do is judging a cosplay event, you see I'm so very strict in some way when it comes to judging, been judging lots of contest lately and the only thing that they left to me is a major headache in thinking and giving them good points for their contest entry.

Azrael hit by an arrow, shot by a Pristontale model Archer

It was time for the announcement of the cosplay contest, and I was there infront and lucky me to come in the right time, ..late for almost 5 hours. Its cool to see the cosplayers in their craftsmanship in making these costumes. They did it only for weeks and then they finished it before the event, Jerry Polence, one of the top notcher cosplay winners in every contest won the 1st place for her Priestess costume, a beautiful sexy outfit with big fairy wings, big staff decorated with big accessories and a friendly smile, which I think gave her a big score in winning the title. And then Snake won the 2nd place for his costume as one of the warrior, the costume is like made of hard fabric perfectly sculpted and the color design of his costume really matches the mood of a warrior. And 3rd place is Akira, a baby-kid girl won as an Archer, very cute and the judges really catches their attention.

After the cosplay event, a tournament was held for the Pristontale online game, and I wasn't been able to play coz I'm so lazy in playing these games and I have to avoid it before I get addicted in playing.

Sponge Cola live performance, got a large crowd of fans

Band Performers are Mayonnaise, Sponge Cola and Kapatid who rock the roof down of Robinsons Galeria, the event was hosted by Zach of NU 107 and Iya of Myx. It's a free gaming for everyone and Pristontale will top the charts like Ragnarok and MU.

check out the photos here

L'Arc~en~Ciel Day

Photo Coverage of the event

Jan 29, 2005. its was Hyde's bday and also Juujiro J Culture Philippines and J-Den hosted the first ever L'Arc~en~Ciel day for all fans, there were exhibit of Larc's magazine, albums, memorabilias and the biography of members and history of the band posted in the wall

Upon my arrival they were having this Larc karaoke singing contest, and they invited me to sing, I'm not a karaoker coz i only sing with a band, but due to their request I gave them my best act in singing 'Blurry Eyes'. ahahaha...too bad that I can't hear the volume of the Karaoke music.

After that a massive band performance by our very own jrock cover bands, like Zero Percent off, Himitsu Heki and a one shot 17 Larc cover song by 7thursday. The event was a success and its a prelude for Juujiro's project for the rock band music workshop for all.

Azrael with the L'Arc~en~Ciel fangirls and supporters.

Zero Percent Off jrock hour!

Star Wars Costume Demo

Jan 28, 2005 Friday
Star Wars Costume Demo @ Steps Ballet Studio
photo coverage here

In preparation for an upcoming event this May 2005. Star Wars Philippines gather up for a costume gathering and demo for the event of Episode 3. I was surprised to see a full armor StormTrooper, and i feel that im in galaxy far far away.

it was a fun night with the jedis and siths, too bad that i dont have my costume.

download some videos I got from the event!.

Young Jedi and Sith duel

Adrian says "Im not Harry Potter, i'm a Jedi

Costume beings from a galaxy far far away...

watch me how to knock out a bad Jedi. whooppppss!

TransForm, Rock and Roll Out

Jan 30, 2005
Premiere screening of TransFormers Galaxy Force episode 1-2
toy review and photo shoot
Photo Coverage of the event

Azrael waiting for the next episode

on toy review

Its an all boys day out with their own mecha toys. all in one day, watching TransFormers, and playing the new toys

and for the new series Galaxy Force, heres my short review for the new series.

TransFormers Galaxy Force

Wana see a flying fire truck? Then watch TransFormers Galaxy Force and find it out!

I've seen lots of CGI animations and the production of animation is in demand. 1st CGI TransFormers series I watched was the TransFormers Beast Wars, Well it impressed me a little, but the background of the animation is dead and the next one was TransFormers Superlink aka Energon in the USA. The concept of making the media into CGI is a great attempt in showing the mechanical robots movements and transformation into vehicles. TransFormers Galaxy Force made the animation revolution of TransFormers and the backside here is correcting the animation features from Beast Wars to Superlink. Studio Gonzo really did a great job in combining 2D animation background and the CGI of the moving characters. I was having a prediction that the animation technique used in this series will be the product of the live action movie TransFormers.

Environment effects of the series are impressive as they used some CGI style of blasters and the smoke effect. Thus, you can see the difference of 2D and CGI animation.

Opening theme of the series is in line with the music generation, entitled "Just call you….TransFormers!" and collage of characters are shown one by one extracted from the 1st episode.

The ending theme shows a serious side of the series, very calm and lots of emotions are given lots of visuals to the audience focusing on the human characters of the series.

Character Design of the mecha is impressive. Showing each character which side they are. Like Master Megatron , really shows his evil side by looking to the eyes and anatomy. Galaxy convoy on the good side symbolizes its leadership and goodness as the color scheme of the characters can be identified which belongs to the other side. Bright colors are good guys and Dark colors are for the bad guys.

The Mechanical explanation of each mecha is easily shown in the series, as bit by bit, you can the perfect mechanical design and creative concept of its Transformation.

TransFormers Galaxy Force brings us all to the edge of mecha robot animation.

Story of the series is different from other series. The pilot episode really explains their reason why they are called TransFormers. The storyline of the series is very interesting as new concept of mecha was introduced and the TransFormers philosophy still present. The war between good and evil still continues. TransFormers Galaxy Force produced by Studio Gonzo is now airing in TV Aishi, Japan.

February Merryland Holiday

start of the month of February i declared its Lace's month, so in this month i gave away all my energy for her to keep her happy in her life for the February month is her bday month. she will turn 20 this February 17, and im preparing for the coolest and happy bday present for her.

Az and Lace after the choco rainbow donut

with Mark Cerbo, somewhere in a dream toystore he wish to have

one more shot of two photo addicts

AnimeXplosion 2005 update

our unofficial logo and mascot of the event, as we try to create an event website for the target market of the event.

it seems that everyone is waiting for the final update, and all of us here are sitting ducks for the official announcement,for us member of the core organizing team, dont know yet the official program of the event, even the entrance fee we dont have yet the final details, the main organizer ACPI or Animation Council of the Philipines are in a closed door organizing mode for the event, as they are preparing for the final details to be released this week, all will be set before the coming of the 3rd week, and it seems that the promotional time frame gimik of the event is already wasted, but everything is not yet too late. the event focuses on the Animation Industry and gathering all animation studios in the whole country and outside our country is not that easy. For me it runs like a corporate event that will bring boost to the animation industry here in our country, thanks for the ACPI for pulling the strings helping our industry and GMA 7 already following the footsteps as they will air some original pinoy made animation, too bad that they will still stick to the name 'anime', which in terms are very common now a days.

The event is now dubbed as 2nd Philippine Animation Festival, part of the event is AnimeXplosion 2005: the return, but expect the different spirit of this event compare to the 1st Animexplosion 2000.

for details. here are some info we got, but still we wait for the official announcement.

Ticket Price is P150 for February 19 AnimeXplosion 2005, the event will run only for one day. FREE film showing is on Feb 17 and 18 at the
Podium. It will be showing Japanese, French or US animation films. Details on the film titles will be coming from the ACPI website. on Feb 18 event the 2nd PAF will be held in Shangri La. Animation Industry business side and original content animation discussions and other
animation connections worlwide will be the topic here. Feb 16 opening day at Shangrila Hotel is strictly invitational for the organizers, sponsors and special guests only.

Event details changed:ANIMEXPLOSION 2005

Animation Festival to be held at MEGATRADE HALL 3. Meet Directors, see original animation, cosplays, Free film screenings & original art& Fan art competition that you might want to join too!

When:Saturday, February 19, 2005 at 10:00 AM
Where: Megatrade Hall,SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City 1553 MANILA, ( 632)757 5148


Entry ticket for the 5 day event is from Php 150 - 300 pesos. Registration Fees for the Fan-ART competition, Original Character design Competition IS WAIVED ! Join the Original content animation pitch ! Pls. accesss [link] for more details !

Pre-ticket sales, pls call 8185019 and look for Ms. Joy Bacon, Edith or Cathy.

See you all there

-Grace Dimaranan
-Animation Council of the Philippines

Animation Fiesta set to boost local animation industry
January 24, 2005
(unofficially edited update February 6, 2005)

(Manila, Philippines) - An animation mini-market and conference, film screenings and workshops dubbed Animation Fiesta 2005 will be held 18-20 February to help boost the Philippines' animation industry, according to the Animation Council of the Philippines (ACPI), an organization of animation companies in the Philippines specializing in 2D and 3D animation.

The event will include free screenings of animated film features from France, Japan and Canada at Podium Cinema (17-20 February) and "Animexplosion: The Return," an animation workshop and networking sessions for anime enthusiasts (Feb 19-20) SM Megatradehall 3.

Animexplosion will feature workshop sessions by directors of popular Japanese anime on how to draw manga and animated shorts. A Gundam model kit contest, costume play competition and anime character designing contest will also be held.

ACPI, together with the Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM) and the French Embassy Manila spearhead this year's Animation Fiesta 2005, the second time it will be held in the country.

ACPI President Marlyn Montano said that this year's event is a take-off from the success of last year's animation festival which attracted hundreds of local and international artists and animators, industry stakeholders, investors, proponents and enthusiasts. "The stakeholders leveraged our opportunity to achieve broad buy-in for the need to work together to enhance the local industry's capabilities and awareness of these capabilities towards becoming globally competitive," she said.

ACPI is assisting CITEM this year in organizing a special animation track in e-Services Philippines 2005, the country's largest ITES exhibit and conference (17-18 February) at the EDSA Shangri-la Hotel. The animation track will focus on the creative and financial aspects of the animation business.

The e-Services conference will also feature regional and international speakers to provide attendees an industry and global market overview, reveal what global network giants look for in animation content and cover the latest techniques and technologies used by today's most successful animation studios.

"The Philippines has been a leading worldwide provider of animation services for two decades and has a track record already for consistent quality work and quick turn-around production. We are putting up the conference together as a means to generate more interest, enhance awareness and solicit support for locally made animation," added Montano.

Already, the Philippines is fast emerging as an important destination for outsourcing assignments from global animation studios such as Walt Disney Pictures, Hanna Barbera, Dreamworks and Cartoon Network.

Some of the famous cartoons and animations made by Filipinos for foreign firms are Scooby Doo, Tom and Jerry, Addams Family, The Mask, The Jetsons, Dragon Ball Z and Captain Planet.

For information on e-Services Philippines, log on to or contact CITEM at 8325044 or 8312201 local 301. For details on the Animation Fiesta 2005, please visit or contact Joy Bacon at 7575148.


The Animation Council of the Philippines Inc. (ACPI) in cooperation with our sponsors will hold the ON THE SPOT ANIME FAN-ART DRAWING COMPETITION open for ALL ARTISTS who are gifted with drawing skills and fan of any ANIME character existing in the entertainment industry. ALL entries will be exhibited on February 20, 2005 at the "ANIMEXPLOSION 2005: The Return !" event venue.

If interested, please register on ONLINE at or call ACPI landline at 757-5148 ( Ms. Joy), 8185019 ( Ms. Cathy ), 8742075 ( Ms. Bing/Chris), 8711590 ( Marthy/ Als ). Please indicate name, age, contact numbers, school ( if any) and company ( if working).


1. AGES 7 -- 12 years old ( February 20, 2005 )
Check in time of participants --- 10:15 am
Drawing time ---- 10:30 am up to 1:00 pm only.

2. AGES 13 - 18 years old ( February 20, 2005 )
Check in time of participants --- 1:00 pm
Drawing time ---- 1:30 am up to 4:00 pm only.

3. AGES 19 - 25 years old ( February 19, 2005 )
Check in time of participants --- 10:15 am
Drawing time ---- 10:30 am up to 1:00 pm only.


Please REGISTER at the Animation Council of the Phils. Headquarters or the event area SM Megatade Hall. You can also submit your forms ONLINE.

1. AN OFFICIAL DRAWING PAPER with the ACPI sign & seal will be distributed in the event proper. No other material shall be used for the event except this paper. Bring ANY of your own drawing materials ( except paper) you are comfortable using for the event. It is also a good idea to bring a drawing board or any solid material you can place your drawings on while working.

2. Contestants should draw their favorite ANIME characters in the most creative way possible. DO NOT BRING REFERENCE MATERIALS wherein you will COPY your work. Contestants who will bring these materials will be immediately disqualified. One character per contestant is allowed.

3. All works will be displayed upon submission at the event area and will be judged according to the drawing creativity and skills. Winners will be announced and awarded on February 20, 2005 around 5 - 7pm closing ceremonies at the event venue.


Each Category will have Three (3) Winners. All First Prize winners will receive Graphite digitizing tablet from our sponsor, American Technologies Inc. and cash prizes for 2nd & 3rd runners up.

Please access our website at for more information or email for any questions.

download registration form here

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

blog is updating.....

pls come back later for the latest update on Azrael's Merryland.

coming up

Tekken 5
TransFormers Galaxy Force
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Azrael Coladilla is the blogger and founder of Azrael's Merryland Blog. This blog started as a personal blog in 2003, and then converted the blog into a lifeblog about his interest and reporting about pop culture, lifestyle, entertainment, technology, food, travel, toys, outdoor adventure, internet and social media. Awarded as the 2009 Most Influential Blogger for Luzon, Philippines, awarded by the Philippine Blog Awards. He is the founder of several online communities - Manila Bloggers Network, Philippine Bloggers Network, Oh My Food! community, Cavite Bloggers, Travel and Blog Community, and Philippine ToyCon. Azrael's Merryland Blog is included in a list of top 50 Blogs in the Philippines , ranked 65th in Top 100 Blogs that Matter , 49 must read lifestyle blog in the Philippines. and rank 40th in 100 Top Philippine Blogs by Feedspot.
He loves to travel, explore, discover, eat new food, document and record his life, meet new people, do photography and collect Transformers toys.
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