Here’s a list of must try food when you dine in at Classic Savory restaurant

I always dine here in Classic Savory, you might noticed that I posted already some of my food adventure when I dine here in this restaurant. Classic Savory is one my favorite resto that serves the tastiest and tender fried chicken here in Manila, and many old folks can tell you that this resto still rules even in the age of social media and selfie.

I’m glad that they branched out already after staying for years since the 50’s in Sta. Cruz, Manila, we know that the resto brand originated there and had witness the hard times of World War II, from being local panciteria, my fave resto gave birth to plenty of branches in some malls, I thank the owners for bringing this resto back in shape when I first saw this 6 years ago in SM MOA, I didn’t blink or gave 2nd thoughts when I first saw the 1st branch of Classic Savory there, I dine in there with my girlfriend Lace, (now my wife today), and I told her that this resto is very popular because of its signature savory chicken, the vintage photos posted on the walls can tell the story and history of this resto.

Then I learned that the vintage resto brings two versions of Savory – Original Savory and the Classic Savory. But the one I always dine is the Classic Savory brand, they have the same recipe with the Original but different in branding, the Original Savory are the stand alone restos, while the Classic Savory is the one with plenty of branches in some malls in the metro, which is more accessible for the general public.
Flashback to 3-4 years ago, I’m surprised that Classic Savory opened their branch here in SM City Bacoor. It’s the nearest mall here in my area of Cavite, so when we heard about it, we ordered food for home delivery during the 1st day they opened, and then I re-introduced this resto and their food to members of our family, syempre our Mama Sally doesn’t need for re-intro of Classic Savory, because the resto name rings a bell already and she told us that its the brand they patronize during the 80’s in Manila.

Classic Savory is growing not just a restaurant inside malsl, but also a food brand that offers the classic flavors of Manila.

This blog post that I created will list the must try food here in Classic Savory, some of the food listed are tried, tasted and a regular food on my table when I dine in any branch.

I don’t have a pic of my first try of Classic Savory in SM MOA, but I have here are the new batch of photos from our lunch last May 2014. We went to Classic Savory, SM City Bacoor. The only nearest branch here in our area. This resto is always full and busy. You can see that many pinoys really love the chicken and some Fil-Chi inspired cuisine. According to a Hong Kong taxi driver that I met last year, he said that when he visited the Philippines, he noticed that we Filipinos love chicken, almost all restaurants here in Manila offers chicken, he doesn’t have a choice and he ate chicken for the rest of his vacation stay hahaha,. It’s a funny story, but I agree, we pinoys love chicken..especially when its tasty and with savory flavor.

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Here we are inside Classic Savory restaurant.

I love the décor of the restaurant with lots of photos of food and also their history. By looking at the photos, I can tell easily which food I want on my table.

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P5275123 P5275124
Here’s the menu of Classic Savory, just click on the photo to enlarge it

The table paper mat here in Classic Savory will tease you to try their tasty and savory chicken

P5275163 P5275164 P5275165
Here are my lunch date – Mama, Lace and my son Ashton
We always eat here in Classic Savory, the funny part here is that we ate our lunch here for two straight days hahah. Via this photo, this is our 2nd consecutive visit in Classic Savory, I was about to post photos of our lunch date from the other day, but I decided to post the food photos here in one blog collection.

And here are the must try food here in Classic Savory

Pancit Bihon Guisado (PHP 215)
There are times that I crave for a pancit bihon, if ever I dine in a restaurant with Fil-Chi food background, I already expect that their noodles are good, because the style and flavor are very much classic, it means that the flavor that I tasted during my youngling times still exist even if I’m 35+ years old today. The kikiam, squid balls, and seafood added good flavors in Classic Savory’s pancit.

Sweet and Sour Pork (PHP 225)
I’m a fan of sweet and sour flavor, I always order this because I love the over flowing of sauce and chunk of pork. The sweet and sour pork added more appetite because of its flavor.

Four Season String Beans (PHP 215)
Its my first time to order this here in Classic Savory, I got exposed to try the string beans and ground pork or beef in other restaurants, but I didn’t expect that Classic Savory have its own version, they use the local string beans and not the imported one, the result is…. it tastes more better and softer, its weird because the local ingredients totally beat the imported string beans. Thanks to the store manger for informing me that this is from our local produce string beans.

Yang Chow Fried Rice (PHP 195)
I don’t eat plain rice if ever I have lots of good and yummy food in our table, that’s why I partnered our meal with this Yang Chow Fried Rice of Classic Savory. I love the smell and aroma of their Yang Chow Fried Rice, I can tell that the cook is a PRO in preparing this fried rice from its aromatic spice. The rice is good already for us 4 people.

Guama's Choice Steamed Fish in Garlic (PHP 245)
A friend suggested that we try this Guama’s Choice Steamed Fish in Garlic. I remember that my wife also love steamed fish in soy sauce or garlic, I ordered this right away and saw the dory-like meaty fish is steamed and sandwiched together with eggplant and some glass noodles. The taste is different from the steamed fish that I tried, but this version is a less salty but added with aromatic flavor of garlic and soy sauce.

Seafood Lomi (PHP 295)
(Btw, this photo was taken a day before our lunch date) – The lomi is good too! we always order this because of the soup, our son likes to eat his rice with soup, and for me, I want the noodles. It’s a heavy hitter in your tummy because the seafood lomi is very packed with lots of ingredients. Not the regular lomi you know in Batangas, but this version of lomi is in Fil-Chi kind…. the aroma and also the savory taste.

Wawi's Crab Foo Yong (PHP 245)
My wife ordered this and I think its our 2nd time to order this crab omelet. It’s a crab fillet meat with egg and some veggies, the saucy sweet sauce battles saltyness when you tasted the crab meat, its one of the food wonders of Classic Savory and a must order food from their menu.

Savory Shanghai Rolls (PHP 175)
One of our favorite from their menu. It’s the very addicting shanghai rolls ever!!! I super enjoyed this and I just remind myself to stop eating it because we still have lots of food on our table and I must balance the chomping and digestion here in Classic Savory. I’m happy with the serving and also the price of this shanghai rolls. It’s a regular food and must ordered food item here in Classic Savory. You can also ask for refill for the sauce if you want more shanghai roll dip.

Salt and Pepper Spareribs (PHP 245)
For the meat lovers and chili lovers, this is also a must try food here in Classic Savory, I know that it’s a common food item, but you have to try softness and tasty flavor of their spareribs. No need for sauce or catsup to partner it.

Savory - SM City Bacoor
Lo han chai (PHP 195)
We always order Lo han chai during the early days of our dining adventure here in Classic Savory, as usual, we target the soup for our son, while for me.. I target the mushrooms and other veggies. The sauce is thick and sticky and also very tasty. For the veggie eater, this is for you.

Classic Savory Chicken (whole) PHP 365
And’s the holy grail of food here in Classic Savory, its funny that I tasted this chicken again after 5 years hhahaha. Kasi I always try their other food from their menu and I almost forgot to accompany my food with their tasty, tender, savory fried chicken.

The Classic Savory Chicken arrived last on our table, me and my family stopped eating when we saw this chicken at the side table, we looked and we absorbed the aromatic scent of the chicken, the waiter told us to eat it while its hot because the flavor is good while its freshly cooked.

Oh wow! After tasting the leg part…my head exploded because I felt the tasty aromatic savory of the chicken, its hard to describe..if ever I can shout na “sobra sarap!” I will do that… because this restaurant still keeps the secret recipe of their Classic Savory Chicken. I totally forgot those fast food chickens and roasted ones, this is the king of all pinoy fried chicken.

It’s a must order…and most recommended to try if ever you are a first timer.

I forgot already that the best choice of chicken to order for dine in and take out is just in front of my nose.. Okay, I have to reset my taste buds and take note that I will order this again for my birthday.

Dati kasi puro na lang ako Pata tim pag nasa Classic Savory haha

Blogging this made me feel the ghost of the aroma and savory of this chicken.

If you have tried this, then share your comments and review below in our comment board below.

Savory Tropical Cooler (PHP 50)
my son ordered this… four season like drink.. oh btw, that’s his Transformers toy watch at the table

Time to eat!!!!

Daddy and baby….eats together!!!

Classic Savory

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