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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Azumi Boutique Hotel in Alabang–your mini resort for your staycation in the city

Few weeks ago was our staycation adventure and this time we had an overnight stay at our Southern turf here in Alabang. I noticed that there are many hotels now appearing in Alabang and we’re excited to try one and have a nice staycation 30 minutes away from our home. We love to stay in a hotel when there are lots of malls and restaurants standing around it, but for our experience here in Azumi Boutique Hotel in Alabang, its quite different, instead of going to the mall, we just stayed indoors and inside the Azumi room just to relax and do more family activities.

I’m so thankful that they have a nice swimming pool on top of the hotel, it’s a bit freaky to try the pool there, but when you dip your toes and swam around it, you’ll never get the feeling to be scared of heights, because the pool water’s temp is just right, over all, the design and interiors around the hotel are very minimalist and kid friendly, I just can’t get the idea why is it named in Japanese but the lobby looks more European and the room is still Japanese style. I think the hotel owners and management want to bring the minimalist feel to their guest.

I can say is that…it gave us a relaxing weekend and my son is very crazy about the room and he don’t want to go home because he fell in love with the room.

anyway, let me show you around Azumi Boutique Hotel and the room we occupied.

Here’s the only signage of Azumi Boutique Hotel above their main entrance. The hotel is very mysterious, or located in a secret location, because they don’t have any sign above the building, or any logo or street sign to pin point the hotel’s location. But that’s okay, it means that you can have a quiet and relaxing staycation here because there’s no one can know where you are, let’s consider this hotel as your mini hideout to have a nice rest during weekends.

P6055593 P6055595P6055596 P6055598

here’s an intro of Azumi Boutique Hotel (info posted from their website)

Stylish and environmentally friendly, Azumi Boutique Hotel in Alabang provides the modern traveler a quality hotel at an outstanding value.An array of books, photos, cozy furnishings and other travel mementos make for a picturesque welcome for the guests at the lobby. Azumi’s 187 rooms are characterized by use of earth tones with a distinct pop of orange, wood laminate floors and floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors create a feeling of open space and also allow one to appreciate the cityscape.

The roof deck is a sensory escape with its 360 degree view of the Alabang Skyline while enjoying a dip in the infinity lap pool or a drink by the lounge beds. The rooftop function room and villa are the perfect venue for social or corporate events.
Situated at the heart of the south, Azumi Boutique Hotel is but a short drive to Ninoy Aquino International Airport and its location within Madrigal Business Park makes it central for business and leisure travelers. Alabang Town Center and Molito Mall, with its varied offerings of shopping and dining pleasures are but a stone’s throw away. However, for an authentic Filipino gustatory experience with a side of Philippine history, one only needs to visit the iconic Romulo Café at the hotel lobby. Also located at the lobby is Nail Spa, a chic salon for that much needed relaxation
Azumi Boutique Hotel is managed by Hospitality Innovators, Inc., one of the leading local management companies in the hospitality industry with 15 years of reimagining and transforming management and operation of hotels, condormitels, resorts, condominiums and serviced residences.

Here’s the comfy lounge area at the hotel’s lobby. I’m sure girls love to see the interior décor because most of them are fan of Paris and other scenery of London and France.

P6055600 P6055601P6055602 P6055604
Here’s the check in counter, they have 4-5 people who accept accommodation to their guest, I read some reviews that some of their staff are a bit snobbish, but from my experience, I never encountered the snobbish staff, they are very nice to us and they accommodated us smoothly. Although we waited for around 15-20 minutes at the lobby because our room is not yet ready at around 2pm check in time. On Saturdays, they have lots of check in guest, so be patient if you are asked to wait for some minutes.

on photo: you’ll see the Romulo Café and restaurant and their nail spa. Yup, it’s a nail spa…no body massage available, but that’s okay, just go to Molito if you want a nice body massage service.

That’s me taking a selfie while waiting for our room

The hotel staff approached me at the lounge area and she hand over our key card, we will stay here at room 817. They also gave us coupons for our free breakfast for three and a wifi account and password good for three days.

P6055607 P6055610
Lace and Ashton are very excited to check out the room. My son is much more excited to stay here ahaahah.

The Coladilla family now checking in at Azumi Boutique Hotel

The room we got is the Corner queen room worth PHP8,000/ overnight stay.
There’s a queen bed, a sofa bed, a terrace, bathroom, tv, refrigerator, kitchen sink, cabinet, bathrobe, sandals, kitchen wares. I didn’t saw the microwave oven, but we requested it and the hotel room boy arrived a few minutes and they set up the microwave oven for us.

Here’s the sofa bed, for me…the best soft sofa bed ever!!! my son fell in love with this sofa bed and he doesn’t want to leave it.

The queen size bed is good too! soft and comfy. It’s quite perfect for us.

There’s a LCD TV with cable and a desk

My only dislike of their room is that they don’t have a plug near the desk area. I was planning to place my laptop there and do some blogging. But since there’s no electric plug, I jack in my laptop near the bed because there’s two plugs available there.

I’m not sure if you can borrow an extension cord if you want to use the desk area for your home office thing.

Terrace view…
We signed a waiver before checking in, and it states there that we should be careful using the terrace and their swimming pool at the roof top. As parents, we make sure our son never stays here alone.

Here’s another view of the Queen corner bed room. If you pull down the window cover, the room illuminates via its corner light effects, the lights are just right and it gives a very relaxing feeling.

Me and my tradition hotel room selfie.

P6055626 P6055627P6055628 P6055629P6055630 P6055631
the hotel room-wares. I love the kitchen sink because we clean up the kitchen plates here, and we never ask for the room boy to clean it up for us.. oh btw, we bought some dishwashing soap from 7-11 that day hahah. It feels like we own the hotel room, we clean up after we eat our meals.

Here’s the bathroom

P6055635 P6055636P6055637 P6055638P6055639 P6055642
The best part here is that their electric plugs inside are safely covered, but the weird part is that the bathroom door is just a single door that covers the entire bathroom and the shower room hhhahaha.
Minimalist design as they say…everything is simple and minimal.

Here’s a hotel room staff helping us set up the cable tv. He taught us on how to operate the cable and setting of the tv.

P6055659 P6055660
There’s a note for us from Azumi Boutique Hotel, plus a document that prints the do’s and don’t of the hotel. What I love here is that they have a list of restaurant to recommend here in Alabang. I think some of the listed restaurants are their partners.

Starting our 1st day in Azumi Boutique was pure relaxation.. My wife went out for a while to get a nice acupuncture session across the street and here’s my son busy practicing some drawing and writing. And I was at the sofa bed busy blogging and watching tv.

My view from the bed

My view from the bed facing the terrace

Me at the terrace…you can see Alabang Town Center from here
That red brick roof is Alabang Town Center. Just a 10-15 minute walk from Azumi Boutique Hotel.
I think this is the only hotel that got a nice strategic location near a mall.

At around 5pm… we call it a day and decided to take a dip in their famous infinity pool

The infinity pool at the penthouse level or roof top of the hotel.

P6055685 P6055686P6055687 P6055690
Its quiet here..not so windy during June 2014, but you can feel the some cold wind after sunset, but don’t worry, the water is a bit warm and it will help you not to feel cold while on the pool. You can request for a towel if you need it and also there’s a shower room and bathroom for hotel guest.


I love the scene from above and also the pool.

P6055692 P6055693P6055696 P6055698
From my blog title above, I call this a mini resort, because you can enjoy the pool here any time and any day. It’s a simple get away from the crazy traffic of Manila, and no need to go far away just to experience a nice hotel staycation and a pool.

P6055699P6055704 P6055710
We enjoyed the pool to the maxx hhhahaa, this is now our favorite activity at Azumi.

Here’s a funny see through wall at the bathroom of the pool area, but don’t worry, the glass wall is tinted and nobody can see you inside while doing your thing. hahaa. I didn’t tried this because its annoying to see the activity outside the hotel.

At dinner time…we brought in some take home food from Just Thai restaurant, you can visit the resto at Molito Lifestyle Mall ,they serve authentic Thai Food. While eating our dinner, we enjoyed watching this Superman 1 movie in HBO


Our dinner set up.
Take note that don’t bring food that emits strong odor, because it might contaminate the entire room and destroy the clean scent. Our food is a bit fishy and spicy, so we opened the window and the aircon just to ventilate the entire room and put away the Thai food scent out of the room.

Ashton now rule this sofa bed. hhahaa.

Azumi Boutique Hotel at night

P6055726 P6055728
At around 9pm, we went out for awhile and crossed a street to visit 7-11, we bought ice cream here and brought it in our hotel room.


While eating our ice cream, we enjoyed watching the last 45 minutes of the Lion King movie.

P6055733 P6055735
Lace did the dish washing chores while and Ashton just play around the hotel room while watching Disney Jr. on TV

AT 11PM….I noticed that they started to relax and do their own stuff.. Lace is watching those Legal Wife series on the internet and then Ashton fell asleep while watching Nick Jr.

The next morning…a grumpy Ashton welcomes us ahhhah

We went to the ground floor to eat our breakfast in Romulo Café

P6065751 P6065752P6065753 P6065754
We woke up at around 9am, and we learned that the breakfast buffet will close at 10am.
Sayang nga lang.. they ran out of food and we waited for 30 minutes for them to re-stock some breakfast food.

Romulo Cafe is named after our 11th President of the Philippines, Carlos P. Romulo. The café serves Filipino cuisine and you can dine here for breakfast, lunch or dinner in ala carte serving.

After our breakfast, we went up in our room and prepared for another swimming adventure!

P6065770 P6065771P6065772 P6065782
The swimming pool and the view is much better during day time. Don’t forget to wear your sunscreen when you take a dip, because you are on a rooftop and the sun is scorching hot during 11am.

I’m glad the weather is a bit cooperative that day.
P6065789 P6065796P6065799 Snapshot 4 (6-8-2014 3-22 PM)
Enjoying our overnight stay in Azumi Boutique Hotel…. our mini resort in Alabang.

Snapshot 5 (6-8-2014 3-23 PM)
Di naman halata na we enjoyed our stay ahhahaha.

Snapshot 6 (6-8-2014 3-23 PM) Snapshot 7 (6-8-2014 3-24 PM)
Without the pool…this hotel will be lonely and be bored.. I’m glad that they added a pool on top of it.

I was blogging at the sofa bed and I didn’t know that my son took this shot of me while I’m busy haahaa.

My workstation in Azumi Boutique Hotel

Over all. The hotel is’s a recommended venue if you want to hide or have a short getaway or staycation, they have a minimalist design for the room and the entire hotel, with a relaxing view and a nice pool to cool you down. For a price of PHP8,000 of the room we occupied, it reaches over the rate of other hotel room that offers the same set up, but the difference here is that the location is what you pay for and the hotel’s relaxing aura. If you want to escape for 2 days, I think this hotel is good for you to have an alone time, or be with someone.

In order to score some discounts, you should watch out for their promo offerings posted in Youtube or any deal site. Just watch out and you might get the room for only PHP3500. My only request here is to level up their breakfast buffet and add electric plugs at the desk area. If they have this na…I’m sure Azumi is the best ever!

The hotel also offers free shuttle ride going to the nearest mall or airport, you have to inquire via the desk counter to know the schedule of the shuttle. Here we spotted the nice black van that offer free service for their hotel guest. I heard that the van can take you somewhere, but can’t pick you up. Its just a one way shuttle service. I’m not sure about this, but its better you inquire to get the full details.

Let’s pretend that this Fire tree is a Sakura or Cherry Blossom Tree..its very nice to see the tree that blooms colorful flowers when we arrived in Azumi Boutique Hotel.

Thanks Azumi…its nice to know you and hope to be back there next time.

Azumi Boutique Hotel in Alabang
address: 2205 Market Street, Madrigal Business Park, Phase III Alabang 1780 Muntinlupa City
Tel nos.: (02) 869 9888
Facebook page -

How to go there?
1. From Manila, just go to Baclaran and board any bus going to Alabang
2. Just inform the bus conductor to drop you off infront of Molito Lifestyle Mall or at Madrigal Avenue before reaching Alabang Town Center
3. You’ll spot the black building to your left and that’s Azumi Boutique Hotel

1. From EDSA
2. Board any bus going to Alabang
3. Drop off in Alabang and look for the jeep – Zapote or Las Pinas at the jeepney terminal
4. Drop off right after Alabang Town Center and look at the right and that’s Madrigal Ave, landmark is a gas station
5. Black building on that street is Azumi Boutique Hotel
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