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Friday, December 16, 2005

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

manila movie fest
King Kong is now showing! and I'm here trying and finding a way when will I watch this giant ape movie remake.

and now the december movie fest or the Metro Manila Film Festival will again dominate the film screen on Christmas day and it will end after New Year's week, so better force ourselves to watch some good, artistic and also crappy movies, that is philippine made!

so here are some of my list that I'm interested to see.

Mulawin the movie

I watched the tv series until it ends,and also I watched the tv movie special at the end of the series (its only a chop chop episodes compressed into one episode). and the visual effects really improved, time to see Darna with wings!

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at
Enteng Kabisote 2: The Legend Continues

I'm a big fan of the old tv series Ok! Ka Fairy, and also the slapstick comedy of Vic Sotto.I also watched the trilogy of the movie and also the comeback movie last year.
visual effects are seems to be good compared to last year, the story and saga continues. The story line is very exciting hehheh coz I'm a big fan. hope that this movie continues every generation. they say the legend

Exodus: Tales from the Enchanted Kingdom

at first I heard about this movie is from my gf's thesis survey, coz she's taking ojt in Enchanted Kingdom during her college days, and on the survey there's a question about if the kids will like Bong Revilla Jr. in an EK movie. I laughed at it coz the EK wizard mascot comes into my mind, but when I saw the trailer the effects are smooth, but the costumes are too flashy, and hope that the story is well plotted. and last I heard its the biggest movie production here costing P70M. whooaaaa.

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x-men ???

Free Image Hosting at
whoa!! shaolin stunt!

Free Image Hosting at
its a genie!

there's an Exodus trailer circulating online
here's the link

Monday, December 12, 2005

Mega Expo prod. 3

well, all preparations are ok but the problem is.
I didn't make it to attend the expo.

hope the guys take over the program with out and I know that they can do it.
I'm still waiting for the report from them on what happened at the event.
and I know some of them are worried for my no show again. sorry guys.

the upcoming 5th toycon teaser poster

Chris and OJ of Transformers Philippines take in charge of
Collectibles Unlimited Association booth

check out MC's photo album of Mega Expo Day 1

Sunday, December 11, 2005

The Lost Az

(you can click on the thumbnail photo to enlarge the size)

Free Image Hosting at
my pic the day before of the unexpected adventure I encountered yesterday.
I'm so energetic that day coz I have to be in focus before taking that advance stat class.

Free Image Hosting at
My first photo yesterday, saw this frog in the middle of the street as I step outside from my gf's house, and took this photo, and found out that the frog is a victim of a road kill...poor froggy

Free Image Hosting at
on the road to CSB hotel, I'll deliver to them the avp project that I created.

Free Image Hosting at
the lost...... after delivering the goods..time to go back to Bacoor Cavite.

Free Image Hosting at
after a one hour ride, after passing all the traffics
I was teleported to a unfamiliar place, the bus that I ride changed its route and I misses the way to SM Bacoor. and I began to notice the ocean on the side of the street. and start to wonder that I'm lost....

calls lace on the phone "honey i'm lost, i don't know where I am"

Free Image Hosting at
im standing in front of this...and didnt care to read on what's printed on the wall.

Free Image Hosting at
then I noticed this guy doing a paint job and saw a familiar image on the wall.
that made me observed on whats around me.

Free Image Hosting at
and then!
holy!!!!!!!!! I'm infront of Emilio Aguinaldo's house.
then I realized that I'm in Kawit,Cavite.
that place where they proclaim the Philippine independence.

Free Image Hosting at
I'm already there, so I took the advantage of taking photos
that's the tomb shrine of Pres. and Gen. Aguinaldo, around it was the proclamation writing on a black walls.

Free Image Hosting at
I went inside and photo photo photo!

Free Image Hosting at
close shot!

Free Image Hosting at
oh yeah! Aguinaldo rulez! especially when Christmas is here heheheheh

Free Image Hosting at
I walked the long highway and stopped at this intersection, and my gf and her big sis picked me up at this point and later on i rested in SM while I wait for the facial job of my gf.

whew!!! glad that I survived with out money..
and thanks to the mobile communication!!

lessons learned :
dont sleep when your travelling
ask the bus staff about your location
bring lots of money hahahahaha
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