3rd Arts and Music Festival production note 8

dont be surprised why im making a blog update at 11:30AM and why Im not there at the festival.
i hate to explain things about the drama and sell it out, just enjoy my photos and take a deep breath for the day 1 coverage of the feast of the mind and senses.

im very disappointed in my digital camera, the audio is mute when I record videos. and there all videos has no sound!! damn!! just recorded some cool live acts, comic workshop and some tv interviews.. im starting to hate my camera, i nearly broke it awhile ago. my head is hurting.
so ease the pain, im having my own arts and music festival at home.

I arrived in the nick of time they were doing the ribbon cutting, and the 1st capture of my camera is the rock king ahahah, Joey Pepe Smith.

Ariel Atienza and his comic strip exhibit

Art exhibit by Miriam HS students

Wilson Tortosa, as always busy drawing at the GHG booth

Ariel, Nick and Me, we are lining up for a free grub at the opening of the exhibit

Wilson shares the comics creation process

Comics Illustration workshop by Mr. Ernie Patricio

Carlo Pagulayan, MTV VJ Sib and Ariel Atienza

Lyndon Gregorio, the beerman behind Beerkada

IMAP booth

Maria Makiling

Drawing exercise

Comis workshop by Carlo Pagulayan, (most attendees are from DA )

my sis at the Alfredo Alcala exhibit

at the Artists' Den booth.
me, Alfredo Alcala, Orvy Jundis, Ariel Atienza, Victor loverboy Velasco, Nick
and Lyndon Gregorio

GMA 7 Art Angel on stage

popstar Lala

portrait of RG, by the Sat..opps. Friday group member Lyndon Gregorio aahahha

Jimmy and my sis misyel

Jay Virina, the fest organizer jamming

The Purplechickens

Wilson Tortosa at the GHG booth

Lace having her henna tattoo

time for us to go home.. drat.. I missed the live act of The Dawn.

Lace, after seeing 2 movies

more photos here


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