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Friday, August 31, 2007

Zaido : Pulis Pangkalawakan update

here are some photos I saw from

are you excited to watch it? or curious to see what will be next step of another Pinoy Metal Hero in Philippine TV.

at the set, Zaido is in the middle (Dennis Trillo)
this image came from Dennis' MMS

Arci Mundo as one of the Amazon villain

Iwa Moto's Amazon costume

Wikipilipinas and bloggers

I'll be out today, the whole day, for we will be attending an invitation dinner event happening in Pasay City, and even that the venue is near the BookFair, still I have to wait till tomorrow to go to the book fair event, and the sad part is. ahhhaaa i dont have enough moolah to grab bargained comics and books.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

more here

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Cat, IP, Safari and me

Photos here

our pet cat "Puti" gave birth awhile ago to 3 kittens and we're working out on how we will contain these kittens and here we are made a shelter for them using balikbayan boxes.
Puti gave birth at the back of the pond, we know that staying there will be a danger to them, because some male and big cats will eat them for dinner. So we decided to pick those kittys and transfer them away. Got a hard time reaching the kittys, because the pond is in the middle of a metal fence, and I have to reach it out from the outside of the house. It looks like a little amazon at the back of the pond, and Im avoiding those millipede infestation all over the area, which is totally yuckky! for me. hahahahhaa.

got some problems uploading some files needed for the site and i think that my IP didnt refresh properly, still blocking my uploads and Im experiencing lots of network problems.
hello to Globe! wish you could bring back the great service to us hehehehe


Im enjoying the surfing time using Safari and Opera, I decided to install them just to test some sites that needed for me to observed if they load properly or if some stuff aren't properly arranged. But its good to see that all of it are okay. Im still kinda stuck to Safari, yeah! its cool to see a Mac interface in my Windows XP, and Im loving Safari more than Firefox now ahahahah.
but still my defauly browser is Firefox.

for Opera browser, Im a little bit confused on their setup whenever I open a new tab window, instead of staying in your current page, when you open a link to a new tab, the browser will take you there immediately. hmmm. Im gonna study more about these stuff and hope I can use it in future web tests.

for Opera and Safari, I think im gonna reupdate or reinstall my Java stuff in order to load some of it.. drat !!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Dennis Trillo is Zaido

here's an update for the new TV sci fi series, Zaido: Pulis Pangkalawakan (Space Sheriff)
I've seen the teaser commercial for the series and it shows a space with planets and a line art of Shaider.

I think they will be using the costume or maybe have slight resemblance of the original Shaider costume. The Wikipedia has updated and here are the name of the cast.

my bet is that Lovi Poe might be the local version of Zaido's sidekick named "Annie".
and John Lapuz has already confirmed his role as the priestess named Babaylan Ida.
During the early news, we thought at first that Marky Cielo will be Zaido, and Im surprised for a major changes of casting for the tv sci fi series.

ABS-CBN Multimedia's Amped Fest 2007

Im invited at the Amped Fest 2007! check below the details of the press launching of Amped games and their latest acquisitions

Amped Fest 2007
Sept. 1 - 2
(Saturday and Sunday)
TriNoMa Activity Center, TriNoMa, Quezon City
  • Witness the commercial launch of WarRock, the hottest online tactical First Person Game WarRock and how Amped Games is giving a chance for players to win over P1 Million worth of prizes
  • Be privy to the unveiling of the 3D online casual fighting game that has conquered Southeast Asia and has been touted as World’s Online Casual Fighting Game with the Highest Number of Subscribers in 2006
  • Live performances by multi-awarded band Kala
  • Launch of the online portal that will amplify your gaming, music and entertainment lifestyle
Expect a two-days worth of fun and excitement as Amped Games give you free game trials, demos, and special in-game activities where you can win prizes!

// Do Ahou and Rotshrecke band will be there too!

video and text source

3rd Arts and Music Festival production note 10 + pics day 2-3

my closing production note and update.
Im absent during day 2 and 3, Im fixing something here at home and that result some major changes in my plans.. congratulations to Backdoor Ventures for organizing g a big art and music festy this year. Congratulations to all artists, performers, exhibitors and visitors for making this event successful!

Azrael Coladilla, caught in the act eating food from the opening of the art exhibit

The Dawn

Painting with the Saturday Group.
feat. Chex the model

Wilson Tortosa leads the 2nd day of the comic workshop

sculptures by Joseph of Art Dept.

Artists' Den Booth

Cosplay Fashion Show

Glass House Graphics comic booth

Jammin' as Sofia's percussionist.
Bossa King Mark Cerbo jamming with Bossa Nova artist SOPHIA

Prince Jimmy in a cup

Artists' Den peeps!

Whats the patsproblem? LC of Reklamo band

Argon's Laser show

GHG bouncer hahahahhaa

lets doodle at the wewilldoodle booth

the Ducklings

the cosplay fashion show

Markus highway!

more photos here
Marc cerbo "gobots king"
Ronald Guanzon
Art Angel

Wikipilipinas Launch at International BookFair

posted at the PKMB forums

Everyone is invited to attend the launch of and on August 29-September 2, 2007 at the Manila International Bookfair.

Kindly visit for more info

Freebies like Wikipilipinas shirts, mugs, and other items will be given to those who will participate in the activities/contents. A total of four Ipods will be given for winners in contests. If you wish to pre-register, Text/ Call Wesley at 0922 769 2923.

See you there!
// astig ito Wikipilipinas, its our own version and local side of wikipedia.
and check it out! Azrael's Merryland Blog is linked to all Komiks articles. cool !!!

Magsama tayo mga topak!

TOPAK! Humor Magazine is Psicom Publishing's
newest monthly magazine. Boy Topak's funny and
witty punchlines will make everyone laugh out loud
along with his parody of famous celebrities and
products around the globe!!!

The contributing artists & writers for Topak
are a mixture of cartoonists from various
groups like SKP, Ang-INK, Komikero &
Alamat Comics Group. Some are indie artists
and web-comic artists.

Among them are...

Lyndon Gregorio, Ariel Atienza, Julius Villanueva,
Jomike Tejido, Jonas Diego, Jerald Dorado,
Stanley Chi, Jac Ting Lim, Bok Hong,
Luwi Netro, Lyra Garcellano, Lico Reloj,
Elbert Or, Ron Tan, Allen Geneta,
Dominic Agsaway, Andrew Villar, Randy Valiente,
Mark See, Gerry Alanguilan, Dyords Javier,
Reggie Manlungat, Amos Villar and Ralf.

Join us every month as we travel along Topak City
with Boy Topak and the creatively insane
gang of cartoonists! Dahil may TOPAK ka!!!

TOPAK! will be having a book signing
this coming Aug. 30, 2007, 6-8pm at the
28th Manila International Bookfair at
the World Trade Center in Pasay City.
Get your copies initially available there,
Each copy will come with a FREE poster!
SEE YOU THERE!!! Very Happy
Topak! will be available in stores, Sep. 1, 2007.

// buti na lang sa August 30 pala ang signing haahaaha, mukhang di ako makakapunta sa book fair ngayon 1st day... bwisit..nalimutan ko na ngayon pala ang bookfair. gah!! wala pala ako pera!!!!!! siyet

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Live Streaming of Blood Moon Eclipse

at 5:30 PM

at 5:45 PM

at 6:20 PM

Im watching it live at

above is my video, shooting it from my laptop. It is very cloudy today and its hard to view the lunar event. Maybe i'll check it again tonight, since the lunar event will last til 7 PM today.

at 5:45


6:30 PM

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Blogger's new video upload button

hey check out the video upload button here in blogger and it looks great! Im not sure where it will be dump after uploading all videos, are they gonna make a gallery or collection of blog videos when I upload mine.

I just wished that they will re-link this with google video

click image to enlarge

near the button of the picture uploader is the video uploader.
then after clicking it and selecting a video, it automatically place itself on top of the blog area post

click image to enlarge

below is the video upload status. you can check here if the video is completely uploaded.

after the upload, I tested the video and it looks like it uses the google video engine in processing all of the files, and the process is very quick. much faster than youtube and yes, its like a google video embedded to your blog.

I've uploaded a 1st video size - 5 MB then my second video is 7 MB.
i never encountered any errors and the upload is smooth, Im not sure if they can support other video files, I tested it uploading mov files and mpeg 1 files, and still looks smooth.

the first good side here is...
people will have a hard time snatching your videos out from your blog.

the second side is...
you can copy the html tag of the video and paste it your blog :)

the bad side
this is not youtube. no ratings, comments or video response.

here's the video

Bakal Boys (Metal Boys)

Bakal Boys (Metal Boys)

Here's the video I uploaded using blogger video uploader.

Last night at 12mdinight, Lace woke me up and she orders me to check out the garage, she heard some solid metal sounds creaking below the house, there are lots of thieves here and some of them are kids who sneak at midnight, climbs down to your fence and ransack anything that is metallic, they will sell those metals and solid things to a nearby junkshop to earn money.

the bad point here is, they are stealing these metals from us (it happened months ago) and to our neighbor's house who is in a big renovation period.

so the story is..
I looked at the window and saw 2 kids carrying this big metal scafoldings, when I saw something suspicious, I made a sound and made a loud "pssssssst!"
then the 2 kids sense my voiced,they ran quickly then followed by a small kid wearing a bonnet.

the next morning, we found out the metal scafolds was left on the ground, we suspected that the kids got scared and ran off leaving the heavy metal item. then a junkyard man walking around saw the metal that morning and asked a permission from Lace's aunt to grab it and sell it for his benefit. that time, Lace's auntie didnt know whats the story behind the metal thing, until I told her the story last night, which brought us a big attention informing the village security guards to check out our street every midnight.'s my video later afternoon, saw the 3 kids again in broad daylight scavenging the metals again. its weird that when i took this video, they covered their face and the kids with a yellow shirt went back to the tree infront of our house and then took off carrying nothing.

then when I approached the tree, saw lots of metal gates, metal bars being dumped infront of our house. then minutes of it, after taking a bath, the metals were gone.

5 MB, mov file

7 MB, mpeg 1

3rd Arts and Music Festival production note 9 + video coverage day 1

Here's the my video footage from day 1, I edited and added a Makiling Ensemble music, my video footages has no sound, and instead of putting those in my trash bin i edited it and present to you what happened on day 1 of the event.

featuring, live bands, ballet, Glass house Graphics comic workshop, Artists' Den booth, and many more.
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