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Monday, October 08, 2007

Pacquiao - Barrera II - final blog update

I was out of the house yesterday and I went to Megamall to attend an event for video games and promote the comic seminar. I was so hyped for the boxing match of Pacquiao and Barrera. I began to listen to radio that morning and launch my tv to see some updates. Then research for some online streaming of the boxing match, at a local forum they placed a links and schedule of the big event match, but that morning the link was totally gone and lots of online forumers and box fans panic around and began to do research for a better link.

but when I checked the forum, the link at sopcast is active and many watched the fight via online using VLC player and Winamp.

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On my way to the MRT I saw these people crowding the sidewalk watching the update at a local second hand appliance store,, from there I saw that Barrera is on its way to his locker room.

I was planning to buy a cheap FM-AM radio in the street and then I remember that Lace's aunt has a portable radio at home, so I asked her that I'll borrow it and then use my creative zeon headphone, from the bus to the MRT, i listened to some update, but they noted that the match will start at 1pm and thats a 2nd to the last match of the big event.
Sunsonic in action !

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Then after doing some work related at the event, I was waiting for my sister to arrive and while I do some photographer stunt at the event and talking to people, i stopped for awhile and checked out the update of the match, but.. theres no signal inside megatrade hall !!
arghhhh!!!! low signal !
so when my sister arrived, we ate lunch and talk some important people at event after all of those meetings. We went out of the venue and listen to the radio...
and I was surprised that the match is over ! we were happy to know that Manny won and we are listening to his radio interview live in the USA.

this morning, I reviewed the match via youtube and download some for viewing moments.
Because I was surprised last night on the news that they showed a foul punch to Manny in the face, punched by Barrera. Manny got hurt totally. And when I reviewed the round 11 match, it was really a cheap shot. Barrera maybe smart, but not that strong as Manny.

Barrera got hurt badly too on Round 11 after he sustain a wound and bleeding continuously in his face, he almost lost his balance during Round 11 and that should end the match, but Barrera was aware of it and planted himself correctly on the Ring. which he gave Manny a cheap shot during the Referee tries to break their body contact. The Ref gave Manny to recover the cheap shot, but then its a big advantage to Barrera to recover too.

you can watch round 11 here

LAS VEGAS - OCTOBER 06:  Marco Antonio Barrera (L) and Manny Pacquiao trade punches in the fifth round of their 12-round super featherweight bout at the Mandalay Bay Events Center October 6, 2007 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Pacquiao won by unanimous decision.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
then the match ended in Round 12 and the Pacman won by unanimous decision.

I'll rest my case here and glad that we won.

and oh btw, KYLA sang the Philippine national anthem and it was the best! you can see clearly on her face that she is proud and happy to represent the nation. wow! it sures Kyla is a great lucky charm.

if there's a What if comics. we can make like - What if? Ara Mina sang the national anthem at the pacman box fight.

Theres a funny incident with our local announcers and commentators, one of them mentioned Freddie Web and instead of Freddie Roach ahhahaha, but later on he correct it right away in order not to confuse our tv viewers haahahaa.

congrats to manny and hope i can chat with you this October 12 at the site
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