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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Road to Success

photo coverage here

I woke up early yesterday morning and I have to make myself in condition for my lecture talk for the 150 mass communication students of Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP), I was invited by a friend who study there that I met from the Media industry. I was surprised to know that Ed Lingao, now the Head Officer of ABC 5 News and Current Affairs will be joining with me to do the lecture.

Azrael lecture mode

Ed Lingao chats with me, asking about my gigs hhehehe

i know how comic artist felt in signing lots of comics, here we are signing 150 pcs of student certificate, and drat..note to self..I have to make my signature short and simple.

Its exciting and fun to rub elbows with celebrities, but its not like a child's play, its a professinal move and some act of seriousness, coz people around me consider me as one professional and expert from the industry.

I'm acting as editor in chief in my own News, called Omake Omake News Philippines, now on its 6th year this March 2005. I have seen and declared myself as one hell of a young professional. and now hired as a real EIC in a local magazine, my system has evolved and I have to be responsible for everything what I do for this new career.

after the forum for students

It was fun meeting Ed Lingao and I grab an electric eel in me, as to make my self get ready and set my level with his level so that I can have a comfortable lecture to the students. He respects me as one of the guy and partner for that day, also being part of this career. I mean he's the main guy of the hour and Im happy for my experience coz its my 1st time to have an inspirational talk.

my girlfriend was there to help me in composing my speech lecture, coz I got a hard time making, talking to myself in a 3rd person is very difficult, so I let her to interview me and ask questions about my career on how I reach that success. thanks to Lace for the heavy hitters.

Here's a condesed Inspirational Talk of my Lecture

Azrael Deasis Coladilla started his broad career in 1999. His interests in toy collection, Japanese animation, music and the arts stirred him to start Omake news. Omake is an online newsletter providing information on the latest happenings in different fields of interest. He began coordinating events with other persons and established personal connections with various groups of people. He is now hired to be the editor in chief of the Philippine Hobbyist Magazine that will be re-launched next month. Azrael is a student of Far Eastern University taking up Bachelor of Science in Mathematics.

Achievers must always start with setting goals. As graduating students, you should have already thought of what you want to do and become in the future. It is senseless to move forward without direction. However, your goal must be a part of your real personality. Enjoying each step towards success will help you get there faster. I have taken these steps and I truly enjoy each of them. Art is one of my interests and because of which, I joined the Artist's Den.

This is a support group, whose sole existence is to give the artists aim, a higher level of empowerment and enhanced art-worth leading to powerful artwork, through apprenticeship and mentoring, propagating the passion to other artists. Joining this group gave me several experiences. For instance, working with diversified artists and art enthusiasts, impart lectures and help in the promotions of the artists' products.

Soon after, I started coordinating events with other persons like toy conventions, art exhibits, product launchings and Japanese anime related events. Evidently, my horizons seem broad and almost scattered. However, I consider these experiences as teachers of some sort.

Since my activities are almost boundless, the opportunities are limitless. Interacting with different persons with different attitudes and point of views is quiet interesting. I think that as mass communication students, it is indeed essential for all of you to brush elbows with different personalities.

Expose yourself to different environments and observe. Be courageous enough to test different waters and befriend uncertainty. The challenges will be tough but as you meet them, think of yourself as stepping up another level toward your personal goals.

Your personal goal is your motivating force. Many persons, after graduating, think of how much they will earn tomorrow. This is practical but it will make you tiresome not long after. My personal goal is to constantly learn and upgrade my interpersonal skills. Contributing what I learned to others motivates me to generate and share more ideas while I am working. Remember too that your goals will change as you mature. Adjust them regularly to reflect this growth in your personality.

In life, you will be presented with different opportunities, always beware of these opportunities and don't waste them. Recently, I was hired to be the editor-in-chief of Philippine Hobbyist Magazine; the challenges whether on time, skills and managing co-workers will be harsh. Nevertheless, I set goals little by little, tick tasks one by one and soon, you will realize that you have gone through these obstacles.

Do not expect something big to happen right away after college, start small and work your way up. Great sustainable success starts at the bottom. The constant pursuit for learning will make you equipped in all your endeavors. Soon, your learning will be not from the classroom but from persons of different faces and unfamiliar places.
Good luck! =p

Friday, March 04, 2005

Azrael Lecture in PUP this Friday

Inspirational talk and lecture for 150 graduating Masscom students of PUP
this friday at 1pm-5pm at PUP AVR.

I'l be hosting a lecture together with Ed Lingao, ABC reporter also
former reporter of ABS CBN, the guy who was assigned to do coverage
of the War on Iraq.

astig !! ahahahah
il carry the banner of AD and PHM

Occular Inspection
yersterday we went to College of St. Benilde to meet up with BJ David of the Student Publication Unit- The Benildean to have an occular inspection of facilities we will be using for our lecture next week March 9.

Artists' Den will have a lecture there about comic art creation, digital art, basic drawing, and creative writing. A team of Artists' Den professionals will host the lecture for all students of CSB.

you can check out the photos here

No more Cigar

it was a fun day for more Cigar...eheheheheeh
me and lace marks a happy face. and we will be more happier next year.
coz the Cigar will wait until next year.

3rd Phil. Sci Fi and Fantasy Con

It is now official.

NEW WORLDS EPISODE 3: The 3rd Philippine Science Fiction & Fantasy
Convention will be held on May 23 and 24 at the Glorietta Activity
Center. This year's host is Star Wars Philippines, in commemoration
of the last great movie of the Star Wars saga. The event is
presented by the New Worlds Alliance, Mellow Touch 94.7, and the
Ayala Center.

The NWA is the first organization of science fiction and fantasy fan
groups in the country. Formed in 2003, the NWA is currently composed of
Pinoy Harry Potter (PHP);
PinoySlayers—The Filipino Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel the Series Fan Club;
Pinoy X-Philes (PXP)—The Filipino X-Files Fan Club;
Star Wars Philippines (SWP);
The Matrix Philippines;
The Talon—The Filipino Smallville Fan Club;
Pinoy Fremen—The Filipino Dune Fan Club;
Alliance for Eclectic Gamers and Interactive Storytellers (AEGIS);
The Philippine Tolkien Society (TPTS);
and Via Astris Inc. (VA)—The Star Trek Club of the Philippines.

Check out past convention pics at the SWP Website Gallery:

Thursday, March 03, 2005

my Cigar soon

i might be giving Cigars to all guys this coming day. after i found out the truth that im waiting for.

its just being good for today and be happy for the rest of my life.

I have changed a little.but still im the same person that you know before.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Blogging back!

yey! im back! been busy for the past week and now im having a revenge on blogging back!

did everyone miss me?

last week it was a very busy day for me organizing and managing the work as the Editor in god mode for the Magazine project, and still being a team leader is a great job, leading the group for the upcoming release of our magazine ..called "PHM" ehehee

my honey, Lace... with the Az doll in Bangkok
(awww..that Az doll should be me in real person T__T )

also..i was depressed last 5 days coz my girlfriend flew to Bangkok for their school trip, it was like a emptiness life i have for 5 days, and she felt also what i felt that 5 days and now im glad and we are both happy coz we can reach now our hands together again.

what am i doing today?
well here are some cool and uncool stuff which i finished the deadline for the Basketball jersey design for our Baranggay here in Santolan Pasig.

check out my design here in my Deviant Art

also check out my photo art shot of something i found very funny.
I just saw the Eye of Sauron in UP Diliman
view it here in my Deviant Art Gallery

PHM staff with Pepe Smith and John Gonzales of Toy Republic

PHM staff with John and his dad Wally Gonzales

here's some photo after our feature interview for our magazine, ahhah
we are rocking side by side with Pepe Smith ahhha..and also Wally legendary of pinoy rock is here

ahhhaa!!! some photo from the Tantra Launching in Megamall
Cath, the host of the game tv show Wowowee..drat..i was draggd by my friend Kris of to have a photo with the girl host for our magazine...

last weekend,...just got addicted to RESIDENT EVIL 4, i played it during the De-to event in Crisanta Towers Pasig..and its's fault for hooking me on this game..all i can say about the game is ---that it is very cool and it rock.. zombies are now smarter and deadlier than ever! i just like to kick those zombies!!!!! thanks to Gameophilia and Juujiro J-Culture for the event.

Resident Evil 4 Review
by Bernnie Flores
Blood thirsty-flesh eating zombie’s days are all over when you play Capcom’s latest installment “Resident Evil 4”. Its first debut released in Nintendo’s Gamecube and so far it’s the best looking RE game ever made since its original. In a new conceptualized sequel version of the franchise re-invented to the next level of terrifying survival horror list ever experienced.

The nightmarish events are still fresh six years after the tragic events in RE 2 with Umbrella Corporation. Unleashing the dreadful T-Virus that led the U.S. government to nuked down the entire Raccoon City into ashes. In order to stopped and prevent further spread of the infectious virus, turning dead people into walking zombies and genetic engineered creatures lurks in the dark. At the same time ends its relation with the company which later on stops its operation due to stocked downfall. While on the other hand Leon continue-on to his life, and began a new career highly trained working as Government agent. Embarks on a top secret mission too rescue Presidents kidnapped daughter Ashley in a remote area in Europe. From then he’ll discover the mysteries that unfolds the village, why the people that inhabits the village are neither human nor zombies and soon the reason beyond the abductions.

First thing you’ll find noticeable in RE 4 is how good and juicy the graphics looks or appears on screen. It’s the best delivered graphics I’ve seen since Nintendo’s history. You’ll find asking yourself this question, why they didn’t do it sooner. So clear, well defined and smoothly detailed starting from the background environment and characters, makes you stop for quite sometime for a short glance. Plus the wide screen format and new camera angle that shoots behind Leon, gives you a wider range of visual on the surroundings. Every time you enter into a new scene there’s no more disoriented feeling of awareness.

Cutscenes are scripted cinematic-like presentations, which is good like when he finally met Ada and face to face combat with his colleagues Jack Krauser. Exchanging a conversation while in fighting scheme same thing applied in Matrix movie with slow-mo and bullet time effect (Matrix has so much influence on current games these days). Thus also offers a better overview of how the story progresses, quite helpful for those behind with the franchise or first timer players. By the way, there are times you won’t have to lay-off your hands on the controls during a cutscene because the game is still in progress, to be able to escape or dodge attacks from enemies.

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