Eraserheads reunion concert 2008 - still confirmed for August 30

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Because the Department of Health (DOH) refuses to issue a permit, they've been left with no choice but to cancel the concert. We know that they've been having the hardest time to make this happen because of all the laws and what not, and i guess those troubles have gone far enough and to the point that they've just decided to let it go and not have the show instead.

After the news that came out a few days ago, Many Eheads fans lost their hopes for the reunion concert for August 30, and the news went online after a blog post from, The DOH really spear down the tobacco company who organizes the concert and now a new info came out from Raymund Marasigan, that lighten up that dark news and give hope for all Eheads fans, read it below, ( i got this info from a multiply post by Ralph )

From: raymund marasigan
Sent: Sunday, August 24, 2008 8:37:03 PM
Subject: [subsandwich] eraserheads aug 30 08 confirmed

dear everybody

after much ado. the eraserheads concert is most definitely pushing

philip morris and its brands have pulled out from the concert. but
another company is taking over the production. the turn over started
yesterday and they have already started work on the site in the fort.
so you can check.

there are good news and bad news.

unfortunately its no longer free. all the long winded registration
procedures in the red nation site is now void.

the good news is that the age limit is now 12 years old (for safety
reasons)and tickets will be sold so you dont have to wait for
confirmation and what not.

the official announcement and ticketing details will come out in major
newspapers and on the radio on tuesday.

these are the only details i know for now so no need to email me. im
just the drummer.

btw. i just got home from the last rehearsal. the band is cooking. we
will see you all on the 30th.

the news says so..

The Red list and VIP thingie list is no longer applicable, and now we need to save some money for the concert and everyone can still continue the hype for a one night only come back of the all mighty ultraelectromagnetic rock band - ERASERHEADS.

mag iipon na ko ng pera! para nasa front stage ako wohohohohohoohoh!!!

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