Blogger's new video upload button

hey check out the video upload button here in blogger and it looks great! Im not sure where it will be dump after uploading all videos, are they gonna make a gallery or collection of blog videos when I upload mine.

I just wished that they will re-link this with google video

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near the button of the picture uploader is the video uploader.
then after clicking it and selecting a video, it automatically place itself on top of the blog area post

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below is the video upload status. you can check here if the video is completely uploaded.

after the upload, I tested the video and it looks like it uses the google video engine in processing all of the files, and the process is very quick. much faster than youtube and yes, its like a google video embedded to your blog.

I've uploaded a 1st video size - 5 MB then my second video is 7 MB.
i never encountered any errors and the upload is smooth, Im not sure if they can support other video files, I tested it uploading mov files and mpeg 1 files, and still looks smooth.

the first good side here is...
people will have a hard time snatching your videos out from your blog.

the second side is...
you can copy the html tag of the video and paste it your blog :)

the bad side
this is not youtube. no ratings, comments or video response.

here's the video

Bakal Boys (Metal Boys)

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