CGSociety features Transformers’ Visual Effects Art Director Alex Jaeger

He designed the robot characters for the Transformers movie, he explains also about that why they removed Bumble Bee's horns and replace it with so called emotional fins, he also narrate his story on how he started working as a design artists for movies Star Trek, Star Wars, Pearl Harbor and Transformers.

Bumblebee has the basic design elements of the cartoon with a silver face, yellow helmet, and the Autobot logo on his forehead, as well as shapes like the scoops on the side of his head resembling the ’74 model Camaro headlights. “Michael [Bay] didn’t want to see any stretching metal. He thought that was cheesy, a little too Terminator esque. The idea was we would have all these little mechanical pieces that would slide and move, little tiny pieces that fit together to create a face that you could connect with.”

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