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Saturday, July 15, 2006

1st Phil. Graphic Fiction Awards prod. note 4

argh!!!! i woke up late!! and waiting Lace finish her self in the bathroom, Im itching already and on panic for the event later.

here's the video tribute premiering today at around 3pm.

Directed by :Gerry Alanguilan.

this stuff will be online in youtube just wait for the upload tomorrow.

here's Gerry's posted from his blog

Friday, July 14, 2006
by Gerry Alanguilan

If we are to acknowledge 1886 as the year "komiks" was born when Filipino National Hero Dr. Jose Rizal wrote and drew the strip "The Monkey and the Tortoise", then 2006 is the 120th year anniversary of Philippine Comics. It's a monumental milestone that will first see acknowledgment at this year's 1st Graphic/Fiction Awards tomorrow.

I've put together a special 6-minute video that will debut in the event, which I hope will celebrate this rich and enormous komiks legacy. In the six minutes I had to me, I had to jam every detail that I could into it, but it's impossible to put them all in such a short piece. Many artists and writers have had to be left out, not out of neglect, but out of lack of space. Hopefully, a much larger documentary can be made in the future that would prove to be widely comprehensive.I'll make the video viewable right here as soon as I get back home from the event on Saturday night, or Sunday morning."

1st Phil. Graphic Fiction Awards prod. note 3

the late im cramming on something for the AVP that will be shown later.
also...I contributed photo coverage of last year's Neil Gaiman event. and it was edited into an AVP by a indie film maker, forgot his name, but i heard that AVP is cool.

I just saw this in journals

"Almost a year ago I was having a wonderful time in the Philippines. Several good things came out of this, including a contest for fiction and comics...

The finalists -- eight short stories and eight comics -- are up at for you to read. I wasn't a judge, and I'm glad I wasn't, as choosing between them would have been difficult. There's some really good stuff there. The results will be announced on the 15th of July."

judging those entries are difficult and I understand Neil's notes, but I know someone who is involved the judging here wont tell ! more surprises later!

arghhh! i just read in my search at that someone I know that I despised will be there....that was a super late notice... now im deciding if me and Lace will attend the awards event. Im just trying to avoid being a trouble maker......ok ?

If I saw him there...I might leave immediately.

hay...i will be there in the morning...fixing the table booths for the artists...
and grab my beer afterwards

Friday, July 14, 2006

Do not open any link !

I didnt know that one of the people I know got infected by a trojan virus
so while ago I was chatting with LAce and then the guy i know pops up sent a message containing a geocities link web page.

I told him what's in there, but then he automatically log offed, then I highlighted the link to see if it is a virus or trojan link, then to my surprised it was really a trojan link!!!!... then i told Lace to not to open it, but it was too late, she already clicked it but she told me she closes it.

i told her it was a trojan virus, she said that she was directed to a web page of yahoo photos. then I told her its a bogus website of yahoo photos.

im glad that she closed it on time, before the pop ups and the virus appear and activate..
it was a very horrifying experience !!

just take note..
do not open a link like this


where sometimes displayed as [] without the number 15

but dont worry..the hyperlink doesnt work here

what will happen is that a fake website will appear and lots of pop ups will come up
and you already dont know that your yahoo mail password will be stolen when your yahoo messenger is active.

to know more about this trojan you can visit this link for removal and info

1st Phil. Graphic Fiction Awards prod. note 2

now im cramming promoting the schdule and the event, im now excited for tomorrow.
everyone in the comic and art community will be there.
thanks so much for everyone who cooperated and helping the comic industry to boost up here in our country. I just saw already the video tribute and it was title Komiks 1886-2006, it was a mind blowing video...and I almost cried when I saw it..some of the pictures are funny was entertaining and also educational. hope this material can be a tool for educating everyone the who's who giving contribution to the artform.

for the last minute, sudden invite to fellow comic publishers and creators back out for some of them are busy and got a conflict in their other event, and I was surpised to see that Mango comics will be there tomorrow.. wow! I never heard of them for the past months, and this is a good comeback for them. Now I wonder what would I do at 10am-3pm,. maybe we can play all kinds of comic trailers and videos for everyone. coz the special comic video tribute will be played before or maybe in the middle of the Comic Forum.

booths and panels are already approved for the artists invited at the event, and right now im waiting for the update of Fullybooked about the event, they are already busy and Im glad that they have the time to check email and answer my txt inquiries.,

here are the artists I invited for the event.
Artists' Den
Gerry Alanguilan
Arnold Arre
John Becaro
xerx Javier
Reno Maniquis
Guhit Pinoy
Deviant ART Manila
Neo Comics
Glasshouse Graphics
Mango Comics also will be there invited by Fullybooked

Thursday, July 13, 2006

1st Philippine Graphic Fiction Awards 2006
Schedule of Programs

The First Philippine Graphic/Fiction Awards

10:00 am: Gates to the Exhibit Open

12 noon: Special showing of the film "Mirrormask"

3:00pm-4:00pm: Artists Unmasked: A Q & A Forum with renowned local comic artists:
Alfredo Alcala Jr.
Gerry Alanguilan
Ace Mansala Balacio
Wilson Tortosa

4:15pm-5:00pm: Pieces of Prose: A live reading of excerpts from the best fiction entries
featuring the voices of:

Dean Alfar, 8 time Palanca Award winner and renowned playwright
Aia de Leon, lead singer and guitarist of IMAGO
Ramona Diaz, Sundance Award-winning filmmaker of "Imelda"
Karen Kunawicz, writer, editor, founder of "LOST" fan club
Iya Yotoko, host of Digital Tour
Gino de la Paz, Super! Columnist, Preview lifestyle editor-at-large
Wawi Navarozza, lead singer of The Late Isabel

5:15pm-6:00pm: Drawn Live: Real time, on-the-spot comics creation and tutorials by
Wilson Tortosa

6:30pm-7:00pm: Outer Hope performance

THE UNMASKING: Awarding Ceremonies/ Introduction - Animation

7:15pm: OPENING NUMBER by Pinikpikan and fire performance by Planet Zips.

8:00pm: Awarding of the winners of the Prose Category

8:30pm: Awarding of the People's Choice Awards and the Most Creative Mask

9:00pm: Awarding of the winners of the Comics Category

Whole day: *Booths selling comic books, graphic novels, novels, collectibles, T-shirts, Fully
Booked merchandise, etc
*Food booths
*Red Horse selling station



Most Creative Mask -- An overnight stay at the Astoria Plaza

Comics People's Choice Award: 1. Comic books and posters
2. Lucerne watch

Prose People's Choice Award: 1. An overnight stay at the Astoria Plaza
2. Lucerne watch


7 2pc Comic book set
10 Citibank umbrellas
3 Mirrormask picture books
An advanced copy of Stephen King's latest novel "Lisey's Story"
An advanced copy of David & Leigh Eddings' "The Younger Gods"
Baseman notebook
2 Spiderman door posters

WE WILL ALSO BE FREE Meg Magazines to the first 150 girls who register!

Phew! Okay, one more day guys!

Fully Booked Management.

FULLY BOOKED in cooperation with award-winning author NEIL GAIMAN are pleased to present UNMASKED: The First Philippine Graphic Fiction Awards Night, on July 15, Saturday at the Rockwell Tent. Gates open at 10AM with an exhibition of the short listed entries. The winners of the prose fiction and comics categories will be announced at 7PM, with the grand prize of P100,000 for the first place winners.

Come in your original mask and the most creative masks will win exciting prizes!

Brought to you by Chikka Asia, Bidshot, NU 107, Philippine Daily Inquirer Super and 2BU, Meg Magazine, Hero TV, MTV Philippines, Rockwell Tent and Astoria Plaza.

Mark your calendars --- July 15, SOME DREAMS WILL COME TRUE.



16th July 2006, Rockwell Tent


11:30 - Welcome Remarks
12:30 - Wheel of Time: Belly Dancing
1:00 - Ignite Media VFX Seminar
2:00 - The Philippine Order of Narnians Trivia Contest
2:30 - The Philippine Tolkien Society LOTR Weddings
3:00 - The Philippine Order of Narnians Seminar on "The Problem of
Susan" by the Renaissance Alternative University
4:00 - Star Wars Philippines Saber Squad Lightsaber Fight Demo
4:15 - New Worlds Amazing Race Opening Ceremonies
5:00 - Level Up! Activity
6:30 - Masquerade Ball

12:00 - 6:00 - RPGs, board games and card games by Arkham Philippines,
AEGIS, and the Philippine Highlander Society
2:00 - Pinoy Harry Potter Albus Dumbledore Memorial Ceremony:
a. "Alas! Ear wax!: Remembering the Supreme Mugwump" - a talk by Prof.
Frances Sangil, De La Salle University
b. Open Forum about Albus Dumbledore
c. Awarding of Winners of the "Dumbledore Tribute Socks Design Contest"
3:00 - CharmedPinoy Potion-Making
6:30 - Masquerade Ball (See here for Masquerade Ball schedule.)

10:00 - Star Trek: Undiscovered Country
12:00 - Labyrinth
1:00 - Twilight Zone marathon
2:30 - Serenity
4:30 - Writers' Panel
5:30 - Twilight Zone marathon
7:30 - Cosplay Contest Participants' Dressing Room
10:00 - MirrorMask

1. Musical Number by The Luscious Malfoys
2. Awarding of the Winners of the RF Online Caption Contest
3. Parade of Royalty
4. Parade of Cosplay Contest Participants
5. Musical Numbers by The Late Isabel
6. NWA Race Finale
7. Awarding of NWA Race Winners
8. Musical Number by The Purplechickens
9. Awarding of Winners of the Cosplay Contest - Ball Category
10. Musical Number by Reklamo
11. Awarding of NWA Caption Contest Winners
12. Awarding of the Best Booth Winner
13. Awarding of Winners of the Cosplay Contest - Science Fiction and
Fantasy Category

For more information, please visit:

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Food monsters invasion in Saizen

double vision for Lace and Azrael after eating out in Saizen in University Mall and being disappointed after a punk rocker wanna be switched the TV movie into a Jamiroquai mp3. which it looks so cheesy!

we will never eat in SAIZEN again!!!

but we found this goody resto in the 2nd floor.. World Toppings!! bestfoods!!! just like Teriyaki boy

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

(Philippine Independent Film Festival)
July 17-23, 2006

A joint endeavor of the CCP, Film Development Council and the University of the Philippines Film Institute, the festival aims to give Pinoy filmmaking that needed “shot in the arm” by developing an exciting, new breed of Filipino filmmakers. C√≠nemalay√† Awards seeks to discover, encourage and honor the cinematic works of Filipino filmmakers that boldly articulate and freely interpret the Filipino experience with fresh insight and artistic integrity.

got this link from BYC ml
and check out the cool trailers of some finalist3

Rotonda trailer

The Dawn: TULAD NG DATI movie trailer

Donsol Movie Full Trailer

Labada Trailer

wow!!! di ba!

New Worlds 4 : A Broken Time Machine,
The Fourth Philippine Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention

New Worlds Alliance, Fully Booked and Level Up! present:

New Worlds 4: A Broken Time Machine, The Fourth Philippine Science
Fiction and Fantasy Convention

July 16, 2006

The Rockwell Tent, Power Plant Mall

Celebrate the pleasures and adventures of science fiction and fantasy fandom with over 20 local enthusiast groups! Join us in New Worlds Alliance's fourth campaign in bringing this celebration to life!

For more info, visit us at or email us at

activities are :
Writers' Panel / Auction / NWA Race / Cosplay contest / Masquerade Ball /Caption Contest

NWA groups
Arkham Philippines
BSG Philippines
Charmed Pinoy
The Matrix Philippines
Mecha Pinoy
Pinoy Harry Potter
Philippine Highlander Society
P'noy Ta'veren Ma'vron
Pinoy X-Philes
Sci-Fi Philippines
Stargate Philippines
Star Trek Philippines
Star Wars Philippines
The Philippine Order of Narnians
The Philippine Tolkien Society

Monday, July 10, 2006

1st Phil. Graphic Fiction Awards prod. note 1

thanks to Fullybooked for being part of the ToyCon and now its our turn to help them in their event, Im now excited for this event coz its a Neil Gaiman event with Fullybooked. They invited local artists to be part of the event, so my part here is to help them call the artists and organize a some programs for everyone.

no cosplay here , it will be an educational day for all when we will have a live tutorials on drawing and comic creation. Also a Live Comic Forum about Filipino and Comics, last ToyCon we ran out of time for this segment but then here we decided to continue the forum and talk about the industry of comics.

I'll taping this in video for future use, and I know it will be educational especially to those who like to know whats going on and what happened to the comic world here in our country.

Really thanks to our comic creators and artists for being interested to participate in this event. and Im glad the organizers allowed us to use the tables and panel boards for free, In support for all pinoy artists and the comic art form.

here are the list of artists, indie creators who will be there selling and signing their comic items to comic fans.
Gerry Alanguilan
Arnold Arre
The Artists' Den
Reno Maniquis
Neo Comics
Glasshouse Graphics Asia
Xerx Javier
John Becarmo
Deviant Art Manila
and some indie comics creator like Abono Comics, Leaf indies, Anonymous and etc.

and also the legacy art exhibit of Alfredo Alcala Sr. will be there, exhibiting new artwork and 1st time original artworks here in Manila.
here is the idea for the program schedule...

im planning to hold the comic tutorials at around 1pm and then the comic forum at 3pm.
this will have a great allowance between 1-3pm for the time of the tutorials and lecture.
as for the forum im not sure what time it will end. as I said to other people who asked me the question, i just told them that it depends on the speakers and how hot the topic is.

and also..i will be playing comic related video footages and comic trailers and teasers between or before those time.

oh btw, the event is FREE....means that...there are no entrance free ehehehehe.

awarding for the winners of the contest will be unmasked at 7pm.
the event will end at 10pm, still people are debating that who is this mysterious guest of Fullybooked, everyone says that it might be Alex Nino or it could be mr. Neil Gaiman.

well....only way to find out is to attend the event!

here are the latest updates about the event.

Hello everyone! We've been getting a lot of inquiries and questions about the 1st
Philippine Graphic/Fiction Awards so just to go through the FAQ's:

1. About the posted short listed entries, we sincerely apologize for some delays in the
postings at our website. But we've fixed up the kinks, and now you can access the prose
and comics entries at this link:

2. These short listed entries will be exhibited at the event on July 15. All these entries are
in the running for the grand prizes. Meaning, they are not just for the People's Choice

3. The voting will be by ballot system which will be open on the whole day of July 15. We
cannot have an online voting system just to be fair (because we are wary of people who
will be clicking on their favorite entries hundreds of times like most of the online/ text
voting systems).

4. Your ballots will be given to you upon registration. As an incentive, we will be raffling
off prizes to the ballots cast.

5. The doors to the Rockwell Tent will open at 10AM. There will be a schedule of activities
the whole day leading up to the 7PM awards proper. These include an artist's corner
where renowned Filipino comics artists will be conducting workshops, autograph signings,
etc. Of course, we'll be having booths wherein you can buy related books, graphic novels
and related merchandise.

Will also have movie showings, readings of excerpts from the short listed finalists, and live
performances by OUTER HOPE and PINIKPIKAN, including fire dancing by PLANET ZIPS.
Food booths outside the tent will be available as well.

6.. Lastly, this event is FREE OF CHARGE. So everyone's invited =)

7. AND YES, Neil Gaiman has been collaborating with us with this every step of the way.
Can't divulge too much, but be prepared for some surprises =)

Again, we encourage you guys to come with your own funky original mask creations.

Five more days fellow dreamers =) See you at the Rockwell Tent!

Fully Booked Management.
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