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Saturday, April 07, 2007

The son of Azrael is coming..JOKE !!!

Happy April Fools Day!

sorry that we put up that joke on you guys! but thanks for the greets and warm welcome
if ever me and lace will have our own kid, but for now we don't plan to have one hahahaha.
andyan pa naman si Pulot e. hahahaha

its only a joke and when we got lots of messages and txt notes from family and friends, we can't stop laughing aahaahaha.

happy Easter day too !!!

Its only a perspective trick in my camera, if you look at it again you'll see that Lace's tummy is big and looks like she's pregnant. but the truth is ....NOT!. its only an arrange joke for April Fools day hahhahahaha.

The Allspark Event
production note 1

Isolation Transformers, Ferroresonant Transformers, Autoformers

The concept is already in my horsey iron pad and its now been collected, Im just hoping that every major decision is correct and this is the biggest franchise ever. gulp!

hmm..what am I doing ? 1.) been writing lots of love letters to the main officials (hello ! hello ! hope the might "H" reply to my inquiry. hmmm thats only about the other event and it concerns one of the materials. 2.) my brain is in freeze mode, trying to grab lots of ideas and thanks to holy week for giving me time to meditate and hmm.too bad theres no show in all cable tv.

3.) Its already late here and been uploading stuff for work, and maybe after that, going back again to this event. 4.) I've edited a friend's photo with Francis M, and its funny that I have to fix his right eye. 5.) searching for new materials for the event and lastly 6.) watch a lot of goodies!

maybe next week there will be a new breed of heroes coming..... watch out for it.

hooolah! Energon fans
Im writing now my first ever and official production note for the event of the 23 year old franchise, yeah! read the title above, been doing lots of stuffs lately and it was like 2 major productions this coming June, and yep! ToyCon is one major event and followed by a tie up event that involves machines that turns into vehicles or er..animals.

yeah! you already know what Im saying, you can refer to the picture on the left.

hahaahh! thats only a joke, detractors are watching thats why I made fun of this entry.

Im glad that I have been involved in this event and as I say making events is a big headache so Im channeling all this headache to all yo my dear readers.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Pulot is back!! and internet is back for awhile

Pulot is here at home now! and Im a little bit pissed off when I heard that the neighbors took our cat and mistaken it to be lost, Pulot is in the nearby grassy lot taking a "pooh" when they grabbed him and thought that some lost cat had strayed away.

Lace's mom went scouting on the whole village with her driver in a car and checking out some possible spots that Pulot maybe staying, and then some drinking teens had heard them looking for our cat and they told us that there is a cat found by a fellow neighbor in the other block, and then when they take a look at it.. and yes!
its Pulot.

the neighbor says sorry and told us that they mistaken that he's lost. And they observed that Pulot is sad and doesn't want to eat a can of sardines that they prepared.

Now Im glad that our cat is back and his companion "Pute" is happy to see him back.
funny story said that when Pulot got home, Pute and Pulot kissed under the table and their happy and energetic again.


Internet is back for awhile, while Im uploading files for the website of GHG, i just got a short time to blog something here, the problem is that our internet is not yet stable.

Adobe User Group Phil. meet up

Im a fresh member of AUG Phil, a group for people who uses tools made by Adobe. And it was great meeting them after the Philippine Blog Awards and Its my good timing to join when they raffled out a new Adobe CS3 software, sponsored by Adobe. oh wow!!

here are the videos during the raffle and meet up
see the tension and excitement as everyone really wants to have that new CS3

The 1st Raffle

Raffle for the CS3

The WINNER!!!! haahahaa congrats!!

Monday, April 02, 2007

internet downtime again

sorry to say that we are experiencing a 3day of internet downtime here in our area, a tech team of Globe Broadband visited us awhile ago after reporting the downtime in their hotline 2 times today, and they had discovered that the problem is not in our area, but its in their main system.

i just hope that they informed us about it and waited for the internet normalization and instead of calling them back again and wait for their tech team grab our call for more than 20min and started to hate their on hold music - which is like some spanish song errgg.

blog posting wil be back maybe this week.

dammit! my work is already affected by this.

btw, THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO VOTED ME for the Blog awards,. even though that i didnt win, but i took home some learning experience and also the hype of spirit in the awards event...hohoohohh
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