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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Godskitchen Worldwide @ A Venue Hall

During my high school days I’ve been hooked up by listening to electronica and techno music on the radio and been a fan of it before the rock n punk invaded my music spirit, but growing up with this kind makes me learn more on appreciating different style of music. And for that youngling years, I thought that the electronica days will be gone and techno-party music has no future. But after 10 years, I found out that I was wrong and on the year of 2000, I went back again to the electronica music and attend lots of rave party events in the metro. ( read more stories below)

This year, Big Fish Manila brought Godskitchen Worldwide in our country, as they say its already an annual tradition for having a Godskitchen Worldwide party production and everyone never seems to miss it. But I missed a lot and my last Big Fish event was 2 years ago, and this event, the crowd and party culture seems to amazed me again, never seen such big energy at the Godskitchen Worldwide, it even beat my experience during the past events I attended. I really like the light set up and also the space of the VIP section, it makes me comfortable and the venue transformed into a dimensional portal to another world.

Me and a friend went to the A Venue Hall at 12 AM, and didn’t expected the long line of people at the entrance gate, I think we reached the front entrance after 1 hour, and then waited 30 minutes before reaching the ticket booth. I just grabbed my winning ticket invite from at the media partner booth, and we entered immediately to check out the place and I was surprised that it is already filled with lots of people. At first I didn’t know that there is a dress code, wearing black and red and be sensational and creative, but my friend said that we are not in a dress to kill mode, but I told him that its okay, we are the party people who roam around in every events, so no need to dress up and just bring the party attitude.

I really enjoyed the music of Super 8 and Tab, I even searched their music on the net the morning after the event, because I got addicted on their music and mix of Super 8 Tab RMX Radio edit, I just found the music sample and title in their Mypace at For me that music is the most memorable, I can feel the aura of the heavenly bodies coming down and absorb it in our body. I just can’t explain it and that’s the part I like whenever I attend electronica events, feel the music, feel the trance and feel the flow of the beat.

After hanging out in the VIP section, I decided to moved in the front of the DJ’s stage, it’s a ritual for me to take my station there and dance, and I do that everytime, because I enjoy more infront of the DJ stage, watching them play and even interact with them whenever they will look at you and cheer to dance and play. The place is great, far more greater in any events that I attended, I can’t even feel the smoke in my eyes and the ventilation is great, my friend Marc Cerbo said that this more different that we attended in WTC, “were not that tired and sweaty, but the feel of the music is very different and the crowd is great”, he said. We both have the same comments and review, and another friend on the net said that it was cool and more different than the event she attended in Boracay. I guess the style and people’s appreciation in the electronica music change during the long run, and the future had change and I’m glad that this kind of music and event didn’t die and already started to evolve.

more photos at Godskitchen Worldwide feat. super8 and tab @ A Venue Hall

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Friday, August 08, 2008

2nd & 3rd COLLECTICON Convention year 1999

Collecticon Convention SM Megamall August 28, 1999

Collecticon Convention SM Megamall Dec. 5, 1999

thats in Megatrade Hall.

been there since 1998,( * i think) during the 1st COLLETICON and it was held inside the Megatrade Conference Hall.

This event was organized by Novelty and Upper Deck

Heto ang orig na COLLECTICON !!!!!

photos by Sherwin Nones of Anima Anime

more photos below

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Eraserheads reunion concert 2008 - Venue details posted ( FINAL ???)I

I just got this news flash post at the Eheads ML.

EventOne Night Only-- The Eraserheads Reunion ConcertAug 7, '08 10:19 AM
for everyone
Start: Aug 30, '08 8:00p
Location: Fort Bonifacio Global City
The original 4 in one big concert-- by invitation only

August 8, 2008 Official statement of PMPMI:

The Eraserheads will be performing in a one-night only event as part of our Marlboro Red Nation promotions which we have been running for the past two years for our adult smokers.

PMPMI supports regulation of the manufacture, marketing and distribution of our products. This is why we supported the passage and implementation of the Tobacco Regulation Act of 2003.

We respect and will always comply with the law. We believe the event is permitted under the provisions of the law related to promotions. This is a by-invitation only event, restricted to adults and not open to the general public. Invites to our adult smokers will be distributed exclusively through an age-restricted website which is also permitted under the law. Invitations will also be reserved for our trade and business partners, and selected adult guests.

Public Affairs & Communications Manager

original post at

you know, I'm still waiting for the more detailed information of this event.
but it they moved to Global City, it is okay for me.

but what I need is the official info, if this is the real one.
aren't they gonna post the announcement in the Marlboro website?

PMPMI stands for Philip Morris Philippines Manufacturing Inc.

Other news
Got an update from Markus, its about their first band practice.

yeah, ganun nga nangyari, parang walang nangyare. hahaha. At one point during the start of the rehearsal Ely smiled and looked at me and said "Di ba "Futuristic" ang first song?". I requested for that song to be the first song as a sort of inside inside joke pero kami lang yata dalawa nakagets hehehe. So it was scratched and replaced with a more deserving number. I have new gears na hindi ko pa napag-aaralan gamitin so everything was stripped down to a clean sounding guitar at distorted guitar. saka ko na iload yun mga jumbo jets.

read more at First Rehearsal, Pulp photoshoot and gifts from London

The X-Files: I want to believe - blog review and premiere night

I just saw the movie last night from a movie premiere at SM Megamall, and was surprised that I got an invite and plus a VIP seat to see the sequel movie of the X-files. I'm with Lace as and a friend and I got funny moments when I watch it, being a hyper fan of the X-files and the excitement of seeing the two FBI agents uncover another mystery and the unknown. I really WANT TO BELIEVE

We arrived early at the movie venue and I was looking for my friend who I will meet there to get our tickets, but then I met someone I know in the movie industry and we just talk about some X-files stuff and other upcoming movies under the Warner Bros label, then while I stand infront of the cinema and we are so busy talking and chatting, after our talk, Lace told me to look behind me and saw this crowd of people lining infront of me. ( read more below and see photos)

ahhahaha, we were laughing that these people lined up after me and thought that I started the line for the movie, I joked at the security guard that yeah, I got first in the line but still I don't have my ticket. I joked around too with some people behind me and told them my story that I was not there for the line, because when I walked and stayed there to wait for a friend, there's no line of people forming and I was surprised that they followed after me.. wow! I WANT TO BELIEVE.

We saw the movie and still having some short goosebumps, because watching the film makes me transported back on the year of the 90's were I watch the first season of the tv series X-files. In the middle of the movie, I just lost my mind and I'm way long comfortable on my seat, focusing on the dialogue and the revolving the love-drama-LQ-action-mystery-mind boggling- story of the movie. There are unexpected events that I surprises me , and there are comedy stuff that makes X-files enjoyable.

For viewers who will encounter X-files for the very first time, will not have any problems catching up the story, because there are some scenes that you will see that makes the character develop for the entire story, yeah we know that they chase these paranormal and UFO events in the previous tv series, but the event already closed its books. I recommend you should watch the first movie - X-files Fight for the Future, someone I know is not aware of the first movie, but because of this, I might watch it again on TV for the 3rd time ahhahaha.

The 1st movie is the most important element here, because the story of the 2nd movie takes place after the 1st movie, so if you watch the 1st movie, you'll understand more on what happened to them after that big encounter and some revelations on later part of the 1st movie.

For me, the movie is like an big 2 hour TV series, but this time we are not expecting something cool or sci fi-ish approach, I think its the main content of the whole series, not about monsters, demons, ghosts, green men, and government cover up tantrums, its all about the way of the X-files, how we deal with it and how we explain it. Its a big move for revealing the characters relation to each other and even how will they interact on the different world that they will face again. The movie is like a tribute to all Xfiles fans, someone told me that, but I'm trying to disagree that this is not for the fans, it is for the entire X-files series that hasn't got its own ending. You might know what I mean if you watch it.

Many X-files fans really wait for the on screen kiss of Fox Mulder and Dana Scully ( that's David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson), but for me I'm no longer excited to see that part, the only part that is more important in the entire X-files series is the POST CREDIT SCENE.

I just failed to see it myself, that's the reason why I saw some people stayed inside the cinema during the end credits and minutes ago, after I read some movie summary at Wikipedia, they just posted that post credit scene, which I got crazy and failed to see it. SO DONT LEAVE YOUR SEATS, wait till the end of the credits

and read on some Gillian Anderson fan blogs about the post credit scene.. oh my supernatural star and garters! I missed the big part.. hmmm I smell a third movie?

X-Files and the LOST?? hahahahahaha..

The X-files : I want to believe will be released to Philippine cinemas on August 13, 2008, from 20th Century Fox and distributed by Warner Bros.

more photos of the premiere ticket at The X-Files : I want to believe - movie premiere ticket

Trailer :

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Thursday, August 07, 2008

my pic at Paulo Coelho's virtual exhibition


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I have a pic with mocha muning, my pet cat. We are showing the book of Paulo Coelho's THE ALCHEMIST. He said we should be creative in submitting a photo, so that's my idea having a photo taken with our pet cat at home.The online activity is for the 20th anniversary of The Alchemist book. I became an instant fan of his work after reading The Alchemist for the first time, and thanks to Lace for the books. I think she already completed all titles done by Paulo Coelho.

thanks Paulo Coelho for putting that up online!

Eraserheads reunion concert 2008 - Eheads practice, tickets, DOH issues and another strike

I'm here in Mcdo Pearl Drive this morning having my breakfast and then I saw that there's a news already again on TV about the DOH vs. Philip Morris, I saw the recorded video on the net and saw some serious point that the sponsor of the event might get into trouble, but I have some few speculations on what may happen next. ( read more below)

Here's the video of the news

My own Eraseheads concert idea
Here's some of my speculation of what will happen next, If Philip Morris back out as the sponsor for that rumored concert, still the Eraserheads can do that gig without the backing support of Philip Morris, even if there's a law already in banning any tabacco company in advertising and sponsoring, the Philip Morris can now be called an invisible sponsor for any event, but 'til now we are not really sure if they are the SPONSOR or organizer for the reunion concert or gig of the band Eraserheads, they are very cautious and careful in releasing all of the information about the concert, but my guess is that.. we will never see or hear about the concert and a banner of Philip Morris or Marlboro. If both of them back out in public, still the image of Eraserheads now carries the banner of Philip Morris. They created a living and walking billboard that will be remembered because of this big controversy, so my guess is that Philip Morris no longer need to be visible in any public event, because Eraserheads is now the carrier of the brand Philip Morris.

interesting na idea ito di ba? But what if that happens?
They can still use that Big database of online registered of the Red List and use it in advertising their events, even without the banner or image of Philip Morris. They can still say that the Eraserheads concert will push through without the sponsor, but the big backer still be the invisible sponsor. They no longer need to be visible or advertise the brand, for me it looks like the band is the brand already.. wag sana kayo magalit sa akin, this is just my speculation and I know it will never happen, but if it happens, by golly wow! then I am correct.

its my crazy idea... hehhehee.

and now for other news..

Eheads fans vs. Carlos Conde part 2
Eheads fans are back again and not happy about what they read in Carlos Conde's article "Here’s Why Eraserheads Reunion Concert Could Be in Trouble" and maybe he might get into trouble for fighting back against the massive number of Eheads fans, because he said the "F" word.. oh my.
I just don't want to share other comments, but when you read it, its very scary...

Eraserheads band practice
and for a flash news, I just got this from a blogger named Perry, and also posted at the Eheads mailing list, news that the band got its first band practice and here's the email message from Raymund Marasigan.


[subsandwich] 1st practice Date: 8/6/2008 8:18:24 A.M. Pacific Daylight
Time From: _asmatik88@yahoo.com_ (

last monday the erserheads met and rehearsed for the first time.

nobody knew what to expect. it was a little uncomfortable since we
havent communicated for a long time. but im pleased to announce that
the band was playing better than i ever remembered. i guess we all did
our homework haha.

i wont say how many songs we finished but it was a lot. there was a
lot of drums and no drama.



Fake Concert Tickets circulating
Ok, I know all of you are excited, Let's just wait for another Monday for that rumored announcement for the concert. Also there's a news that we should be aware of fake tickets that are circulatinng on the net, all of those are fake and we should not buy any of it.

If you heard a news for the selling of fake tickets, feel free to post a comment here and share a news with us.

fake tickets will bring you to a fake concert.

Eraserheads Concert Protest Blog
check out

A local group of bloggers already created an online protest about the tobacco sponsorship of the Eraserheads concert.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Project Otaking - production note 1

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If I had blogged this early, this might be my 3rd production note, been working on an event concept for September 2008, and on my first written concept it was great and more different from other existing conventions, but after my meeting and analyzing some pieces, the group decided that I should re-write the concept and present it for the company.

Okay, I've done it and now the response based on my survey days ago is impressive and the feedback comes from the people who didn't have a clue on what is, but I just gave them a nice reference and thats the Toy Con, and got a positive response, because people see the Toy Con.

But what if I break the barrier and be more not like the Toy Con ? hmm. will people patronize it?
even if it is far away from their location, but double or triple the fun? hmmm. Creating these concepts for another big event makes me wonder that if it will sell or not, but having a positive mind, I know that I should put on the fun side and not on the money making side, I know the company needs it, but sometimes we need to do something that will make them talk about it online or offline.

Okay, my concept is to make everyone have a free entrance, but the freebie doesn't stop there.
There are some challenges for them in order to enter the event FREE, but will they bite?
hmm, for now I'm studying something and re-write this concept again.

Heard that there are a lot of events and convention-like activtiy on October 2008, well I'm glad that I don't have an event for October, and it will be a great time for me to visit all of those events. I'm now marking my calendar and the couple of weeks, this big teaser will come out and hope that it will turn to be an annual event for all.

about my title. Project Otaking, find it out why I call it - OTAKING.

4th Backdoor Ventures Arts and Music Festival production note 3

I just released the information days ago about the cosplay fashion art show for the festival and I'm very happy that many already registered for the 1st 30 slot of cosplay models for the event, but we might close the registration maybe a week before the event, just to select the 30 models who will get a free entrance for the event, and later on give time to others who were not been selected, so that they can have time to prepare and also produce a P100 entrance fee.

few weeks ago, we just got a meeting and I've met some people who are helping the event, we still have lots of weeks to prepare and for now the the band line ups are already full and the list is already available at the official website or you can also check the calendar for the list of their performance and activities list.

here are the final line up of band performers. (read more below)

Performers @ the 4th Backdoor Ventures ARTS & MUSIC FESTIVAL in MEGAMALL, August 29, 30 & 31, 2008

Teatro Flamenco • Halili-Cruz Ballet • Philippine High School for the Arts • Denise Santos Huang • Miko Pepito • Carnival • Four Leaf Clover • The Dorques • Timog • Johnny Alegre Affinity • Freestyle • DJ Marula • Faultline • Insinara • Syalam • Check • Mayonnaise • Queso • Bembol Rockers • The Long Johns • Brigada • 18th Issue • FMD • Quadro • Drip • The Dawn • Romancing Venus • Urbandub • 524 • The Slave Drum • Ducklings • Eternal Now • Decay Transit • Pack of Wolvz • Sidewinder • Project Fusion • Anwind • Reklamo • Scarlet Tears • Matilda • The Chongkeys • Yosha • Joey Pepe Smith • Wally Gonzalez • RJ Jimenez • Tutti • Sing India • Nityalila • The Late Isabel • Alakpa • Olivia • Lala • Kenyo • Kjwan • Sinosikat • Bahag Hari • Skabeche • The Spaceflower Show • Cosmic Love • Project Ganymede • Kadangyan • DJ Crockan and many more.

Click below for an all stage performances, Seminars & Workshops SCHEDULE:

The last time we had a meeting, is that the group is preparing for the stage set up, and for researching and reviewing the past Backdoor Ventures Arts and Music Festival, we saw some a little bit changes and plans for the stage set up, The group is deciding to go interstellar or more on the psychedelic look, I saw the layout and design and it looks good.

Met the vocalist of the Chongkeys band and FMD, for that night we discuss a lot of ideas and concept for making this event a blast. Heard that there's a big band in the rock and roll music scene will have its reunion at the event, hmm.I won't name them, but let's have a big cross of a finger that the reunion happens at the event. hehehee.. yeah. I love suprises.

"hit me! hit me!" - as the Joker said.

also at the meeting, FMD's frontman shared this DAKILA video, which is very nice and I love the way it shows how Pinoy it is.

and after that, we got a short premiere-thon of this WATCHMEN movie trailer haahaha.

its a meeting night with pasta, coke, music, stars and airplane lights.

the Dakila video is below and some info too.

Kaya Mong Maging Dakila

a 46 artist collaborative theme song
by DAKILA / Philippine Collective for Modern Heroism

composed by Noel Cabangon
Cellular: +63922 8144626 / +63905 4292539

DAKILA (nobility) -- Philippine Collective for Modern Heroism is an organization of
artists and individuals committed to advocating nobility of thought and action among
both their industry peers and their immediate audiences. The core missions of DAKILA are awareness, education, and involvement - to make the public aware of crucial concerns affecting society, to educate both the audience and, more importantly, themselves about pressing social concerns, which should effectively inform the methods of creative expression and to be consistently and dynamically involved in activities geared toward achieving the common good.

We, in DAKILA, believe that . . .

1. Nobility begins in the mind and ends in action.
2. Nobility knows no social and economic status— all human beings possess an
innate sense of honor and dignity.
3. True nobility is not defined by pedigree or wealth but by one's actions.
4. Art is one of the noblest human endeavors— the only way of expressing the
5. Art does not exist in a vacuum. After his own self, the artist has a responsibility
towards the reality that surrounds him.
6. Art may not change the world, but it can change the way we view the world.
For true revolution begins in the imagination.
7. We recognize all those who have sacrificed their lives in the past so that
our freedom and the nobility of the race may live on— we recognize our heroes,
our martyrs, the disciples of the arts who have dedicated themselves to the
truest, noblest cause. We honor them by treading the same path.

The Philippine society is in the midst of a significant upheaval and that as disciples of the creative act, we are not exempted from the responsibility of helping contribute to positive change. Now, more than ever, is the time to be DAKILA.

Kat Agarrado (Sinosikat?) . Kalila Aguilos . Gabby Alipe (Urbandub) . Bing Austria (Juan Pablo Dream)
Joey Ayala . Bayang Barrios . Lougee Basabas (Mojofly) . Norman Bernardo (Jeepney Joyride) . Jimmy Bondoc . Lou Bonevie. Gabriel Cabangon . Noel Cabangon . Eric Cabrera (Datu's Tribe) . Bimbo Cerrudo . Cooky Chua (Color it Red) . Ermie Concepcion . Isko Cordero (FMD) . Jorel Corpus (Kjwan) . Ebe Dancel (Sugarfree) . Vin Dancel (Peryodiko) . Lourd de Veyra (Radioactive Sago Project) . Bituin Escalante . Jaime Fabregas . Susan Fernandez . Jeazell Grutas (Zelle) . Eric Illanga . Tado Jimenez (Live Tilapia) . Leidulataja Jimenez . Julianne . Pochoy Labog (Dictalicense) . Ronnie Lazaro . Buhawi Meneses (Parokya ni Edgar) . Gabe Mercado . Papadom . Gillette Sandico . Skarlet . Noel Trinidad . Tuesday Vargas (Top Junk)

Guitars: Edwin Vergara
Bass Guitar: Simon Tan
Drums: Rey Vinoya
Keyboards: Nikko Rivera
Percussions: Budeths Casinto
Guitars & Mandolin: Kakoi Legaspi
Horns: Wowie Anzano and Pards Tupas of Radioactive Sago Project

Sound Engineers: Robbie Grande and Joanne Jett Galindo
Music Video Production Team: Dareen and Dencio Baylon, Tado and Lei Jimenez, Vanessa Valencia
Photographers: Krist Menina, Catherine Cerillo
CD Design: Krist Menina
Produced by: Noel Cabangon & DAKILA -- Philippine Collective for Modern Heroism

Maraming Salamat / Special Thanks:
Jesuit Communications Foundation (JESCOM), Fr. Aristotle Dy (Director, Jescom), Jesuit Music Ministry, Rocked Philippines, Gang Badoy, Sulong CARHRIHL, Vanessa Liwanag, Mich Rama, Karla Vizcarra, Bijo Robis, Stephanie Tan, Sunshine Pagulayan, Darlene Ramos, Bon Labora, Ryan Roan, Brewrats, Ramon Bautista, Angel Rivero, RA Rivera, Rocked Radio, Sunshine Productions, Joel Torre, Siat Family, Melvin of Jeepney Joyride, Ryan and Swannie Lim, Francis de Veyra, Lea de Guzman, Marj Lachica, Radioactive Sago Project, MCA Music, Conspiracy, Sinosikat?, Peryodiko, FMD, Jeepney Joyride, Zelle, Carol Bello, Aia de Leon, Mark Escueta, Bobby Balingit, sa lahat ng members at volunteers ng DAKILA at sa lahat ng alagad ng sining na naging bahagi ng musikang ito.

Graphika Manila 2008 - International Multimedia Design Conference

click the image to enlarge, got this poster here

The event is back again for the graphic industry professionals and students, and this time a big roster of speakers from the graphic design world is released via its poster I found on some blogs.

And I got on time to surfed their newly launched website for the event minutes ago,
for more details of the event and entrance fee visit

speakers are:
Kristophe Vergne of Pixar
Simone Legno of Tokidoki
Robert Alejandro
Acidhouse Post
Collision theory

mark your calendar, the event will be on September 20, 2008 at the Premier Cinema of SM Mall of Asia.

they got an early bird promo for the tickets, I might buy my ticket soon

here's some info about the event

Graphika Manila is the premiere annual graphic and multimedia design event in the Philippines. Since 2006, over 1,300 design professionals, students and the media gather for one of the biggest forums showcasing cutting-edge multimedia and graphic design: Graphika Manila International Multimedia Design Conference.

With Web, graphic and multimedia design as a rising element in today's competitive creative and business environments, the event was warmly acknowledged and was hailed as one of the most promising multimedia art events in the country. Now on its third year, the conference returns to provide another chance for creative minds to meet and to celebrate the industry's successes.

Past speakers include top design firms: MK12, WeWorkForThem, Hue Visualab, The Asylum, TeamManila, Electrolychee and Inksurge. As well as renowned design personalities: Joshua Davis, Micheal Young, Avid Liongoren, Nico Puertollano, Drew Europeo, Steve Tirona, Halil Yildrim and Paul Guadalupe.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Monday, August 04, 2008

Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen news : Megatron a tank

I won't complain if he returns to the next movie, But getting the Autobots in resurrecting him is a bad move. . for the movie.

read the full details here

and here

OK, I don't think there's a soul out there who will be surprised when Megatron returns in Transformers 2*. If the current incarnation of the script follows the beats of a previous incarnation (which did not feature The Fallen), Megatron may be getting brought back by the Autobots, who need him to conquer the new menace. But I've learned that this time he won't be that weird alien jet. This time he's a tank.

Eraserheads reunion concert 2008 - short updates and some other juicy news

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Hi everyone, time now to blog about the come back concert and reunion of the "as they say" greatest pinoy rock band - The Eraserheads. I already came to the point that I decided to stop blogging the updates of this event, because I felt that there's nothing to be excited anymore, since I heard the news that the event is only for adults and not a public event. It's funny that many people tag me as the investigator of this concert stunt ahahahah..thanks guys!

But many of you are here, reading my blog for updates and also inquiring about on how to get the tickets, as of now I can't give a clear answer on where to get it, we are not yet sure if it is really run this ride for the concert, but today it is already August 2008, and the full details is not yet posted online at, I'm now having some 2nd thought that the event might carry a different brand, well..I'm not sure...

here are some cool updates and rumor I found. (see below)

1. CEO of Philip Morris sent a letter and it is now published in Howie Severino's blog, you can read the letter here, as you can see - they mentioned promotional events only, but they didn't mentioned Eraserheads or any reunion concert.

and here's an excerpt from the letter.

Please be advised that the promotional event you refer to is an invitation-only event, not open to the general public. It is restricted to our trade partners and to adult smokers who can obtain an invitation by registering on our adult-only access website... Invitations cannot be purchased and are not transferable.

2. According to some new registered Red list members of , they just received this text reply after confirming their registration that they should check out the website for a special announcement about an upcoming event. But many of the members are disappointed when they check out the site and still not yet updated. I checked it myself and I'm visiting the site everyday just to check it for updates, but no sign of any concert or announcement. Heard that the site will be updated next week. But my guess is that they will not publish that on the site and maybe email blast all the members about the invitation-only event.

3. Here's an interesting news I got last week. I got a news from a source that - let's say that this is only a rumor, even me can't confirm it, but after hearing this news, it is just interesting.

I heard that you need to present a 20 empty pack of the cigarette brand in order to enter the concert, there maybe a possibility that the concert can be opened to all.

Also heard that the band members will have a jamming practice for the concert and the practice session will last only for 1 day, a day before the concert, or days before the concert. Meaning, they will meet for 1 day only for a band practice and later on for the concert. I think it was part of their deal, but I'm not yet sure.

the event will be just a gig and not a concert, as I heard, and the event will just call them by their names and not using the Eraserheads as a band name, so weird di ba? but if you see their names in some posters, you can think that they really are the Eraserheads.

The gig will last only for 45 minutes, maybe it's just 5-8 songs.

- Ok, need to warn you that those info I got are only rumors..RUMORS, I'm just sharing it to you and maybe you too heard the same rumor.

Edit 1:
received an update that Ely and Raymund confirmed that they will play a long set and not only 8 songs.

4. Carlos Conde wrote an article "Why the Eraserhead's reunion concert sucks", it shook many heads of Eheads fans and burst them to post in their blogs, MLs, friendster post with the title " Carlos Conde sucks". In revenge of what they read on his blog.
But I won’t line up to watch this concert. In fact, I will declare here that, perhaps for the first time, the Eheads, in agreeing to do this reunion concert, did something really stupid, if not downright unethical. Their breakup, I totally get. But this… this just sucks. - (Carlos H. Conde/

at the end...... of my blog post.

but what if I say the "Eheads concert really sucks ???" will you do that to me. haahaaaha, No. I don't hate the band or this concert gimik, I just enjoy how it goes and excited to see the result. But hey! even they told us to present 100 packs of cigartte, I might even do it ahahahaa. just to watch this concert and listen to their music live before I get old and die. The Eheads concert doesn't suck. If you are a fan, you appreciate everything that is Eheads.

I do hope that they get a typo error when they release the official announcement, instead of presenting 20 packs.... i hope it will turn only 2 packs hahahaha. with out the zero.

see you on the next update. Shake yer head!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Cosplay Fashion Art Show at the 4th Backdoor Ventures ARTS AND MUSIC FESTIVAL

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Join! the 2nd Cosplay Fashion Art Show at the 4th Backdoor Ventures ARTS AND MUSIC FESTIVAL on August 30, 2008 at 5:00 PM in Megatrade Hall 3, SM Megamall.

Calling all Cosplay models who are into anime, scifi , fantasy, tv, comics, movies, japanese fashion to come and join with us in an annual feast of arts, music and celebrating the art of Cosplay or Costume Playing.

1st 30 cosplay models who will be selected in our online registration, will be entitled to free entrance, meals and giveaways. Those who are not included in the 1st 30 registered participants are also welcome to come to the event as walk ins.

for others who are not included in the 1st 30 list are also welcome to come at the event as walk ins.

Fill up and complete this form, if you are interested in joining the first 30 cosplay models who will be included in the list for the Cosplay Fashion Art Show.

Don't forget to include an image or photo web url and link of you in costume.

All approved 30 cosplay models will entitle a free entrance on August 30, 2008 at the event itself. Meals/snacks and other giveaways will be given also to all 30 cosplay models.

for other inquiries or questions, feel free to email us at
Click here or fill up the form provided below

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