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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Transformers Philippines is the Vector Sigma of Pinoy TF fandom

thanks to Ruel De Vera for putting us up in one of the Philippines top broadsheet, Inquirer.
I was surprised to see our group name in google after I check some linkage and then I saw this article still fresh after Sunday Feb. 3, 2007. We give thanks to all of our readers, fans, TFPH members and non members for supporting us and joining with us giving a shout that TransFormers truly rocks our season this year. ahahhah

TransFormers Philippines in Sunday Inquirer

The list
Last updated 05:31am (Mla time) 01/28/2007


Transform your surfing habits

Long before Michael Bay was prepping his DreamWorks big-robot movie, Transformers—in cartoon and toy form—have been fan favorites. And one group has been keeping the Spark aflame in the Philippines through the dark ages, so to speak.

Transformers Philippines is the Vector Sigma of Pinoy TF fandom, then as now, sending out units to man booths at conventions and face TV cameras, doing whatever it takes to get the word out: Transformers rock. Transform and roll out—all the way to the group’s regularly updated blog ( and give the Autobots and Decepticons their props.

Take the Space Bridge over to the message boards and debate to your processor’s desire. This heavy metal brotherhood of all things Transformers is propelled purely by the Energon of their devotion. It’s a funny and fierce formation of fans—not fanboys—that make Transformers Philippines a prime-time faction.

Ruel S. De Vera

original article here

Sick and the Ghost Rider

uy..lapit na Feb 14

Im sick for the whole 2 weeks and Im still recovering, but it never stops me doing work and also the things needed to be done for my projects. We went to the dentist in Textite and its my first time to be treated by a hight tech dentist clinic ahaha, one dentist and an assistant taking care and cleaning my gums last wednesday. Also I went there to check if my wisdom tooth is growing and the dentist sees nothing wrong about my tooth, then Im still puzzled what causes the pain in my left jaw.

mumps.. dammit! i should have known it.

after having a foreign body in my left eye last month, then tonsilitis and now this..
month pays back at me, coz I escaped the December virus of the month, but it pays back on Jan-Feb. This happens to me every year and Im not sure if it is okay to have it, rather than having high fever.

sakiting bata

I went to the school dentist for check up, and they gave me a prescription of Mefanamic acid and they said it must take into observation first. whew! but im glad that the pain in my jaw are starting to be normal again.

After the dentist me and Lace went to Megamall and saw this cool Ghost Rider -Johnny Blaze bike replica. see this ???

I thought it was the real thing, after analyzing the paint job.... looks ok to me, for a Marvel fan..this will make drop our pants er... 40% lang

ok ok..

the Food monsters are back!
we decided to pig out again after the long waiting hours of dentist visit.
Chef Donatello is one of the target and its a yummy success.

Lace here wants to eat the biggest burger in Megamall, but the only resto we know is in Glorietta that serves it, but in Chef Donatello they had one in their menu...and its freaking big!
anyway, we dropped the burger idea and went on to grub some pasta.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

episode 14: Distractions

Click to view full size image

Peter is having his first lecture How-to-use-your-power 101 to the Australian invisible man, there he unlocks his power and all I can say that my bet is that he is not the one who will explode during the NYC bomb which they saw in Isaac's painting. Hiro and Ando already deal with Hiro's father and at first, I thought that Mr. Nakamura, Hiro's dad, is Linderman.
still....Linderman hasn't surfaced yet and I bet that he is one responsible or....maybe he has this power..stronger than the HEROES characters.

Save the world..or Save your family.. if you are about to choose these two, I know its hard to make a move. So its up to Hiro to decide if he will go back to Japan or continue his mission in NYC.

Im so bugged at Nic's power, having split personality is not that powerful, her power is like the Hulk, but the problem is that he is not that invinsible, but only has a strength of 10 people.

finally!!!!!!!!! Revelation of Claires parents!! and you will be shocked who's the father !!!!!!!
damn! every episode makes us tick like a bomb! yatta !!!

oh well, thats the latest episode last monday and Im going to hibernate again and wait for a juicy download of HEROES!

For episode downloads of episode 14 visit this link

Monday, February 05, 2007

Dense Modesto remix version of TransFormers themes

Dense Modesto sent this earlier to me and Im surprised on his version remix style of TransFormers, mixed with the animated movie theme and the upcoming live action movie.
You'll love his remixes, he have some remix versions of She-Ra, Kill Bill, Bioman, Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah, Sitti Navarro (hahaha check it our Mark!) and a lot more!

This is another addition to our TransFormers Philippines music artist with Reklamo band and Elite Star Pilots.

Transformers Movie Theme (The BigBeat Remix) - Dense Modesto feat. White Lion

You have loved the Transformers Cartoon Series then.
You got excited by the new TRANSFORMERS Movie teaser trailer.
Now listen to the DENSE MODESTO Big Beats REMIX of the TRANSFORMERS Movie Theme! My very first Original Transformers Dance Remix featuring the band White Lion.

Get into the TRANSFORMERS Fever!
Catch the TRANSFORMERS Movie Teaser Trailer.

The Dense Modesto Remixes are not intended for commercial use.They may not be sold/reproduced or used in public events/gatherings without the consent of DENSE MODESTO. Thank you so much.

To listen and download his remix music creations go to his site at

eps. 13 The Fix

We've been watching this series last month and thanks to neighbor DVD-9 in St. Francis Sq. that they have a 9 episode sold there, I have no choice but to grab it and instead of waiting for the local release here. I've been seeing this series online and Im glad that Tv episode downloads are now accessible to anyone. I'll be starting to comment on some episodes of Heroes here in my blog.

Episode 13, The Fix.
Im still surprise on every turn of events in every episode of Heroes, Hiro and Ando must find their way out of trouble when people in suits are chasing them and surprise them on who's going behind on that Linderman guy, Im still puzzled on who's Linderman, coz he is connected on every characters in the story. Getting to know more some of the characters past and also their origin, Im starting to wonder again where did they get all those powers.

Its funny that there is an invisible man roaming the streets of NYC, stealing cellphones, money and trespassing to apartments. We've seen already on who will be the ticking time bomb in Heroes, but my bet that it is not Peter Petrelli, what he see in his dreams are only images of the man who will become a nuclear bomb. A guy also appeared who possess fire, he can combuse at will, and also the revelation of Claire's mom.

geez.. every episode of this series are one-hot-must-watch, if you are into Heroes.
tonight it will be the 14th episode and now Im online waiting for an upload hahhahaa.

Im just hoping that they legalize Tv episode downloads.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Read or Die convention

the venue

I don't want to read that day, I went there to meet and have some chika with friends..
and later on... I died! ahhahhaha died of terrible hunger, that I almost tempted to eat Lace's jollibee pasalubong.

here's my Az gag video blog tour inside Read or Die convention

and all of the photo coverage here
in HI RES haahah

I went first to Comic Oddysey that day to return something and plan to meet my sister and Mark Cerbo the reigning Mr. Muscle man of Cybertron hahaha, I texted Carl and Meann to get my P100 discount ticket, a ticket discount for New Worlds Alliance members, at first I thought that the entrance fee is P500, coz I saw in the past in their website that they will charge P500 if you are a professional, but Im not sure about that and I just interested in getting one and coz Im a student I have no problems in the ticket fee coz I can get their student discount ticket.

Me and Mark (always late) went there and Its freaking cold inside the hotel, its nice to go back to Intercon, one of my favorite venues whenever I attend conference and seminar and I also loved the food. Hotel food are the best! (Im dreaming of going back to Shangri La hotel, over flowing with bacon and pasta)

I visited the booth of Gerry's Komikero Booth, the NWA, Randy's Cool Republic, Comic Quest, Mango and more.. I visit them all and see the latest stuff sold there.

Komikero booth

Im having a good chat with Gerry and he told me that theres a Frank Miller 300 comic sold in Booktopia, I think it was around of P1500, and it was a wow price, we were having coversation about the 300 movie that time. Lots of surprises came when I heard about his comic project THE HUNT which will be soon be seen in a local magazine, and Im shocked about the backside of that story. Im going to wait for that!

Its a long time in a galaxy far far away hahahahaha since a hang out again with fellow NWA people, Jedi Masters in their costume with lightsabers roaming around the venue and of course there are Trekkies in their Classic TOS costume, I forgot to tell Mark to wear his, while me Instead of going out as a Bounty Hunter or a Matrix dude, I just don my customized TransFormers Philippines Tshirt hahhahaa.

There are lot of bargained books inside, the event was like a small Philippine Book Fair, Im eyeing some Garfield books and Gary Larson paperbacks, but Im more interested to buy Don Martin or Matt Groening if ever I saw one, but Im glad that I didnt grab those Garfields, coz Lace told me when I got home that she have lots of Garfields here, hmmm I'll check their library for that.

D.A. people at Komikero booth

I forgot to browse Gerry's items for sale, I know he has some cool comics for sale that time, coz Im a comic maniac for this season and Im soooooooo interested to buy and read more of it, and I forgot to see some of his original art for sale, which Im planning to get one if ever I have the right mooolah.

Meann of Star Wars Phil. and Rain of HEROES Phil.

and ohhh thanks to Meann Ortiz of Star Wars Philippines and also to Mellow Touch for my freebie exclusive items of ERAGON, heheheh me and John Becaro got cool items with dragon pictures and Eragon.

thanks to Randy of Cool Republic for giving us those UPPER DECK Philippine Basketball Assoc. or PBA trading cards, its one of a cool freebie that I got and wow! theres Patrimonio and the others in a trading card, I told him it is a cool item coz im here in Manila if there are PBA celebs roaming around Im going to get their autograph with the card, Im not a basketball fan but having a cool collectible is a good keep.

more pics here!

Gerry and Elmer Fan

Vim Simbulan and Elbert Or

the event is like a small comic book convention and sci fi convention, all of us are in there hahhahaah.

sort yourself !

Pre ordering begins for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows


see you all next year! and I promise I'll grab lots of books next time

Az gag video blog - Chicken Bacolod

az video gag blog -

Before going to our meeting for the Toycon we decided to fill our stomach with lots of grub, you see whenever I attend to a meeting, I need a very large energy to make my brains working, meaning getting ideas and concepts for the convention. Lace wants to eat in a cheap resto or fast food, I showed her Pancake house and Luk yuen but she refuses to eat in there, and then suddenly she wants to eat something like a tapsilog, or a kind of Pinoy deli.

There on our way to other side of Megamall, I stopped at the resto of Chicken Bacolod Inasal, lower ground of Megamall B. I told her that all of in their menu are pinoy!

so she ordered a chicken, and balonbalonan in a stick, I never eaten that in my life, but when I tried one, theres this taste that makes it yummy, but I surrendered in eating it coz its too chewy, and Im still having this toothache pain cause by my wisdom tooth growth in my left jaw.

I ordered this sisig rice and I was laughing when I saw it, coz it was too big for me.
and it says it serves 2-3 person, I thought that the sisig will be top to a rice, my mistake.
the sisig was mixed to the rice, so when I ate that it was like Im eating a plain rice with bits of pork and meat plus a scrambled eggs on top.

but its a good dinner, I almost climbed the floor going to the 5th floor where our meeting will be held, but thanks that there is an elevator.
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