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Monday, December 15, 2008

TV guesting in Umagang Kay Ganda aftermath

Its my first time to be in ABS CBN 's Umagang Kay Ganda, the show start at 5:30am and i think it ends at around 9am. We were invited by the organizers of the Manila Toys and Gift Show and it will be promotion for the event and also for us exhibit a some toys and collectibles, this was discussed after the meeting and event briefing, and we got Robert as one of the guest and exhibitor for the tv guesting, and also Mark Cerbo of Transformers Philippines. I just arrived at 5:00AM and it was rainy that morning, and glad to see Vic Yap and Lou Garcia just finished their vintage toys set up, saw Robert exhibiting those expensive and cool super robots, and a guy who sells and distribute Bakugan toys. I placed my Transformers toys in Vic's table, and then after my set up, I floor director shouted to everyone and announces that the tv show will start in a few minutes. ( read more below)

We stayed in the backstage, near the dressing room, there we stayed and wait for our call to be featured on camera, we saw the UGK host coming in and out of the dressing room, then Mark arrived all wet and told us that he placed his TF toys in our tables, he just saw my Supreme Class Optimus Prime on the table. Then we waited and grabbed a free coffee, and we entertained our selves by talking on what's happening on the toy collectors scene and also about the upcoming toy releases ( which I will post in a separated blog post)

then we were called and we stayed in front of our toys, it is still rainy and the floor is wet, I was asked to do a demo of the Supreme Class Prime, but I told them it will be hard because the floor is all wet. But then Edu Manzano showed up and prepare for the tv feature, he talked to us and approach everyone and checking out the toys we have, he joked on Mark's digital camera for being placed on the table, and Edu grabbed it and said, is this this fake? aahahaha, we both laugh at it, and then Mark wears the Optimus Prime helmet mask and the tv rolls...

I got very conscious and nervous whenever there is a live tv interview, and because that it will be a fast interview, it will be a 0.01 time for me to think fast and come up a better answer. Its funny that my name Azrael Coladilla, the owner of Azrael's Merryland is flashed on the tv screen and my cell phone number is posted there too, so after the tv feature, I got a swarm of text messages, miscalls and funny text messages, there are also text messages from relatives who were surprised to see me on TV.

ahahahaa, it was a fun experience in UKG, and then one of the guys there told us that on the next tv guesting, it will be for Transformers Philippines, and then we pitched to include Toy Soldier 1:18 for GI JOE.

And also thanks to the Cosplayers who were there to join us in the tv guesting.

more photos at TV guest and appearance in Umagang Kay Ganda ( ABS CBN)

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