Who is this Pablo Banila in Multiply.com ?

I just woke up early in the morning and then after eating my breakfast I started to open my Multiply account and then saw a friend's blog post about his hate article about this person named Pablo Banila, at first I didn't mind the name of the person, but when I started to view my plurk. then I saw that people are already talking about him there. I said to myself, hmmm is this another internet phenomena? So I did a little research and then posted a plurk question to my network asking who is this guy?

and why does he view everyone's multiply page ( and he view my page too)
and people tag him as a stalker.

then the people in my network told me that they experienced an online stalking stunt by Pablo Banila, then many of them got irritated by his actions, many are amused, while others are totally clueless ( add me there hahaha).

The image “http://photos-380.friendster.com/e1/photos/08/39/79839380/1_555732754m.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
Pablo Banila , I found this pic in Friendster.

so my question was answered in a few minutes, when a plurk friend pointed me to his official website http://pablobanila.com/

there I saw his face, and then his blog post about his life and opinions, and other non sense post that I can't understand ahhaah, and this tag line that made the people scared

"Yes, Pablo Banila has a crush on you, hahaha! That's why he viewed your homepage cutenun"

People freak out and then they reported his Multiply account as an abusive user. then this Pablo guy still created a new account and continues to view everyone's multiply blog account, especially the profile pages. But the weird thing is that whenever you view his multiply page, you'll see nothing or un updated page will appear in your screen.

but then his official blog page is now receiving lots of viewers and comments.

And just heard that he will appear on TV, and I'm not sure on what show. And heard from a multiply comment post from him in another blog page, he said that GMA 7 will do a documentary feature about him and his life.

Is this really an online stalking?
or something to do about Viral Marketing ?

marketing for what? maybe marketing for your name and reach for fame.

is he the next Moy Moy Palaboy?
or another person who is popular in the community that anyone loves and hate?

But now, I might watch his blog and observe on how famous will he get out of internet.
the emo stalker get a life dude. as they say...

but I now ask myself...AM I A STALKER TO HIM ?!!!!! ( im so freaky)

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