Emerging Influential Blogs in 2008

This is my first time to participate in the nomination of the top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs of 2008, and heard that this is the 2nd time the whole Pinoy blogosphere will select their own most influential blogs of 2008. you can also nominate and join here, it is the last day of nomination, maybe I'm the last one to nominate hahahaha. I was just reminded by Janette Toral this morning after caught her live video streaming during the video taping day for her book Blogging from Home.

Here are my entries, in random order.

1. Ed Arevalo's Music Picks - just met the guy in a Spot.ph Food tour and I'm really amazed that he focuses his blog for music, and I'm glad that he's now featuring local music and artist. and hey I won a Ne-yo CD and an autograph poster by commenting in his blog. The guy really into the mainstream music scene. That's for you Ed!, libre ka pag nanalo ka hahahaa

2. Micamyx's Missing Carlo - I can relate on her story in missing her brother and also stories that is very inspiring, the other blog that can preview the soft side of the blogger and having the joy of being a big sister

3. Da Who's Sino Sila - hhahaa, I like to add this blog here, its the Buzz and Startalk of the blogosphere, lots of hidden concept behind the blog, and I like it. Even that a certain blogger is seen online, still the physical form reflects what the blogger is all about. Yeah.. tsismoso ako minsan

4. Brian Gorrel's blog - yup, I know that everyone is familiar with the name and the blog, this blog makes everything different... Bloggers are becoming the star!! I'll just cut this story.

5. Fran's Franywanny - I like to add my bloggie friend's blog, its more than just a food blog and its very much detail when it comes to reviews and also blog adventures, glad that we met in person for the first time after several years of blog tagging and thanks for the blog events, and great to see that she's now active in this new blog.

6. You Got Tech - Watch or read lots of techie news for Pinoys, and its time for not being afraid of touching those expensive gadgets, but at least in this blog, they can try it for you for FREE.

7. Video48 - I just love this blog, and it really transformed me into 1980s, well thats were I seen these movies and it was very nostalgic for me. Re live the days of the great art in Filipino classic movies. For me they are a treasure and thanks to this blogger for sharing it to everyone. This blog make us to look back in the past.

8. Manila Foodistas - Been to the site few times and maybe I'll subscribe to their blogs, saw that they are very active in doing lots of review, features and also sharing their experience about the food they encounter and the resto they visited.

9. Comicology - I like this blog, and for a comics geek, fan, reader, lover and super hero wanna be like me.

10. Guitar Tutee - for me the only blog that features guitar chords, lyrics and even video tutorial, the blog is helpful to me because sometimes I go here just to play my guitar or tune my guitar or even see how the song played in a guitar, If ever I can put this on top 1, this blog is very influential. But hope next time the blogger can write some articles about the guitar music scene.

I like to post more, but some of the blogs I visited is way older than these blogs, and you need to nominate blogs that started from July 2007.

Good luck and let's see who will be the top 10.

and also please Join the Writing Project

Edit 1:
thats it! I;m done! hahahahah.
at last! finished all 10 entries

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My blog -- Jenn Was Here started out May 2008! Hahahaha!

By the way, I saw your name on the BK event spreadsheet. I will be checking out the E. Rodriguez branch on Sunday (Aug 3). Ikaw?

Bong said…
http://manilafoodistas.com/ :D
Janette Toral said…
Hi Azrael. Please add a link to the writing project so I can include your entry in the weekly summary.

hey,, where can i preview that BK spreadsheet?

just added the link :)
Janette Toral said…
Hi Azrael. 3 more blogs and your entry will be complete. Let me know when you update.

See you on August 11!
Janette Toral said…
Hi Azrael. Please advise if you will complete your top as I'm now making a final list of entries for raffle inclusion. Thank you.
hi janette..

yup, i will finish my top..
give me an hour to post


Janette Toral said…
Hi Azrael. This is to mark your entry as complete. See you on August 11!
Admin said…
Hello Azrael...

I hope to see you on Bloggers EB on Monday...

See yah!

yeah! I'll be at the event tomorrow.
didnt know that theres an EB for bloggers hahaaha.

see you too!!!

it will be great to meet other bloggers...at last.