caught with no pants

our sunday is not that good, coz some intergalactic from the planet Y invaded us with out any notice, so that time I forgot to put up my armor and reload my big gun. so being caught with no ammo leaves me helpless and no time to call the justice league. but im glad that the invasion is smooth and quiet. I blame it all for the cold morning, sunny sun, quietness and the scent of morning glory.

Im stuck here at home and because my OJT is finished so no school for me and no allowance hahahaha. so Im afraid that I'll miss the movies - MI:3, already on its 2nd week I think, hoping that I can watch this before Xmen 3 comes out, i heard the Xmen was shown last sunday in Mall of Asia for a gala premiere. boo !!! boo !!, I missed that part ahaahahaha

Da vinci code mania is here, every talkshow and news in cable tv has a topic of it, its kinda boring to hear that news about a foul attack on one's religion, but all i can say is that its only a fucking movie... who ever believes in fiction, believes in Santa clause and the tooth fairy.
and the existence of Merryland ahaaha.

I want to watch it coz Its a great challenge to one's faith (ewwww..)

Lace is at her work, and me left behind here at home, just like a little boy watiting for his mommy to arrive with "pasalubongs" and dunkin donut treat,. I missed her super! even that we stayed on the same roof I always tell her that I miss her, kahit na naka hug na sya sa akin aahahaha, ang weird !

X-Men 3: the Last stand,

poohh!!!!! Star movies featured that movie and holy golly! they showed some clips of it
running a total of 5min free clip ! hhohoh.. I just saw a cameo of a SENTINEL, the head fells down and suddenly Wolverine pops out of the back smoking a cigar.

then I saw Juggernaut versus Kitty Pride. oh yeah! Juggernaut tries to attack her and then Kitty Pride grabs Juggernaut from the ground, resulting to Juggernaut falling half of its body on the ground like a shadow

Angel escaped from an experiment, spreading its wings outside flying

Beast and Wolverien first meet up -
Wolverine : "Whos that furball"
Beast: "Listen here boy, I've been fighting for my mutant rights before since you got a claw"
Wolverine:"he just called me a boy?"

and then Magneto destroyed a bridge.

Professor X showed Magneto inside the Mansion the result of Jean Grey.
which I think that Jean Grey as Dark Phoenix choses to side with Magneto coz he taught that Prof. X might cure her out of mutancy and Magneto disagree not to.

Magneto speech with the Morlocks

Wolverine and Jean Grey hot kissing, legs spreading inside the X-mansion infirmary ohoohh

Colossus tossing Wolverine with great strength during in a battle

and Storm, (at last) displaying all her powers, like flying, power storm and fighting with tornado.


X-Men 3 is coming
and I cant wait it !!!

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