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Friday, August 10, 2007

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Az to the rescue

Lace is stranded in SM MOA and no public vehicles available to transport people to CAvite, due to heavy flood..

its super Az to the rescue! Im going to SM MOA and rescue Lace.
er....ew..i hate to cross flooded and dirty waters...but i must get her back home

Baha !

The flood area, and I wont think how high the flood level as of today.

I was about to go Marikina today for a party with my cousins, but too bad for me that everyone around me here in Cavite is all flooded. Many people were stranded because of the traffic, the flood, and the lack of public vehicles roaming around.

I decided to go back at home and texted my sister that its already impossible for me to go out. While I wait here, I told Lace that the main road is flooded and nay sayers said that much big flooded area is in Niog St.

oh holy! Its dark in here and it looks like 6:30pm, and the rain is so heavy!

damn! Baha !!!!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

vertigo az

im having a vertigo moment right now, and it sucks! feeling that i might puke for a minute as i type this. me and lace will be going to SM MOA for a short foot spa. Its rainy and wet anywhere and i still have this vertigo uhhhh.... the world around me is spinning..

arts and music festival update:
there are already people who signed up for the booth, but im still looking for more who will use the artists den booth for 3 days.

UST comic tour update:
comic campus is back again, Gerry and Wilson will be one of the lecturer for the day, Gerry for the comic book story telling, while Wilson will be for the cartooning and comics. Im still looking for artist who are willing to do lecture with Gerry on day 1 for comic stripping.

cosplay art fahion show update:
we are cooking something that is different from all cosplay events, and the arts and music festival wants to promote cosplay as a form of art, and thanks to RG for helping me out inviting cosplay participants for a one day fashion show about Japanese fashion and anime cosplay.

comic seminar update:
there will be a comic seminar again for this year and for now im finalizing the date of it for October 2007.

comic convention 2008 update:
got a sponsor for a venue already ! thanks to God. now what i need to do is the concept

CosPlay Arts & Music Fashion Show

Join and be part in promoting JFashion and Cosplay at the 3rd ARTS and MUSIC FESTIVAL

in Megatrade Hall 3, SM Megamall this August 25, 2007.

CosPlay Arts and Music Fashion Show

All cosplayers into Jpop, Jrock, the Art of Anime and the Art of Gaming are welcome to join. Show your current pop culture fashion in a catwalk that will groove you into the music with the band Ducklings and the Dorques.

When: August 25, 2007, Saturday
Where: Megatrade Hall 3, 5th level, Building B of SM Megamall
Time: 4:45pm

Registration starts NOW!
Email at and send your name, your mini profile, contact number, and the costume you will wear. Attach a photo to preview your costume.
Pre registration will end on August 24, 2007.
Catwalk starts at 4:45pm

Free Entrance for the first 50 CosPlayers who will pre register.
Meals and Goodies will be provided for the first 50 participants.

Promote your JFashion and Anime Costume (original or inspired).
hosted by Ronald Guanzon.

(image on poster: Ayumi Hamasaki)

The 3rd Arts and Music Festival will be on August 24-26, 2007.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Inline Skaters are back!

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Azrael (circa 2000, U.P. Law Building, Diliman)

omg! omg! they really are in there!!! Been looking for this skaters and surprise to see this posted in my friendster. wow! i might go there and see whats the buzz on the skating community.
been retired on skating for almost more than 10 years, and my skate are still here and use them sometimes. but this is real! the question is, can I still do more grinds ? hmmm If I skate with them I will be the old school guy in town hahahahaha.

to all inline skaters:
this is the event that you all waiting
when:081207 sunday!
where:gat andres bonifacio shrine,
beside manila city hall...
-dont miss this event!!! for
inquiries, text at this number

Backdoor Ventures sets 3rd Arts and Music Festival

It will be yet another feast for the senses as Backdoor Ventures presents its ground-breaking roster of live performances and artists at the 3rd Backdoor Ventures Arts & Music Festival & Trade Fair at the Megatrade Hall 3 of SM Megamall from August 24 to 26.

The event is the only one of its kind that fuses arts and music in the context of a trade exposition catering to enthusiasts and promotes the diversity and artistry of Pinoy art and music.

With over a thousand participating artists in the past two years, the third edition of this event will set higher ground with its powerhouse lineup of live musical and dance performances from different genres, stage plays, art films, free workshops and art exhibits to give guests a complete art experience.

The festival will showcase art materials, musical instruments, audio-visual equipment and a wide array of art- and music-related products and services catering to artists, art students, art enthusiasts, gallery owners, hobbyists, musicians and music lovers.

The Backdoor Ventures Arts & Music Festival & Trade Fair is a one-stop shop for showcasing talent, creative expression, and product innovations which appeal to a broad audience because of the universal reach of music and the arts,” says project director Jay Viriña.

Hundreds of artists and musicians will take part in this year’s fest, which includes art groups such as the Art Association of the Philippines (AAP), the Saturday Group, Halili-Cruz School of Ballet, Printmakers Association of the Philippines, UP Artists Circle, Neonescas, Romancing Venus and Teatro Flamenco.

Participating bands are The Dawn, Pinikpikan, Kjwan, Kapatid, Stonefree, Kadangyan, Sinosikat, Agaw Agimat, Nityalila, Project Ganymede, Greyhoundz, Coffeereak Island, The Chongkeys, Bulol, Makatha, Dice & K9, Reklamo, Matilda, Brigada, Riot, Cosmic Love, Check, Alakpa, Sruvaleh, Indio-I, Niniskirt, Duster, Zip Code, Blue Sub, The Late Isabel, Syke, Gloc 9, Bahaghari, Stick Figgas, G2 & the Bundoks, Unitiima, Good Leaf, Lahi, Scarlet Tears, Purple Chickens, ERF, Ducks Entertainment, Mono Temple, FMD, Syalam, and Quadro.

Solo artists such as Joey Pepe Smith, Noel Cabangon, Sofia, Kooky Tuason, Miko Pepito, Julianne, and Wawi Navarroza, will also take part to make the event a “Woodstock” assemblage of sort.

The event is supported by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, the AAP, MTV Philippines, GSM Blue, GSM Premium Gin, SM Record Bar, Argon Animation, 88DB, Pepsi, Pulp Magazine, NU 107, JAM 88.3, Wave, XFM, Adobo Magazine, and the Philippine Star.

“The fair is a family-oriented activity because there is something in store for guests of all ages and artistic preferences. We also have special activities for children to expose them to art and culture at an early age,” Viriña added.

Interested parties can call 407-1602, 0916-7814785 or e-mail or log on to

MY NOTE : // we will be there, i have two booths to fill in, for my side we will be promoting comics art and artists, and also I was being assigned to managed the cosplay art fashion show. There's also a comic workshop on the 1st and 2nd day, I will post the info and schedule of the booths and the workshop.

If you want to be part of the Artists' Den booth at the 3rd Arts and Music Festival, just message me if you want to exhibit, sell your comic arts, do drawing and caricatures. Payment for booth rental is not required. This is for you and its FREE. The space is 2x2 meters.

for the cosplay art fashion show, for now Im still fixing the details, and it will be a free entrance to all 50 cosplayer who will register for the fashion show, this is not a contest, its an exhibition and show. The organizers include cosplaying in the event, because it is recognize as an art form and they want it to show and have an exhibition outside the anime and cosplay events and circle.

as for comics, I know theres a big issue about the Philippine Comics Industry, so there i invite you too, comic artists, indie comic creators and publisher to join us in the Artists Den booth. To promote and bring this awareness about our own industry and also our own. And also a big exposure to anyone who will participate.

Just mark down these dates for the 3rd Arts and Music Festival, SM Megatrade Hall 3, August 24-26, 2007. you may email me at azrael at gmail dot com. or message me in my cell at zero nine two seven five three four zero three zero nine

Tales of the Comic-Con:The Morning I Didn’t Meet Stan Lee

written by David Lawrence

Stan Lee flanked by Hyper-Strike and Hygena.
Despite a scheduled meeting this was as close as we would manage to get.

It was the third day of the San Diego Comic-Con, the day I didn’t meet Stan Lee. I was there on Glass House Graphics’ dime, pushing the agency while also pimping for writing work myself.

The mountain of jobs performed by Glass House and its many artists in the past year included supplying artwork for Stan’s Sci-Fi Channel series Who Wants To Be A Super-Hero, providing the display covers for each aspiring champion of justice as well as the artwork for the winner’s comic book debut.

Which begins to explain how I came to not meet him that day. The WTB panel, starring Stan, Feedback and Hygena was scheduled for 10:30 a.m. Saturday morning. A week or so before the trip out to San Diego, Stan’s assistant contacted David Campiti, the founder and head of Glass House, advising the best way for David to meet up with Stan and some of the cast. David had the idea of giving to the cast members large color prints of those covers, autographed by the artists who did them.

The plan was simple enough. At the end of the panel David would head on up front of the room, present Stan and the heroes with the covers and snap a couple of quick pictures before the world’s spryest 85 year old ran off to his next appearance.

As Glass House didn’t have a photographer in attendance I was asked to do the honors since nobody is really sure just what it is I do around there anyway and David probably realized how much I would enjoy the opportunity to meet Stan, however briefly. David has known Stan for 20 but the closest I’ve ever come was listening to a message from Stan on the Glass House answering machine.

David had been with me in my only previous visit to San Diego when I didn’t meet Jack Kirby either. Jack was sitting just a table away from us at the Eisner Awards in 1988 and I dearly wanted to shake his hand but he didn’t seem to feel well and his family looked worried so I stayed out of the way.

I was on the convention floor saying hello to all the wonderful people who I hoped would have work for me or some of the other creators working through Glass House when David called. The panel had just started and even though we had an hour to kill I headed straight up. I didn’t want to risk blowing the picture. Besides, how often do you get to sit in the room with Stan Lee?

The big meeting room on the second floor of the San Diego Convention Center was packed to capacity with an overflow crowd ringing the walls of the room. Up front at the center of the riser sat the great man, his wit and tongue as quick as ever.

On Stan’s right sat Hyper-Strike, one of this year’s contestants, dressed in red and white spandex with a headband, looking oddly like a cross between a Canadian flag and one of the Village People. To Stan’s left sat was Hygena in mid-length powder blue chiffon with a black corset wrapped around her waist. To her left was last year’s winner Feedback, in his tight black and blue vinyl with the F across his chest falling backward at a 45 degree angle. At the far right end of the panel stood writer Jimmy Palmiotti behind a 5 foot high wooden dais where he moderated the show.

The seating was split in two with a long aisle down the center of the room. The aisle was filled with a long line waiting to ask Stan questions about the series. It can take a long time to fight through the crowds at San Diego and they were about 15 minutes into the program when I stepped in.

I quietly poked my way into the room. At the front of the line a disappointed aspirant from season one was waving his own self-produced comic at Stan before asking him for a hug.

I scanned the room searching vainly for David. I have the approximate hunting skills of Elmer Fudd on peyote but fortunately modern technology came to our rescue and with a flurry of text messages I finally tracked him down.

A steady stream of admirers took their turns at the microphone. In between glowing tributes to Stan the questioners pretty much stuck to the topic at hand which kind of surprised me. Give me a microphone and a chance to ask Stan a question I’m a lot more likely to ask him about working with Jack Kirby or whether the Thing was deliberately based on the Jewish folklore of the Golem.

It was clear time was running short as the moderator began to hurry the questioners along. The room had begun to thin out a little so David and I ducked down and moved up about halfway to be closer to Stan when the program ended.

It was a few minutes short of 11:30 when the panel drew to a close. We shot up to the front of the room. Stan’s legs are still as quick as his wits and photo-op or no he doesn’t hang around long when an appearance is over.

We got to the front of the room and veered to the right toward Stan’s exit. And all at once it was over.

A big, hulking security guard who clearly hadn’t been told we were coming was determined not to let us past. Like a Secret Service agent willing to take a bullet for the president he had no intention of letting us past. “Stan’s not signing anything,” he warned.

David called out to Stan who did not hear him. Earlier in the panel he’d complained the amplifier to help him understand the questions wasn’t working, nor apparently was it functioning now.

Another security guard was hustling Stan toward the door as we pleaded our case with the man-mountain blocking our way. “Stan’s expecting us,” we explained plaintively but it was no use. “We do work for him on the show, this is scheduled!” David was a couple of feet behind me in the crowd. “Show them the covers!” I called back to him. “Hold ‘em higher! Wave ‘em around!”

Then suddenly the hulking guard, and Stan, were both gone.

We ran out into the hallway in pursuit but Stan like many of the mysterious characters he scripted he was gone as if he’d vanished into thin air.

Rushing back to the lair Matthew Atherton, a.k.a Feeback,
pauses long enough to snap a photo with Glass House head David Campiti.

We managed to fight through the throng and catch up with the first season champion Feedback, a likeable 34 year old also known as Matthew Atherton whose boyish good looks belie his age. He had to hurry along too but paused long enough to accept the covers and shoot a couple of photos on the fly.

The next day Matthew stopped by the Glass House booth to say hi and pose for a few pictures. He acted like a real super-hero when he posed for a picture with an excited boy named Kendrick who I’m pretty sure has a new favorite today.

If Feedback is looking for a sidekick young Kendrick Gaussoin, junior reporter for,
looks ready to join the fight. Did Jimmy Olsen start out this way?

As for my meeting with Stan Lee; well it would have been nice to shake his hand and snap a picture and I would dearly love to have a chance to really sit down and talk to him but missing out on the photo-op was no big deal.

I spent a lot of time with Stan when I was growing up in the pages of hundreds of great old Marvel comics. I figure I really got to know him 35 years ago every time I sat down with Peter Parker, with Ben Grimm and the rest of the Fantastic Four, and with countless untold others. Stan taught me a lot.

He taught me that with great power comes great responsibility and by extension I figured out that even a little power comes with some responsibility too. He taught that love is the greatest power of all and a man with a little decency and courage can stand up and do the right thing no matter what the odds.

What would I have said when I got to meet him? That’s simple: Thanks Stan. Thanks for everything.

Maybe next year.

Comments? Send to

// thats one of the coverage from the Comic Con 2007 in San Diego, if you ask me what will I do or ask if I met Stan Lee. hmm, maybe I might kneel and bow to him! hahaha.. for making the best characters in the Marvel Universe. hahaha, he's the 2nd man I want to meet after George Lucas, or maybe he can be the first. But meeting Neil Gaiman couple of years back is one great experience.

So how about you? what would you do or ask Stan Lee if ever you meet up with him ?

About Komikon 2007

Even that Komikon : Philippine Komiks Convention is my brainchild. I like to address this info to all that I am not the organizer or representative of the convention for this year.

If you have any inquiries or questions or sponsorship proposal, please dont send those to me, try to google out the organizers contact and email them about your inquiries.

thanks and good luck

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