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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

World Phoeey Pyro

yeah oh yeah! we went home soaking wet and it almost ruined our day, coz it rained so badly during our attendance at the World Pyro Olympics, and we planned it very well, like buying the ticket early in Jollibee, going there early.

there are lots of Pros and Cons in the event, and it seems that the organizers are doing their best just to make the visitors happy and comfy, SM Mall ASIA has ordered some strict rules in their area, like changing the pathway of the visitors, and then when the heavy downpour began they let the main entrance opened for exit and entry (thats the globe thingie, coz they dont let the outsiders pass the entrance you have to walk all the way from the Macapagal Church just to enter the main Pyro grounds).

back on day 1 as I heard, visitors walked a mile size road way to the seaside, and now they provided a free jeep ride from the entrance up to the seaside Esplanade area. too bad that there were only 2 jeep running the road, hope they grab a Bus or coaster next time.

If youre going, note this to your self:
bring a big umbrella.
extra shirt
or tent

coz youll die there if you didnt have those.

they still continue the fireworks, but Germany got a techie problem shooting those powders in the air and it last only for 5 min, and the Korea dances in the sky at around 8:30pm and we back out that time due to heavy rains and wet bodies and enjoy the shabu shabu meal at HAO restaurant in Blue Wave.

so what we did during our back out is that we claimed again our ticket and promised that we will watch it again on the 28th or the 29th.

too bad for the Orange and Lemons, they were washed away when the rain falls hard canceling the band show when they started a few strums.

well for this day......all I can say is WET AND WILD and LUGI !!!!!!!!!!!!

word of the day:
"lumalaki ang (insert anything here)"

for photos of the day 1 Pyrolympics.
blog on here!



blogged and photos

and as for me
il upload all my photos as soon as my usb commutes here in cavite

Manila Int'l Gift Show prod. diary 4

the day that I was absent, one of my fave program with the TransFormers Fans Philippines doing lots of gimik everytime that there will be an event, and this is one fo the 2nd time I'm out from the groups participation in a big event. the event happend last Dec 23th.

MC, Joe,Chris,OJ and Mark did a great team work in promoting the group and the Philippines through out the world. and congrats to them (us) for having a good job at the Gift show. and at last.. the giant tarauline was posted on the wall

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
the Pinoy style of the Transforming speed contest.
MC with a contestant party on and giving away the prize

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
one lucky contestant on stage do his best to transform the toy using his speed ability,

thanks to Malvin of Great Toys for sponsoring the prize!

and this afternoon it will be the year ender of all cosplay competition.
now I'm super worried coz I dont know if I can attend the event, due to some matters
I log on the net today just to gave away some instructions to my head avatar and marshal and friends who will be helping me produce the cosplay contest.

and I hope everything will be neat accdg to plan.
goodluck to all cosplayers.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas 2005

after that shopping suicide mission yesterday in Divisoria and World Trade Center, we celebrated our 1st xmas together, me and lace also with her family and my sister, did a very happy and fun xmas eve, and after, in the morning, its a head to head conference with my family in Chicago, its cool to party again !

merry xmas everyone!

instead of snow, me and Anya play with the bubbles

more bubble action

World Pyro Olympics 2005

Putting on a fireworks show in your own backyard is costly and may prove to be quite dangerous. Going to the World Pyro Olympics (WPO), on the other hand, will afford you a great view to the biggest-ever pyrotechnic show in the Philippines.

Enjoy World Class Fireworks with the whole family at this year’s World Pyro OlympicsHappening from December 26-30 at the Esplanade, Pasay City (behind the SM Mall of Asia), you’ll get world-class fireworks whose effects you can’t hope to duplicate in your own backyard. The whole family can relax and enjoy the fireworks, while live bands and street performers entertain you.

Filipinos of all ages and from all walks of life is sure to enjoy at the Esplanade. Aside from the amazing spectacle of the never-before-seen fireworks, there will be great food, henna and glitter tattoos, magic shows, stilt walkers, fire-breathers and even inflatable castles- something for everybody! The World Pyro Olympics is the best way to celebrate the holiday nights with your family.

This groundbreaking event is a project of La Mancha Pyro Productions in partnership with the Department of Tourism, Department of Transport and Communication and the Philippine Tourism Authority, in cooperation with Philippine Reclamation Authority and the Host City of Pasay, with corporate partners SM, Jollibee and Pepsi and the Official Online Media Partner

For inquiries, call the World Pyro Olympics Information Center at 8173073, or log on to

//* we are planning to attend this event on the 27th ehehehehehe *//
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