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Saturday, August 25, 2007

3rd Arts and Music Festival production note 8

dont be surprised why im making a blog update at 11:30AM and why Im not there at the festival.
i hate to explain things about the drama and sell it out, just enjoy my photos and take a deep breath for the day 1 coverage of the feast of the mind and senses.

im very disappointed in my digital camera, the audio is mute when I record videos. and there all videos has no sound!! damn!! just recorded some cool live acts, comic workshop and some tv interviews.. im starting to hate my camera, i nearly broke it awhile ago. my head is hurting.
so ease the pain, im having my own arts and music festival at home.

I arrived in the nick of time they were doing the ribbon cutting, and the 1st capture of my camera is the rock king ahahah, Joey Pepe Smith.

Ariel Atienza and his comic strip exhibit

Art exhibit by Miriam HS students

Wilson Tortosa, as always busy drawing at the GHG booth

Ariel, Nick and Me, we are lining up for a free grub at the opening of the exhibit

Wilson shares the comics creation process

Comics Illustration workshop by Mr. Ernie Patricio

Carlo Pagulayan, MTV VJ Sib and Ariel Atienza

Lyndon Gregorio, the beerman behind Beerkada

IMAP booth

Maria Makiling

Drawing exercise

Comis workshop by Carlo Pagulayan, (most attendees are from DA )

my sis at the Alfredo Alcala exhibit

at the Artists' Den booth.
me, Alfredo Alcala, Orvy Jundis, Ariel Atienza, Victor loverboy Velasco, Nick
and Lyndon Gregorio

GMA 7 Art Angel on stage

popstar Lala

portrait of RG, by the Sat..opps. Friday group member Lyndon Gregorio aahahha

Jimmy and my sis misyel

Jay Virina, the fest organizer jamming

The Purplechickens

Wilson Tortosa at the GHG booth

Lace having her henna tattoo

time for us to go home.. drat.. I missed the live act of The Dawn.

Lace, after seeing 2 movies

more photos here

Friday, August 24, 2007

3rd Arts and Music Festival production note 7

Here's a quick update before I take a bath and go to the festival.

The Legacy of Alfredo Alcala comic art exhibit will be there at the exhibit hall at the 3rd Arts and Music Festival. I just got a thought to text Alfredo jr. and informed him about the event and if he will exhibit there, but then he told me that no invited him for the event. yikes!! I just realized that I forgot to re-update the organizers about the change of cellphone numbers, then after we talked I told him to contact immediately the organizers. And yesterday Im happy to receive the news that he made it on time for the festival, tnx to Jay and Joan of Backdoor ventures.

The 1st place winner of ToyCon's battle of the tribute band releases demo album

Ducklings Jumping Art Kids band will release their demo album "Cacophony" at the festival
priced at P20 only !!!!! yes! pure original songs for you, especially to those who like
anime, cosplay and attending conventions.

here are the line up of the song in the demo album
-megaphone mom
-kawawa naman ako
-superduper song
-ToyCon Song

if you want to grab the album, visit the Artists' Den booth

and last update

Fine Arts meets Cosplay.

This is one big experiment for the Saturday Group as this Saturday at 10:30AM, Malang Santos and the rest of the group will have a painting session and paint cosplayers as their models.
This is one big art cross over, as the organizer explained what cosplay is to Malang, he got the shot and interest to paint them. Cool di ba?!

For now Im still looking for 3 cosplay model volunteers, if you are interested pls message me or txt me at 09275340309. Im not yet sure if RG got some models, but its best to message me if you like it and besides the model takes home the paintings.

i'll update you again later! time to take a hot shower! its cold here in Cavite.
Lace is sick today :( and i wish her to be better.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

3rd Arts and Music Festival production note 6

Here are some photos during our setup awhile ago.
I was waiting for the others, but I guess some of them will arrive tomorrow morning. Im a little bit worried about the others who haven't replied to my text messages. I wish that everything will be alright.

Az, Nick, Joseph and Victor

the venue

nice stage!

GHG booth

Saturday Group booth

the travelling indie van

paintings for the exhibit

my ID hehehehe

my sister guarding the GHG booth :)

thats my dinner hahahhaaa, I just slipped to a coconut week festival in Megatrade Hall 1
there I saw this Hero Bite sandwich. and saw the same booth at the arts, I guess this will be my meal of the day tomorrow morning.

check out all photos here

3rd Arts and Music Festival production note 5

just took a bath and im fixing my self and getting ready to go to megatrade hall 3 for the ingress for the event tomorrow. and if you asked me if im excited.... ^__^ thats it

Created by Mr Ulysses Veloso for the 3rd Backdoor Ventures Arts & Music Festival and Trade Fair

this was uploaded earlier by the organizer at their website and Im dont know who will receive the award this weekend.

Il be taking photos for Fudge Magazine in covering the event and also I'll be taking photos too at the day zero of the event to see whats inside and hope to see you all there!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

3rd Arts and Music Festival production note 4


Comic booths at the 3rd Arts and Music Festival.
Booth of Glass House Graphics and Artists' Den.

For the GHG, here are the list of artists who will be present at the event.

Ariel Padilla
Julius Gopez
Bong Seriosa
Dan Borgonos
Carlo Pagulayan
Jeffrey Huet
Romulo Fajardo
Wilson Tortosa
Harvey Tolibao
Ernest Jocson
Jonathan Racimo

Fudge Magazine - September 2007 Issue

Check out the latest Issue of Fudge Magazine for September 2007, Parokya ni Edgar cover.

The 2nd part of the coverage of the 6th Toycon and cosplay will be there. Also Im guessing if Gerry Alanguilan's new comic series will be published in this issue, I don't know but lets wait for the official news from him.

The magazine will be available next week, the first week of September 2007.

3rd Arts and Music Festival production note 3

Megatrade Hall 3, photo from last night before the setup

Me and Ariel meet up to fix the booth and other concerns for the Artists' Den booth at the 3rd Arts and Music Festival and Trade Fair. I was waiting at the Megatrade office waiting for something, there we finalize all details needed for the booth, and Im excited for this Friday, because the booth will be a blast! and Im glad that the booth is near with Glass house Graphics booth. 2 booths for comics area.

also 2 senior Denizens will join and they are.

Ariel Atienza

and Mr. Beerkada himself!

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

and for Glass House Graphics booth, we will be starting to sell the comic seminar tickets this friday, and also available, I love comics Tshirts, drawings and many more.

Portfolio review will also be conducted at the booth and for the workshop.
Carlo Pagulayan will be the lecturer this friday at 2PM, while Wilson Tortosa will be the lecturer for the comic workshop on Saturday at 11:30 PM. the comic workshop and other activities, lectures and seminar are free when you enter the event, which if you pay P100 for the entrance fee of the Arts and Music Festival.

Also the Saturday Group will have a painting session this Saturday at 10:30 AM, they are looking for 3 cosplay models for their painting subject. It will be a 30 minute painting activity and you can take home your painted version. If you are interested to be their model, just message me here.

Joseph will be bringing some sculpted stuff just like this Polgas figure below

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I just heard from him that he will be exhibiting a lifesize Spider-man statue at the booth.

and an update from John Becaro, he said
" Those who wants to hang around there, I'll be at the :iconartistsden:Artists' Den Booth. I will be at the event on the half day of August 24 and whole day on August 26 only.I will not be around on August 25. I will also do some sketching session and will give a free sketch to those who wants to buy Extra Verse Genesis Issue 1 for Php 100.00 only.(Please bring a reference of the character you want me to draw...hehehehe)."

then, Ner Pedrina messaged me and he will be exhibiting some of his artwork at the booth too.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

5th Manila Comics Creation Seminar 2007 - online flyer

5th Manila Comics Creation Seminar 2007
October 27-28, 2007
Megatrade Conference Hall, Function Room B
SM Megamall,
Mandaluyong City


Inviting all Filipino comic book aspiring artists, pencilers, inkers, painters, colorists and digital graphic designers and fanatics!

Learn various advanced techniques and practical details for a profitable career in comic book, newspaper strip creation, anime and manga style from comic book professionals:

David Campiti (Superman, Jade Warriors, Exposure, Lost in Space )

Wilson Tortosa (Jade, Banzai Girl, Battle of the Planets, Tomb Raider,LEGO Exo-Force )
Jinky Coronado (Banzai Girl)
Carlo Pagulayan (Elektra, X-men Unlimited, New X-men, Emma Frost, Superman)
Rainier Beredo (colorist for MK Incredible Hulk, Amazing Spiderman, X-MEN Unlimited)

Jeffrey Huet
(Fantastic Four, Incredible Hulk)
Jonathan Lau (
Battlestar Pegasus, Red Sonja, Battlestar Galactica)
Harvey Tolibao (Son of M, Fantastic Four, Red Sonja, Starwars : Knights of the Old Republic )
Ernest Jocson (Lego Exoforce, Tokyo Knights, Maze Agency)
Jay David Ramos (
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Vampirella, Jack Hightower )

and others, including some special guests.

P1000 per ticket.
* Good for 2 days with free meal and drinks, free drawing materials, limited ashcan memorabilia and lots of giveaways.
* Personal one-on-one portfolio review by the professionals.

Limited Slots Only! So hurry up and buy your ticket now!


for ticket inquiries email :

related post : 4th Annual Manila Comics Creation Seminar

** Also tickets will be available this August 24-26, 2007 @ the 3rd Arts and Music Festival
in Megatrade Hall 3. Just visit the Glass House Graphics Booth # 79
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