3rd Toys and Collectibles Christmas Fair 2008 - DAY 1 photo coverage

toys..toys..are everywhere..yay!

I just arrived late and got stuck in the traffic in the middle of the metro, but all of my suffering under the heat and traffic pays off after I arrived inside our event, 3rd Toys and Collectibles Christmas Fair 2008, I was greeted by the Manila Toys and Gift Show organizers and I have told them that I arrived late ahhah, but then my comrades are there and told me to help them in the live collectibles auction. Cholo hosted the auction and some of the part of the auction is hosted by me, and because that I need to fix something in my booth, I left for a moment and meet my sister at the event to have a quick lunch. Then I went back inside the event and saw lots of items for the auction. ( read more below)

I just scored a Transformers Real Gear toy for P150 only, its a good grab alright and it looks cute, many people scored lots of stuff in the auction show, like Justice comics issue 1-12 for only P1200, Harry Potter 18 inch figure for P900, Elvis figure for P900, Long Shot Marvel Legends for P400, X-men Evolution TPB for P200, Spider-Woman hardbound comics for P400, Star Wars Episode 1 4-set mugs for P800, Peter Jackson LOTR figure with Pikachu for P400. and many more items....

The toys and collectibles bazaar really heats up on the 1st day, and many toy collectors, hobbyist and gift buyers visited the event and everyone knows that every year that the day 1 of the event is a great time to buy hard to finds and good deal items. I just scored this P100 Lyn Min May figure, ahhaha its funny that I was planning to grab this Sakura Kinomoto in bathing suit but it turns out that it is very disturbing for me haahaha, so I left it and grab the Min may figure, then at the end of the event, Mark Santos of Robot Pilipinas told me that Patrick Toys is selling a Transformers Universe Hound, which is the most part of the toyline I've been waiting, so I didn't think twice and bought it for only P900,and then Jaycee of Transformers Philippines told me that the TFU Hound is in Wave 5 series, and it will take long for the Philippines to have a stock next year, because wave 4 series is not yet available here and it should arrive first before Wave 5, then I got my joy joy happy happy moment and bought it and took it home hhhahha, then Mark Cerbo of Transformers Philippines went there fresh from the FHM signing event bought the same toy. Mark Santos scored a Starscream master piece collection for P2300, and bought some revoltech toys, our friend Martin, writer of Playground magazine, scored some cool GI JOE stuff and I envied him for grabbing an Optimus Prime premium for only P999 at a nearby mall ahhaha.

It was a great day for us toy fans...and also our tshirt sales made by Geekerie shirt, is selling pretty well, many will be visiting the booth later and many are interested on that blue screen of death tshirt ahahaha.

now round 2 or day 2 of 3rd Toys and Collectibles Christmas Fair 2008... its cosplay time at 3:00pm and catwalk show at 4:00pm. it will be a tough day for me, because I'll be managing the production with my team.. so good luck to us all.

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