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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Review: Promate 240 Indoor Power Station (portable generator)


Been using this Promate 240 Indoor Power Station for months, I use it as my charger for my phones and power bank and it also powered our electric fan when we eat our breakfast at the back lanai and also power up an LED light for our backyard camping.

This typhoon season, I am so ready! so bring it on! I this portable generator has a stock of power that can last til 3 months, if ever we need a light or charger in times of need, we can just plug it here anytime

Promate 240 is best to use to charge and power these devices:
- smartphones
- tablets
- power banks
- laptops
- LED light
- electric fan
- camera battery
- charge lithium batteries
- USB devices

You can check my unboxing here at

Promate 240 portable battery generator

224AH sealed lead acid battery
1 Duplex 400 watts 220V AC outlet
Solar Charging port
Digital Display for battery voltage, power output, frequency and wattage
AC and Car Charging port
12V DC power outlet
Dimensions (cm) 36.5 x 32 x 37
Gross weight: 13kg
Flip up LED Light

Indoor use
Ideal for brownouts/blackouts
Ease of Use
Car Jump starter
Flip up LED light

SRP - Php 9, 999

This item is available in Ace Hardware stores, Handyman and other hardware shops.
Or you can place an order here via

Promate 240 portable battery generator

At first, its so difficult to understand the watts and amperes, so I read always the manual to know what are those numbers displaying on the LED screen of Promate 240 Indoor Power Station.

I learned that if it displays lower than 12 VDC, it means that you need to charge it right away.

For smartphones, I think I charged 5 kinds of smartphones and 4 cycles of a 10,000 mah powerbank.
Im impressed that it charges so fast.


When we ate our breakfast at our Lanai, my wife told me to try the Promate 240 Indoor Power Station to power up our electric fan. I tried it and it works properly. The 400W battery can power up the fan and run like its powered on a normal electric line.


Since we are on outdoors, its advise to move away the Promate 240 Indoor Power Station from direct sunlight, this will cause some over heating and damage to the battery and also body of the portable generator. If you have no shade available, then cover it with a thick cloth or umbrella.


The Promate 240 Indoor Power Station can charge via solar energy, there’s a solar energy plug infront of the body of Promate 240 Indoor Power Station, but the problem is that it uses a different plug and not the conventional type.

I tried charging it with my solar panel and plugged it directly to the electric adaptor. It charges, but not that much. I tried charging the Promate 240 Indoor Power Station’s battery with solar energy but it will require much time to have a complete charge. So I skipped this DIY style and will try to get that exclusive solar plug from the makers of Promate 240 Indoor Power Station.


Me and my son did some backyard camping.
I didn’t expected that it was scorching hot inside the tent, I set up the tent during sunset and I didn’t know that the sun’s ray can still heat our tent.

I used our Promate 240 Indoor Power Station to power up our small electric fan, it powers up successfully and it gave us good ventilation for awhile.. Then I noticed a beeping sound…its so noisy, then I did some research about it and the explanation is that the Promate 240 Indoor Power Station reached its low battery level and the power displays less than 12 VDC already. It means, I need to charge it.

I stopped using the electric fan because it uses too much power. But the built in LED light still works fine from the Promate 240 Indoor Power Station.

Promate 240 portable battery generator

Promate 240 Indoor Power Station is a good add on appliance for every home, especially if you are a home prepper when typhoon causing black outs strikes. It is very useful to charge your devices and also power up your aquarium, this is a good item if you have an arowana fish at home, this Promate 240 Indoor Power Station can power up your aquarium for hours, so no worry when black out strikes and it will continue to give oxygen to your arowana fish.

The machine is a bit heavy, but that’s 400W battery inside, so expect it to be heavy. Its portable and its easy to operate. Campers and outdoor adventurers should try this, because the Promate 240 Indoor Power Station can also charge using solar energy or use your car’s battery. You can charge it anytime when you travel on wheels.

Today, the Promate 240 Indoor Power Station just sits at home..waiting to be powered back on.
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