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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Collectibles Christmas Fair 2006
day 1 photo

I arrived late and the traffic here in the metro is horrible. There 's this car accident also in Coastal area that involves a ten wheeler truck and 18 vehicles, which slowed down my journey to Megamall.

Cadimus Prime

The crowd at the toy fair is nice, it is not too crowdy and the audience are filtered. Megatrade Hall did a nice job putting up a P30 entrance fee per day for shoppers, just to filter some people and to avoid super crowdness. As you see I can roam around the area and check out lots of stuff.

there are too many toys and collectibles!
some of it are slashed t 50% off and lots of bargains too!

there are this P300 marked down items of Marvel Legends
too bad that my paycheck is not yet encash So I have to wait for monday for that.
but I will try to encash my other paycheck in Banco de Oro.
geez..I just wanna grab more items also buy gifts for xmas.

My 1st godchild will be there and I know he's grown up now. eheheheh mr.ninong (me) must find away to give, and oh.. his name is Kal-El (no kidding) thats Superman's name in Krypton.

Im happy to see that theres a positive reaction to the people when they saw my poster teaser design for ToyCon 2007, we printed a 3x4 feet banner tarp and we displayed it yesterday, and a lot of it says 'wow!'

the most attracted items of them all is the DARNA statue, hand sculpted and customly made for fans, and everyone gathered around and placed their pre-order, one of them is ME!
the Darna statue was displayed and its only the 1st prototype, they painted the prototype live at the event. I know that the statue is not yet liscensed but for us a must have!

and then Angel Locsin, the actress that portrays Darna in the new tv series, drops by at the fair and it was very unexpected visit, so I encourage the sculptor to grab the statue and let her autograph it. there we saw Angel Locsin's reaction! she wants to have a copy of that also.
The statue's design of Darna is one cool grab. it has a base and it measure at around 14 inch i guess. The actress is also the main reference for the design.

A youtube video of it will be uploaded soon.

Lace finally arrived at noon and also Mark Cerbo the future king of the insecticons arrived. we jammed and checking out new items sold. Lace is now converted in collection figures, but Im glad that she didnt bought some yesterday hahahaha, instead I bought her short shorts at the bazaar.

my sister's booth F4-International Philippines is doing well. F4 and asian novela items are sold at our booth.

geez...Im not sure what will be the outcome of the event for its last day today hehhehehe
but I predicted that it will be the most crowded venue later!

ANC guesting again..

I will be guesting again in ANC at 12:30nn with TransFormers Philippines head honcho, Mark Cerbo, we will be talking about collectibles, toys and also I will promote the event, while Mark will bring lots of TransFormers toys and there we will endorse the movie of TransFormers.

Arcana Unveils Their Dark Offering

Who better to bring this screamfest to you than the company known for dark and gothic (Kade), high seas zombies (Dead Men Tell No Tales), and supernatural cool (Koni Waves)? Busting at the seams with 120 pages, Dark Horrors provides some tales of fright by up and coming talent. Psychological horror is at the forefront with nods to the Twilight Zone and the horror magazines from days past. The book includes an all-new Koni Waves short story by series co-creator Mark Poulton with art by Jon Landry, as well as La Famiglia by Dead Men Tell No Tales creator Dwight MacPherson, The In-Between Space by Aaron Thomas Nelson and Bones by James Nadiger. The book was compiled using not only Arcana’s own talent, but talent taken straight from their message boards. Open calls were taken for submissions of stories anywhere from 6 to 20 pages long. All in all, 18 stories made the cut!
The winners that made it off the chopping block were:
Ronn Sutton – Tell Tale Heart (adaptation) Janet Hetherington – Wishbone
Ron Fortier – Fright David Hopkins - Siren Song
Robert Burke Richardson - The Gargoyle Jon Hook - In Season
Crisman Strunk - Safe at Home Jim Wheelock - Drawing on the Dead
Kenneth Olson- Remember Me Ben Fisher - Me and My Shadow
Saul Haberfield - Believe Chris Lynch - The Exchange
Gerrin Bush – Hinnom Jeff Loew - I Married a Ghost Girl
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Friday, December 22, 2006

TransFormers the movie trailer

its out now!!!! and its everywhere! after a day of its upload, fans are going crazy seeing these robots in live action movie!

oh yeah! watch it here! and dont mess up with other robot's energon

Kitten is back!!
Good news! that our kitten is back! and was saved from the catnapping christmas carolers (which we found out that it was a kid near the town)

from Lace's blog

"it was being held by a kid that was walking along with his/her mom. my aunt heard their conversation and the kid was saying "yehey may magbabantay na ng bahay natin (yey someone will guard our house now) " and she saw the kitten.

then my mom walked to them and took PULOT back ^____^ now it's at home being guarded so that it won't get lost again."

When I found it out, he sister called me and told the whole story, I told her to look at it and guard it, then I bought a cat collar with chimes hehheheh.

now we can hear it when it walks around the house, and also the collar serves us a note that the cat belongs to us..

The Sweetest Thing!

Lace bought me a Christmas Present! and I was surprised and at first I thought she was joking.
too bad that this toy is now sold out in the mall. !!!!

you see that Im trying to avoid this kind of action figure scale, coz 1) they are expensive 2) i cant afford it 3) im stuck to the classic scale 5 inches something.

but now!!! my very first scale of ala Marvel Legends Scale and golly it really looks good!

I'll play this toy at the eve of Christmas hahhaha

Marvel Select Ultimate Carnage Action Figure

This figure, sculpted by Phil Ramirez, is based on the classic story arc in which Carnage™ killed Spider-Man's schoolmate, Gwen Stacy. Created by Dr. Curt Connor and Dr. Ben Reilly, and incubated secretly, Carnage is a genetic experiment gone horribly wrong. He is able to drain the life force of his victims and absorb their DNA, allowing Carnage's strength to grew with each kill!

Price: $18.99

\// now I awaits for his enemy!!! The Ultimate Spider-man. hehhehehe
now adds to my xmas wishlist.

but I saw this...and my head goes wow!!! and put the Ultimate Spider-man for number 2
and add this juicy that will complete my collection that climbs to number 1 - The Watcher

hehheh thanks honey!!!!!

Collectibles Christmas Fair
production note 5

Here I am inside Studio 6 of ABS CBN, I did a live talk with Nina Corpuz and Marieton Pacheco (once again) in the show segment of Morning sa ANC. and I am live awhile at 10am.

I just escaped the traffic from 8am-9am, and the taxi metered me a P220 from coastal to the studio. I got there in time at 9:15am

When I arrive the people from the CGExpo arrived too carrying their items for display on TV. I brought some of my stuffs here that are for sale, I dont have much items to sell, so I decided to bring some of my collection of comics and new toys, and TransFormers.

when I entered the studio, the producer and the people in there check out the stuff I have. and later on we mumble about the new trailer of the movie, TransFormers.

the studio is cold as usual and Im worrying about my stomach ache everytime I have live interviews.

but Im lucky that I dont have the ache hahhhaha.

After the TV live guesting I went back home in Pasig then went to get my paycheck from my work and then I proceed to our venue to check out the place, booth and the poster design that I created.

Im happy to see my posters hanging in there hahhaha. and the empty booths are still quiet and tomorrow it will be the wildest toy hunt ever

Here's me standing next to the tarp that gave me a no sleepless night a couple days ago.

I just sent a wrong psd file and there I got 3 useless tarps
now in the garbage..aggggggghhh

I resized the ToyCon 2007 teaser poster and Im glad that there is a nearest tarp printing service nearby our venue.

but the problem is that...

our CD WRITER seems to burned out!!!
damn! that means i have buy a new one!!!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Collectibles Christmas Fair 2006
production note 4

Im live tomorrow in ANC News at 10am

Im not sure on what show, maybe its for the ANC News at 10am
i'll be in Studio 6 at 9am for the call time, and I will bring some collectibles items and will be there promoting the Toy Fair for Dec 22-23.

Joining with me are organizers of the Christmas Gifts Expo 2006.

I was informed awhile ago about this, and I already know this 3 days ago, one of our representative for the Collectibles Unlimited is unavailable, so he txted me and told me to take his part and also Im now in charge for the moment as media liaison for ToyCon.

whew! Im excited and also nervous, coz this will be my 3rd live in national TV.
also I'll go live too this Friday in Magandang Umaga Pilipinas

Rate Their Drawings

check out they have this new community and a great technology
which they can feature your drawing and also record the strokes of your drawing technique which people can watch and rate it

above is Carlo Pagulayan's artwork

Acrobat 8 Launch Seminars


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ensure that your files are ready to print

Tue, 16 Jan Shangri-La Makati,
Manila Philippines
13:00 - 17:00

reserve your seats here

//I've sign up already....and I wish that I will never miss this... Adobe' s seminar and launchings are the best!

Crash Course Anime Workshop

You can learn "Anime" from the basic to our advance courses. Inquire through our line
(02)376-53-76 or e-mail us at : or for more details.

// I just found this online and I post it here in my blog, and maybe my readers may find it interesting.... hmmm.....

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The bad kitten-nappers Christmas Carolers

Az video blog 9
my last video footage the night our pet was gone

our cutey little adopted kitten was gone last night, and we suspected that those carolers snatched out little kitten named "Kuting ni Lace" aka "Pulot".

it will be weird that the kitten ran away, coz the little meow always stays here at home, and those carolers saw this kitten outside the gate and took it with them.

I already saw kids nearly inserted our pet inside a plastic bag. I was lucky to see that last time.

the kitten is playful and cute..thats why the people got interest to take it away from us.
now Lace is so sad...... (also she dreams of having a new man, btw this new year, and thats not me)

Monday, December 18, 2006

runaway home kitten

last friday Lace adopted a stray street kitten in the middle of the long higway of EDSA-Ortigas MRT. We are waiting for out bus ride to Cavite when we notice this crying gray stripe kitten went under the middle of the legs of Lace and near our bags, I think the lil' kit is in panic with the noises of the incoming vehicles in EDSA, then I tried to shooo it off, then it transfer to a guy's legs near us.

When we are about to ride the bus, the kitten suddenly jumps over to our legs and here Lace is beginning to panic also, thinking that this kitten might go to the street and get killed by cars.
so she ordered me to put that inside her shoe paper bag, which I began to burst like a volcano.

coz I dont like carrying a noisy animal inside the bus and then suddenly people might curse us for bringing an animal in.

I got hot headed that time, then this kitten begins to cry, tries to come out of the paper bag.
he got scared of the noise of the bus conductor, which was very annoying and I really like to punch that bus conductor for trying to fill the bus with commuters, which the bus is already full and overloaded.

I remember an old friend brought a stray kitten to his home, so I got the idea of patting and touching the head of the kitten in order to stop crying. works! and it stops.
then it fall asleep.

and then 1 hour of holding it like child. til we go home.
then I place the bag sideways, near the Santa Clause statue at home and I left one piece of fish meat,so that when it wakes up, breakfast is serve.

the morning I woke up, I checked the kitten and I found it near the statue, I gave some bibingka and then I named it "Kuting ni Lace" meaning " Lace's Kitten"

Collectibles Christmas Fair 2006
production note 3

it is the day and night having multi-task job, uploading while doing some web mastering job

I stayed the whole evening to morning in just to upload these 150 BM file size of PSD poster files and adboards images. This will be sent out to the tarp printer of Megatrade Hall.

But last night (actually this morning12mn-4am)
Globe Broadband internet seems to act weird again. The internet disconnects whenever the file is nearly uploaded. I was using that time in order to send big files.
I got DC for 3 times and that was a worth of long hours.

then I forgot that I have my own server from , there i created a ftp folder, and then I upload one PSD file. it took me 30 minutes to finish the upload of a 60MB file.
hmmmm is that fast?????

then this morning one successful upload and now waiting to finish this last one file.

getting cut off is one horror for uploading and sending big files in the ftp.

Collectibles Christmas Fair 2006
production note 2

Click to enlargepad
Last week was the coordinators meeting, and I failed to attend it due to lots of work loads at home and I have to guard Lace at home doing these writing jobs online, and I was stuck at home and can't get off the couch when I saw Joey De Leon's movie " Pandoy: Ang Alalay ng Panday" hahahha.

It was very funny, at first i thought that the movie is "She-man" coz the actor there acts like Fernando Poe Jr. 's "Panday".

anyway, I was about to attend also another meeting and briefing for all exhibitors, this was a great chance for me to see them all and also have a talk to Megatradehall and Collectibles Unlimited about the program and my job composing the stuffs for the collaterals., but then again failed to attend it and arrived in Megamall one hour late,.

we didn't know that Megamall is in Super Sale that friday night, and everywhere are crowded, even the street of EDSA, but its okay, I managed to talk to them and got the plan for the collaterals.

I'll be making this big O-poster that will be placed outside the hall and also this gigantus poster signage to be put up inside the hall.

me, my sis and Lace roam around the mall, and the half of the mall has power failures, and it was pretty weird that time coz on the half of mall is so bright. It was like walking from purgatory and going back to the heavens ahhahahaha.

so there we dine in Yoshinoya, set up our plans for the Xmas toy fair and then I decided to check out Toy Kingdom, coz I know there are good finds in there whenever they have a super sale every December.

and yes, I was right!
I got home a brand new toy goodies hahhahhaha
X-man figure , I remember that It got sold out during my Onslaught vs. Marvel Universe figure collection for the classic wave.
Sentinel - a reissue of the classic giant Sentinel, with good paint and not so cartoony head.

yup I got those a total of P500.
P200 - X-man
P300 - Sentinel, with an original price of P999, and went down for a super sale.

oh wow!
i can't wait for this friday toy fair event heheheeh

btw, here are the booth layouts for the Collectibles Christmas Fair.
I didnt upload this for anyone, but I post this here only for my blog. coz I know some of my readers here will be going to our event.

and also here is the poster of the Christmas Gifts Expo, a tie-up event also organized by Megatrade Hall, which our part of the fair is a highlight.

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