TransFormers Live action movie
teaser trailer

after I saw it in the web, I immediateley uploaded it in my account.

it was one super cool teaser trailer!!!
a unknown TransFormers robot knock out our lander rover in Mars,
so thats the reason why it is inactive.

the teaser said, it was the only warning we have that we didn't know.


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joisu said…
Oy totoong movie ba ito!?!?! ang galeng shet hahahahah next year pa! pinanood din ni Brit. asteg hehehee kaya lang michael bay director? di ba sya yung sa pearl harbor at the island? eh the island di ba flop yun saka pinaglokohan ng team america movie yung pearl harbor. sana ok to hehehe di ko pa rin napapanod superman. ibang reviews C ang grade nung movie erhhheehehehe ang hirap ng megaman 2. tapos ko na lahat kalaban dr. wily na lang eh lagi pa akong patay kakainis
yup yup
thats Transformers the live action movie hehheehhe

ok naman si michael bay..
nagustuhan ko naman yung the Island
Anonymous said…
si Asimo yan LOL

you should also post the cg test optimus prime

caloy p.
Mike Abundo said…
You've got the touch!
You've got the po-WAAAAAAH!
batangbatugan said…
Hot dang! Not as hair-raising as the teaser poster, but makes me all giddy just as well. =D