Pirates Night Out.

The Black Pearl in Walt Disney Pictures\' Pirates of the Caribbean: At World\'s End - 2007

A night out of fun and laughter together with the Glass House Graphics people and artist. We stormed to Greenbelt 3 awhile ago to watch and discover the weirdness and fun of the movie Pirates of the Caribbean :At Worlds End. All i can say about the movie is they got a really good special CGI effects, and as in newsarama.com said, it simply blasted Spider-man effects as an
antique CGI effect.

sad to hear that, but if you think of all the effects they have in movie, you will be amazed on how cleanly executed the effects.
Capt. Jack Sparrow leads them again into one ship battle, maybe it should be called the greatest ship pirate battle in movies, plus added with a malestorm (an ocean tornado, much creepier than tsunami)

and again...the final answer about the mystery of everything will be revealed here.

if you will watch it..dont get out of your set yet..coz theres a special epilogue after the entire end credits.

believe me, you need to watch that in order to move on hahah

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